11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
James 1846 m Elizabeth J Oliver Charles Bown 1878
A basic tree that shows a pictorial view of how all the families link together. Julia 1849 Alpha Annie 1879
My line is shown in red halfway down the page.
Albert William 1851 m Emily Lavater Jemima Florence 1880?
Last updated on 24/12/2007 Nancy(Hannah?) Champion 1816 Charles Oliver Jeffrey1853
Harriet 1818 Othery m Alpha Jane Walden of Chedworth Guy 1882
Go down to Main line of tree(Earliest) Go across to most recent years of Tree James Champion 1820 William 1856 m Elizabeth?? William Ernest 1884
William 1822 Mary Ann 1858 m James Bugler Alpha Lillian 1892
m Mary Anne Jeffrey of Hham Julia 1860 m William Tinney Mabel A 1896
Dorcas 1862 m George Western Bale
Robert Jeffrey 1865
Kate Elizabeth 1870 m David Dyer
Vernie Bowns 1890 Green Co, Ill
Clarence Bowns
Harry Elmer Bowns1883
Charles John 1856 Rose Bowns
Rosanna 1824 m William Cross m(1) Emily Bownb1857d of Grace Homer Bowns
Robert Bown1794 Robert 1826 Jesse Bowns 1902
m(1)Anne Champion@ Othery1815 John 1828(em Morgan Co 1868) m(2) Evalina Bilger of Morgan Co Nellie Bowns
m(1) Louise Hucker 1858 Othery Rosanna 1857 Lilly Bowns
Mary Ann1861 Estella Bell 1897
Albert Lee Roy 1899
John Edward 1901
Oliver Henry 1903
James1872b Woodson Co, Illinois Allen Alfred 1905
m Katie E Dodsworth in 1896 Eugene Edna 1907
Grace Frances 1910
m(2) Grace Bown 1871Morg Co Vincent Irvin 1914
Hubert Oren 1921
William John1870?b Morgan Co,Illinois
Elzie Raymel 1896
m Susan Mattie Adams from Kentucky Alfred Rawley
Clarence Edward 1907
Charles 1831
Alice1879 Reginald Macey
George 1834 m Richard Macey in 1904
m Violet Toomer
Harriet 1881
m Festus Albert Luscombe in 1907
Herbert 1883
Mary Jane 1845 Robert 1885 m Jane Vile in 1909
Dorothy 1914 m Harry Holiday(1) Harold Olsen(2)
Frances Ann 1848(bap1861 a13) Francis 1887 m Olive Bartlett(Polly?) Beatrice 1916 m Frank Copley
Robert Bown1794 Harriet Matilda 1850(bap1861a11) Ernest 1889 m Bessie Vile in 1915 Lillian 1918 m Norman Copley
coha(2)Caroline Ando@ Pitney Joseph1853(bap 1861 a 8) Alfred 1890[GB] emigrated to Victoria BC Robert 1921 m Florence????
John1857 m Mary Sommers Rodger in 1913 Helen 1923 m Alexander Cockburn
Robert Alexander1858 Fred 1894 Herbert 1925 m Maria Borgman
m Elizabeth Squire in 1878 Percy 1895 Ruth 1927 m Ardean Alberyson(1)
Albert 1860(bap1861 6mnths) Sidney 1899 m Kate Bartlett in 1935
Francis1862 Eliza Ella 1897 m William Chant in 1935
m Mary Jane Moor in 1881 Beatrice 1902 m Sidney Hector in 1926
Albert George 1863
George 1865
Harold Dennis
m Emily Sawtell m Lucy Nicholson
m Maureen Cox
Vincent Albert 1866(bap1876 a10)
William 1828
Richard 1830
Richard 1832
Betsy 1837
Hannah 1796 George 1839
Elizabeth 1798 Hannah(Harriet?) 1841
Charles Bown1800(Michael?) Mary Jane 1844
Emily   Jane1846
William Bown 1803 Louisa 1849
m Elizabeth Westlake in 1828 Harry 1855
Bessie 1865
Thomas Bown 1804
Elizabeth 1829
m(1) Eliz Rossiter 1828 Mary 1830 m James Thomas
Rosanna 1830
William Bown 1774 m(2)Sarah Scriven 1832
Mary Anna1833, d a 18mnths
Alfred 1866
George Thomas 1900
m Rosanna Bartlett Mary Ann 1835 m Eliza Jane Emery 1867 m  Ethel Bawden
in 1794 Eliza 1837 Anna 1869 m Alfred George Raines @ Worle
Thomas 1839, d a 18mnths Ellen 1874 m Frederick Bishop @ Banwell
Thomas Bown 1840 Emily1875 m Charles Lippiat in 1899
m Mary Thatcher (Othery)@ WZ Eliza Jane 1878
Rose 1868 Wick St Law
Charles 1842 Eliza Ann 1872
m Hannah Davies James 1874
Alfred 1846, d a 15yr Henry 1875
Sarah Ann1848, d a 5mnths Kate 1877
Eliza Ann 1878
Mary Ann 1880
Laura 1885
Laura Hack
Samuel Bown 1806 d a 2yr mFrank Hack
Charles 1886tw
Hannah 1808 Lilian 1886tw
Anna 1834 d 1837 aged 3
William Hugh Pearce Bown1892 m Lily Atyeo
Amy(Emma) 1836
William Hugh Bown illeg b1867 Henry Ernest Pearce Bown1894
Delilah 1839 m Emilie Annie Belton in 1891 at Bristol Joseph Henry P Bown1895
Charlotte 1841 George Pearce1872 Mabel Annie Pearce1897
Samuel Bown 1810 m Joseph Pearce Ann Pearce1876 Arthur Pearce1901
m Ann Keirle b1813 Othery Francis Job 1844 Eliza Pearce1879 Stanley Hugh P Bown1906
m Mary J b1846from Cheddar  Rose Pearce1882 Rose Anna Bown1907
Ruscombe 1847 Henry Charles Bown1910
Rosanna 1850 Vera Emily Bown1912
Amelia 1850 m John William Bowles1883 Douglas G L Bown1918
Sarah Anne 1853
Rosanna 1813
Elizabeth Jane 1835 illeg
Elizabeth 1814
Elizabeth 1837 illeg
Delilah 1817 d a 2yr
Maria 1797
Anna 1823 illeg
Charlotte 1800
John 1802
Ellen b 1856 Othery.
m Lititia Mullins b1828 E Pennard m William Baverstock in 1882.
Hannah 1805
Elizabeth Francis1824
(m1) William Francis in c1824 Mary1827-
possibly at Middlezoy? William1830
(m2) John Gillard in 1836 at Aller
Anne Maria Gillard1836
Thomas Andrews1871
Florence Andrews1892
m William Andrews mLaura Kilner1868 m Ernest Dyer1896
Flora  b1889
Samuel 1832
Samuel James b1862
John A b1891
John 1834 m Charlotte Hiscott  in Macoupin County Lena L b1893
Maria 1835 d a 1mnth Charlotte  b1863 Walton b1898
John1837, Feb 5th
m Charlotte Sawtell
Clara  b1864 
William Thompson1890
m Richard Thompsonb1858
Emma  b1866 
Mary  b Abt1869 
Thomas W  b1872 Melvina1903m Ivan Miles
William S b1873 Opal1905
Albert C.b1874 m Carrie Fullington Martha Anabel1907
Ammette b1879  Viola Charlotte1909
John Albert1910 m Alice Cornwell
Elijah Fullington Bown1913
m Thelma Bright
Lucy Marie1915
David Lincoln1917
Maria 1839 Edwin Jasper1924
Samuel(Pete) 1807 James 1843
Harry Elmer1881
m Jemmima Barnstable in 1831 Richard 1846 m Sarah 1874  Annella1884
Joseph 1848 William Ernest1887 Dale Wendell Bown1911
John Bown 1748 Mary A 1853 m Lilly Grace Mahan m Oral Annette Buck1912
d 1775 a 26 William 1855 m Mary Jane Killam Ohmer Richard1889
Eliza 1858 Ruth1891 Boyce Bown1915
Henry 1861 Mary Ima1892
m Sarah Morris1887 Carlinville. Ill John Robert1896
James 1810
Lucy 1836(from census records)
Rachel Elizabeth 1904
m Hannah Barrington in 1836  m Frank Martin Hermes
Richard 1812 m Charlotte1819
Frederick 1845
Albert Bown1872 Helen Grace 1906
m Helena Kathleen Hilker 1902, Illinois. m Earl Sturdevant
Moliou 1678
Doris Elizabeth 1908
m (1) Cliff Perry
m (2) Jack Palmer
Richard Bown Richard Bown1680
William Bown 1724 William Bown 1751 John Bown 1775 Charles Bown 1815
Walter Bown 1843 James Bown 1874 Walter Charles Bown 1920
m Joane m Mary ??? C1722 m Francis Butler in 1746 m Hannah Perratt1749 in 1773 m Hannah Bartlett 1782 in 1797 m  Mary Keirle1822 in 1842 m Eliza Jane Lockyer 1855 in 1871 m Annie Callow 1881 in 1907 m Ruby Cox1925 in 1944
Joan Ethel 1922 m Martin Howard
Flory(Florence)1875 m Albert Hutchings Blanche
Jesse 1879 d 1881 Norman
Jess m Christopher Edwards
Lil(Lillian)1881 m Frank Crook
Edna m Charlie White
Marienna 1889 m Harry Dunn
Louise 1892 Othery
Robert 1818
Charles1842 Othery
James 1864 Othery Kate 1899 Othery
John 1683 m(1) Elizabeth Meaker,Catcott m Louise Hucker m Mary Jane Larway m Charles Keirle
m(2) Elizabeth Reid James 1844 Othery Maria 1865 Othery James ?
Mary 1823 Eliza & John 1849 Othery m Henry Kiddle b1855
Jane 1828 John1852 Othery Oliver 1867 Othery
George 1853 Othery m (1) Annie Fry, North Petherton Oliver John (Jack)
Eliza1857 Othery m (2) Grace Ethel Kick b 1898
m Sue Peppard
Samuel 1831 illeg
Thomas Bown 1779
Dinah 1811 Edwin Hayes 1833 illeg
m(1)Hannah Pope in 1810 Daniel 1813
Joseph R 1866 Walton
m Elizabeth ? 1827 Walton Thomas 1865 Walton
m(2)Charlotte Parsons 1824
Rebecca 1816 Martha 1836 illegtwin
Mary 1836 illegtwin
Thomas1854m Eliza Bryne
Richard Bown 1755
Ann b ? d 1785 Eliza1857
m Sarah Hitchfield in 1780 Ann 1785 Sarah1859
Sarah  Bown1810 illig
Caroline Bown 1831 illig Mzoy Mary Ann1861m Henry White
Mary 1787 m James Emery1834@ S Brent m George Peddy1830 @ Huntspill George(Lott)1863
m Benjamin Newman
Joseph1865m Rosa Roe
Charles Bown(Newman)1816illeg Mary Ann1847 m Samuel Tucker Emily Eliza1867m William Martin
Joshua Bown(Newman)1818illeg
Jane1850 m George Parker George1870m Ann Mock
m Grace Emery B1822 Othery Elizabeth1852 d as a baby Charles Henry1873
John1852 William1875
Elizabeth1854 m Joseph Martin
George1856 m Elizabeth Callow
Ellen Elizabeth Bown1879
Eliza 1858 Othery Charles Bown1882
Edith Alice Bown1883
Mabel Bown1886
Oliver 1869
Stephen 1871
m Rebecca Keirle Oliver Bown1840m Rosina Perry m Mina Elizabeth Lock
Rossanna1848 Richard