Bown families located in Middlezoy, Somerset, UK, descended from William Bown (1751-1829) and Hannah Perratt (1749/50-1822), who married in Middlezoy in 1773. Also, families in Burrowbridge, Curry Rivel, Greinton, High Ham, Othery, & Pitney in Somerset, and several counties in Illinois, USA. Links to Internet contacts and web pages from across the world, Bown message boards, researchers worldwide, family history links, parish records, census records, old postcard views, local history, and more. Bown Family History; Bown History; Bown Family; Bown Genealogy.  As of Mar 2009  the following  individuals in my family tree: Bown 229, Lockyer 62, Kick 35, Hurd 33, Callow 22, Gilbert 19, Corbin 17, Humphries 16, Keirle 14, Perratt 14, Bartlett 13, Brain 13, Cox 11, Sturdevant 8, Field 7, Hutchings 7, Small 7, Lovibond 6, Hilker 5, Reader 5, Sellick 5. To see these go to

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        Bown Parish records in Middlezoy  


        Bown Census Records for Middlezoy 1841/51/61/71/81/91  


        Bown deeds                  Bown Deeds from 1823-1838, relating to William Bown b1751,sons William b 1774,  John b1775, Thomas b1779.


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           Middlezoy & Othery:  Various information 



        Middlezoy Page                                             Some old postcard and photo views of the village

        Middlezoy Marriages                                  All names including Bown. 1698-1812   (Note there is a gap in the data 1705-1754)

        Middlezoy Parish Registers                       All names 1653 – 1790, so far!!!! 


The following 2 links will need to be copy and pasted into your browser as for some reason they have been corrupting this page…..          British History Online pages for Middlezoy.       school website, has an intriguing account of school life in 1875, worth a read (Look under history)


       Kelly's Directory's for Middlezoy 1861-1935  Many local names mentioned :(Surname followed by Christian name.)

Ash WilIiam, Baker Charles, Barnstable John, Biddlecombe, Hale Joseph, Keirl Daniel, Lockyer George, Lovibond Geo, Mead Thomas, Meaker Jesse, Millard George, Pepper  James, Perritt Charles, Porter Henry, Pursey Thomas, Spiller Henry, Tucker Joseph, Winslade William, Perrat Thomas, Smith Rev. Joseph, Aish  John, Cox Alfred, Crane John, Eddington Thomas, Hook William, Hosier George, Jenkins Joseph, Kift John, Oliver John, Pearce George & Eliza, Solway John, Wheller George, Whittle (Mrs), Wilcox  William.          

        Temperance Society in Middlezoy1880-1900         Transcripts from the Bridgwater Mercury.

The Total Abstinence or Temperance Society, was active in Middlezoy. Many local names mentioned :

Rev J Beade, Pollie Millard, George Sharman, Harry Davis, Oliver Whittle, Mr Darby, Arthur Sharman, Lizzie Gillard, Bessie and Eliza Martin, Emmie Perratt, Mabel Wheller, Kate Whittle, ", F Keirl ,  H Atyeo, Miss A. Heal, Miss B Millard, Miss A Davis, Mrs F  Keirl , Lydia Keirl, Kate Heal, E Millard, B Davis, Mrs Darby, Mr King, Willie Keirl. Mr J Tipton, E Millard, Miss Hutchings, Mr F Callow, Mr Darby, Mrs Darby , Annie Davis, Rev. G. Lunn. Mr W Merriott, Herbert Martin, Bessie Bown, Lizzie Kift, Lucy Davis, Milly Palmer, Emily Hutchings, Annie Martin, Ella  Chinn, Harry Barnett, Madora Palmer, Beatrice Sharman, Miss A Heal, Lucy Hutchings, H Atyeo, W Crook, F Crook, J Millard  jun,  Mast W Bowles, Dorcus Davis, Willie Barnett, Mr A Hutchings, Minnie Darby.

       WMC.htm   The Wesleyan Methodist Church of 1898:  Inside this church there are a number of plaques referring to various named persons. On the outside of the building, set into a number of light coloured stones, are the names of various benefactors who, it is presumed, contributed to the cost of building the church. One such plaque inside the church refers to one Elijah Barnstable ‘Who generously gave the site for this place of worship’. He fell asleep Oct 23rd 1898 aged 80years.  Also inside the church is another plaque referring to Walter Bown, ‘one of the honoured founders of the Middlezoy Total Abstinence Society in connection with which he toiled for 30 years’. He fell asleep Oct 8th 1910. 

       Middlezoy Manor Estate. Auction of field lots 20 – 30, Wed 21st May 1919.  This auction, conducted by CR Morris, Sons & Peard of North Curry, was held at the Royal Clarence Hotel Bridgwater. My Grandfather James Bown attended, coming away with a plan showing the location of each lot. View the Plan   mmauction.JPG   More importantly for family historians, the plan showed the landowners on the borders of each plot, a list of which follows:

Lot 30(104) which was on the west side of the Westonzoyand to Middlezoy road, near the Greylake turning.  Adjoining landowners were - Reps of  Mr Chris Jenkins, Mr Chas Keirle, Messr Davis Bros.

Lot 29(46)  just north of the same junction, actually located on what became the eastern end of WZ airdrome. – Mrs Bird, Mr Adophus Jenkins, Mr Thos Barrington, Mr Palmer, Mrs Reynolds, Reps of  Mr Chris Jenkins./

Lot 28(26) to the north of the Wz Greylake road in the area known as Langacre. – Mr Thomas Tucker, Mr A Bastable.

Lot 27(86)  same area. – Mr Geo Kick, Mr F Lockyer, Mr W H Tamlyn, Mr Thos Millard.

Lot 26(92)  same area. – Mr W H Darby, Capt B Wary, Mrs Walter Bown.

Lot 25(120)  immediately adjoining and to the north of the Wz Greylake road, somewhat near where the SCC dump is now located. – Mrs W Bown, Somerset CC, Mr F G Tucker, Captain B Wary.

Lot 24(194)  to the east of Greylake House on the A361 Greylake Fosse. – River Drove, Mr T Tucker, Mr Thos Quick, Hon H B Strangways

Lot 23( 192) same area. - Mr Thos Quick, Hon H B Strangways, Mr Jesse Thyer.

Lot 22(181) same area. – Mrs Walter Bown, Mrs Hucker, Mr F G Tucker.

Lot 21(170) same area. – Mr Geo Hutchings, Mr Jesse Thyer, Late ME Hamblin.

Lot 20(172) same area. - Mr Jesse Thyer, Mr F G Tucker.


        Annie Bown’s Shop Book: 



        Middlezoy village web pages:

           any-village middlezoy                 

           ukvillages Middlezoy                 

           ancestral-villages Middlezoy    

    Some info but limited access to submitters of information on the page.






        Othery Page                          A few pictures and Kelly's directory for 1861

           any-village othery               Any village web pages.

        Othery Bown's               Steve Bown is researching  the Bown families and the village. 

                                         Contact Steve at   Visit  his  web page at 

   Amy Lunde’s (was Anzlovar) webpage with transcriptions of Othery Parish registers .

    British History Online pages for Othery.


           Other Bown info:

1881 Somerset census of Bowns           Origins of Bown Name   HEADSTONES


                Bown Researchers

Bown contacts    List of my contact names, email addresses  and their area of interest & some Bown web pages.


Rootsweb Bown search page -  Lots of Bown information and searches.

Bown on   -  Lots of Bown information and searches.            Bown on Surnameweb                  


Bown researchers(     Use this link to set up customised searches. eg,  Bown's in Somerset(SOM), UK(GBR) .  Think this link needs attention?


           OTHER NAMES         

As of Mar 2009  the following  individuals in my family tree: Bown 229, Lockyer 62, Kick 35, Hurd 33, Callow 22, Gilbert 19, Corbin 17, Humphries 16, Keirle 14, Perratt 14, Bartlett 13, Brain 13, Cox 11, Sturdevant 8, Field 7, Hutchings 7, Small 7, Lovibond 6, Hilker 5, Reader 5, Sellick 5. To see these go to                                    


        COX , HUMPHRIES & CORBIN    Len Cox(Reading) & Minnie Humphries(Pontypridd) Web page.      

         Hurd                                    The Hurds of High Ham

        Callow                                  The Callows of Greinton & Burrowbride.

        Lockyer                                 Middlezoy Lockyer family tree & some parish records & contacts.

        Kick                                      Jane Kick1820 who married George Field Lockyer

        KEIRLE                               Middlezoy Keirle contacts & some parish records for Middlezoy.

        BARTLETT.                         Various bits as below………



           Bartlett Message board(Family               

Colin Hunt     Bawdrip and Cossington. One married a Frederick Cox of Goathurst.

Jenny Hawkins    John Bartlett of Langport,b1747, m Ellen Hucklebridge of Aller on 31/05/1773.

        Perratt                      Middlezoy Perratt contacts & some parish records for Middlezoy

        BUTLER                  Just a rootsweb page so far             


    SAMPSON                               Sampson family from Dawlish, Devon


Other Villages in the general area east of Bridgwater:


Although my family history research is centred on Middlezoy, there are many other villages in the surrounding area :

The villages of Aller, Athelney, Burrowbridge, Greinton, High Ham, Moorlinch, Othery, Moorland, Stathe, and  Westonzoyland, all lie near Middlezoy, on or near Kings Sedge Moor, on the Somerset Levels, on one side or other of the river called the King's Sedgemoor drain.

A little further out from Middlezoy lie the villages of Bawdrip, Chedzoy, Currey Rivel, Henley, Huntworth, Langport, Low Ham, Lyng, Pedwell, Pitney, Somerton, Stawell, Stoke St Gregory, and Sutton Mallett, and of course the town of Bridgwater.

Many of these villages were recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086:


       Domesday: (1086)page. Transcripts for some of  the towns and villages in the Bridgwater area     Domesday

       For old postcard views of other villages go to                                    

       For modern pictures of  many Sedgemoor villages go to  









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