Headstone & Memorial Transcriptions. (From photographs)


Mainly names connected with my Bown research, although I am planning during 2009 to visit some of the churchyards mentioned with the intention of photographing every headstone at each location. Watch this space!!!


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Last updated 7th March 2009




Anna Amelia Gent died Dec 7th 1859, aged 35

Robert Gent, infant son of the above, died Aug 5th 1858, aged 7 months.

Harriett Gent, a kind loving mother, died Nov 5th 1883, aged 49

Robert Lockyer

All 4 above on the same stone


James Richards Lockyer Gent May 29th 1911 aged 59.




Margaret Hawkins 1856-1903 and her husband

Thomas Hawkins 1855-1919  also of their daughter

Margaret Lockyer 1893 – 1964  also of

Charles Lockyer 1892 – 1986 Husband of Margaret

All 4 above on the same stone


Burrowbridge  (Ebeneezer Chapel)

Alfred Keirle died Dec 9th 1895 aged 65 years.


Phoebe Hurd  of Hamlawn, Westonzoyland, died March 27th 1905 aged 72 years.

Also Henry Hurd, husband of the above, died Jan 28th 1906 aged 72 years.

Also Louisa Hurd, daughter of the above, died Dec 21st 1945? aged 78? Years

All 3 above on the same stone


William Callow who died Jan17th 1864 Aged 17 years. A very worn transcription.


Ditcheat (Courtesey of Tony Ethridge)


Charles Henry Butt Bown Died January 17th 1861.

James Bown Died December 14th 1889 aged 68.

Hannah Mary, Daughter of James and Martha Bown died September 19th 1876 aged 21 years.

Frederick James Bown Son of the above died June 3rd 1879 aged 19 years.





William Callow died Jan 17th 1874,


Elsie Bown 1894- 1968 and her husband

Thomas Felix Bown 1896-1952


Frank James Lockyer Dec 2nd 1931 and his wife

Lydia Lockyer April 23rd 1948.


Francis Callow died April 23rd 1922, aged 57.

Erena Augusta Callow died May 13th 1963, aged 89.

Neatherwood A Bond died May4th 1925 aged 54 years

Dorcas Bond, wife of the above, died May 13th 1931 aged 61.

All 4 of the above on the same headstone.


George Bond, agent of the Somerset Evangelist Society. Nov 6th 1885 aged 41.




James Somers Keirle died Barnstable August 16th 1878 aged ?? years  and his parents……

Mary Keirle Sept 19th 1885 aged 73

Charles Keirle Feb 18th 1893 aged 70


Charles Lockyer  Oct 30th 1869 aged 75

Also Agnes Lockyer his wife d Nov 2nd 1851 aged 51

Also George Lockyer their son d Dec 26th 1860 aged 19

Also Mary Lockyer their daughter d May 26th 1887 aged 60

Also Ann Lockyer their daughter June 24th 1897 aged 63

All these on a headstone inside the church. Also contained on a broken stone in the churchyard.



John Lockyer, , of Ashcott b May 27th 1792, d March 22nd 1876  and his widow

Elizabeth  b May 1st 1799, d Sept 19th 1890. 

and their eldest son Charles Lockyer who died at  Pedwell June 17th 1896.

George Lockyer,  youngest son of J & E Lockyer,  died at Burrowbridge Feb 21st 1892.

Daughter Harriet Lockyer Dec 31st 1862

Daughter Mary Jane Lockyer Aug 12th 1870

Eldest daughter Elizabeth died at Weston Super Mare Aug 17th 1891.

Also Amelia Lockyer, daughter of J & E Lockyer diead at Pedwell  June 19th 1906




Walter George Bartlett d May 11th 1911 aged 33yrs.

His wife Ann Bartlett d April 22nd 1924. aged 56


Kate Mary Anne Bown 1895 -1979

Husband Sidney Joseph Bown 1899-1985


Stoke St Gregory


John Lockyer April 5th 1900 aged 76

His wife Jane House Lockyer April 27th 1902 aged 71

Daughter Kate Mary Dec 6th 1946 aged 76


Edna Marion Bown 10th Aug 1971 aged 62

Husband Ernest Bown 20th Feb 1986 aged 84


Elizabeth Jane Keirle June 26th 1949 aged 60

Husband Robert John Keirle March 27th 1965 aged 80


???? Lockyer March 29th 1882 aged 10 daughter of Henry & Fanny A.P. Lockyer

Henry Lockyer Oct 26th 1897 aged 54

Fanny 2-8-34 aged 86



William Thomas Lockyer d May 16th 1964 aged 85

His wife Mabel Maud Lockyer d Dec 7th 1957 aged 74

Also their son William John Lockyer d June 26th 1990 aged 81.




Ambrose Lockyer March 3rd 1744 aged 47