Old photos, postcards, drawings & etchings mainly in the Sedgemoor area, of Bridgwater, Somerset. These include Aller, Ashcott, Bawdrip, Burrowbridge, Cannington, Cheddar, Chedzoy, Chilton Polden, Cossington,  Curry Rivel, Dunball, Edington, Greinton, Highbridge, High Ham, Huntspill, Knowle, Langport, Low Ham, Loxley, Lyng, Martock, Middlezoy, Moorlinch, North Curry, North Petherton, Othery, Pawlett, Puriton, Taunton, Westonzoyland, and Woolavington. There are also some pictures of Somerset seaside towns & villages: Porlock Weir, Minehead, Blue Anchor, Watchet, Burnham on Sea, Berrow, Brean, Uphill, Weston Super Mare, Sand Bay, Clevedon, and Portishead .

Many of the old views shown are now gone, lost to modern village or town developments. For Detailed Information’ about each picture go to the list below the picture links. Some of the picture albums mentioned above are not linked below, so write to me if you want to see a particular picture album.  Last updated 250418:


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Aller                            http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/allercardsAlbum101.jpg


Bawdrip                     https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=F2F65A21417102D0&id=F2F65A21417102D0%211158&v=3 


Bridgwater.                bw01– 50  http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/bw01%2050cardsAlbum101.jpg

                                     bw51- 100  http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/bw51%20100cardsAlbum101.jpg

                                     bw101- 150   http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/bw101%20150cardsAlbum101.jpg 

                                     bw151- 257 https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=F2F65A21417102D0&id=F2F65A21417102D0%21140#cid=F2F65A21417102D0&id=F2F65A21417102D0%211166&v=3



Burnham on Sea   :     bu01-35   http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/bu01cardsAlbum101.jpg  

                                      bu36-      http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/bu02cardsAlbum101.jpg



Burrowbridge           http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/bbcardsAlbum101.jpg



Chedzoy                     http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/chedzoycardsAlbum101.jpg


Chilton Polden          http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/chiltonpoldencardsAlbum101.jpg

Cossington                  http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/cossingtoncardsAlbum101.jpg


Curry Rivel               http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/currycardsAlbum101.jpg

Dunball                       http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/dunballcardsAlbum101.jpg



Highbridge                 http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/highbridgecardsAlbum101.jpg


High Ham                  http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/highhamcardsAlbum101.jpg


Knowle                     https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=F2F65A21417102D0&id=F2F65A21417102D0%21833&v=3



 Langport                 http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/langportcardsAlbum101.jpg



Middlezoy                 http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/mzoycardsAlbum101.jpg



Minehead                  https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=F2F65A21417102D0&id=F2F65A21417102D0%211194&v=3



Othery                      http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/otherycardsAlbum101.jpg



Westonzoyland         http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/westonzoylandcardsAlbum101.jpg


Wrington                      wringtoncardsAlbum101.jpg

Weston Super Mare       https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=F2F65A21417102D0&id=F2F65A21417102D0%211193&v=3 

Others:                         http://cid-f2f65a21417102d0.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Old%20Postcards/othercardsAlbum101.jpg 


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aller01             Aller                1925    Aller

A view on the corner with the signpost, with the White Lion Hotel, now the Old Pound Inn on the right hand side. Looks like a post office to the left of the Hotel.

aller02 Aller    1955?  Ridley, Aller

Shows an Austin Cambridge car No 314WYA parked on Ridley Hill. The old Chapel can just be seen at the right edge of the picture opposite the car.

aller03 Aller                Aller Church, Langport

A pleasant colour photo of this small church on the outskirts of the village of Aller, reached at the end of a ‘No through road’. It appears that this is a view from the south which is no longer possible to photograph due to large fir trees. Also, the entrance shown has since been filled in and an entrance on the north side has been adapted for everyday use.

aller04 Aller    1957    Scene in the centre of Aller

View looking out of the village up Ridley hill past the Old Pound Inn on the left hand side.

aller05 Aller    1924    Aller

A wonderful old picture shows a group of kids posing for the photographer by standing in the middle of the deserted road, Ridley Hill. The old school building can just be seen behind them in the trees.

aller06 Aller                The Church Aller

View of the church from the West side

aller07 Aller                Church Path, Aller

Rare photographic view of this narrow path to the church.

aller08 Aller                Aller

Looking south towards Ridley Hill, past cottages on the right, and the school building and gates on the left.

aller09 Aller                Main Street, Aller

Lovely photographic view looking east along Main Road. A Standard car, reg No KYD 95, is parked on the left.

ashcott01        Ashcott                       Pipers' Inn, Ashcott

Wonderful early 1900’s view of the north side of the building. At that time it had a sign on the wall saying ‘ Slocombe, Pipers Inn Bakery’, and other signs say ‘Refreshment Rooms’, ‘Rowntree’s chocolate’, and on a window ‘Turog’, (a Cardiff based supplier of flour since 1903) and ‘Rio’. There are 5 people in the picture, from left to right:

1: A short man or boy wearing a light tweed suit with breeches and a white wide brimmed hat, stands holding the bridle of a pure white horse attached to a 2 wheeled cart with writing on the side saying’F J Slocombe, Bakers, Pipers Inn’.

2: A man wearing a dark suit, tie and flat cap, holding a bicycle.

3: A man wearing a light suit & tie but no hat, holding a delivery type bicycle with a triangular advertising panel between the frame.

4: A lady stood at the door of the accompanying building wearing a white top & long skirt.

5: A man on a black horse holding a crop in his right hand, wearing a white shirt, short sleeved top, and a flat cap.

athelney01      Athelney                     No legend but us a photo of the station

View looking east from the level crossing with Athelney Signal Box immediately on the right (south) and a little further along is the main wooden station buildings. One sign on it says ‘Parcels office and cloakroom’. The next sign says ‘Booking office and Ladies Toilets’. On the north platform is a small waiting room and shelter.

athelney02      Athelney         1898    The Isle of Athelney

1898 print "Isle of Athelney", Somerset. The view is offered with fine, later hand colouring. Published in "Our Own Country Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial"; Published by Cassell and Co. Ltd., London, Paris & Melbourne . Drawn by R.E.W. Wood block engraving printed on paper.

bawdrip01          BAWDRIP                 No legend but is a view of the church

View of the south side of the church from the road. Just to the right of the church you can just make out the railway banking through the trees.

bawdrip02          BAWDRIP     1911    The church

View from the graveyard.

bawdrip03          BAWDRIP     1956    Inside church


bawdrip04          BAWDRIP                 Bawdrip rectory


bawdrip05          BAWDRIP                 Uplands house Bawdrip


bawdrip06          BAWDRIP                 Bawdrip church


bawdrip07         BAWDRIP                Upland House, Bawdrip

View of the south aspect of the house from the lawns.

bawdrip08          BAWDRIP     1909    Bawdrip Church


bawdrip09          BAWDRIP                 St Michaels & All Saints, Bawdrip


bawdrip10         BAWDRIP                Bawdrip CP

Superb photographic postcard looking along New Road towards Knowle, with Knowle Tower, a sham castle built for Benjamin Greenhill in 1870, on the hill in the distance. A lone woman stands at the garden gate of her old cottage in the foreground. This house is now known as Brice Cottage. In the distance, just to the left of Brice cottage, is a group of buildings up on the main road. The left side of these buildings is what was the old post office building(124 Bath Road). The one with the ivy covered wall and south facing veranda is now the building known as 126 Bath Road.

bawdrip11          BAWDRIP                 Bawdrip Halt


bawdrip12          BAWDRIP     1945    No legend but is a view of the church


bawdrip13         BAWDRIP    ?          A view of the Rectory from the lawn.

A photo of Mr & Mrs Morris, the then rector of Bawdrip Church, posing on the front lawn of the rectory. The photo is mounted into a Christmas greetings card, and writing on the back says ‘Our good wishes for Christmas & the New Year. From WTE & NE Morris. Bawdrip Rectory, Bridgwater’. According to the wooden plaque in the church, William TE Morris BA was Rector at Bawdrip from 1950-1955. Reginal D Lord MA then took over until 1961.

bawdrip14         BAWDRIP                13th Century Church at Bawdrip

Interior shot of the church showing the steps to the belfry.

bawdrip15         BAWDRIP    1908    Bawdrip

Very rare and detailed view of the village from the hill near what was then called Knowle Farm (OS1900). It also shows the railway embankment, opened in 1890,  completely free of trees, and New Road devoid of any buildings until you reach the two cottages and then the farm buildings at the Bawdrip end. Uplands can just be seen at left through the trees.

bawdrip16         BAWDRIP                A view along New Road

Lovely photo picture showing a group of children with mother etc, standing outside their thatched house on New Road. Similar view to bawdrip10, but probably more recent as it shows a shed added to the eastern (nearest) end of the house, and a lot of ivy has grown up the wall to the height of the chimney. This house now known as Brice Cottage. In the distance, just to the left of Brice cottage, is a group of buildings up on the main road. The left side of these buildings is what was the old post office building(124 Bath Road). The one with the ivy covered wall and south facing veranda is now the building known as 126 Bath Road.

bawdrip17         BAWDRIP    c1940  A  view of a train on the bridge

An old photo shows a steam train crossing the bridge in the village, looking south towards the church from the north side of the bridge near the junction with New road. The branch line railway from Bridgwater North Station, was opened in 1890.

bawdrip18         BAWDRIP    c1962  Looking north near the rectory towards East Side lane

An old photo looking north past the Rectory on the right, towards the junction with East Side Lane. The Old coachouse is the last building on the right, and then an orchard is visible in the field beyond. The wall of the churchyard is on the left.

bawdrip19         BAWDRIP    c1946  An old thatched house at Bradney corner

An old photo looking east towards Bradney corner, with Chapel house on the right, and a now demolished Thatched house on the left.Looking carefully you can also see another building just to the right of the field gates.

bawdrip20 BAWDRIP c1957 Photo of East Side Lane junction with Church rd

An old photo looking north from Church Farm eastern entrance gate, to the corner where East Side Lane leads off Church road. Where there is now a bungalow on the corner, there was once an orchard that belonged to Court Farm.

bawdrip21 BAWDRIP 2004 Photo of Church & Church Farm from 'Essandee'

Looking down on what was Church farm and its various outbuildings

bawdrip22 BAWDRIP c1950 Photo of a goods wagon passing over the bridge

A view looking up to the bridge from the south. Looks like a small shunter with a wagon collecting railway sleepers, possibly during the dismantling of the line.

bawdrip23      BAWDRIP                A photo view looking down to the railway bridge.

A lovely photo looking down from Uplands hill, just above the junction with New Road, looking towards the village. Three ladies pose in the foreground on the road, one holding onto a pram on the steep incline. The railway embankment appears to be in good order, and through the arch of the bridge can be seen apple trees, and above the bridge the church is visible in the distance.

bawdrip24      BAWDRIP                Colour photo of Bradney Bridge

A print from a colour slide taken in the early 1970’s, shows the bridge, the old cottage to the north side of the river, and the original River Authority buildings to the south side of the river. Looking south East with the footbridge in the foreground, and Penn Wood Hill in the background.

bawdrip25      BAWDRIP    1909    Bawdrip Rectory

A delightful winter snow view of the Rectory and church. We know the writer of the card was Mrs M Townsend, wife of the vicar Mr William Townsend MA, who was vicar at Bawdrip from 1903 to 1919. She mentions that the photo was ‘taken in the deep snow we had last year’. She also asks ‘can you recognise me’. It is believed therefore, that the 2 figures standing in the snow on the vicarage lawns are Mr & Mrs Townsend.

bawdrip26      BAWDRIP    2003    Church Farm

View of some of the farm buildings to the east of the farmhouse, taken from the railway bridge.

bawdrip27      BAWDRIP                Uplands Hill

A snowy view of the junction with New road before all the building took place going up the left side of Uplands hill.

bawdrip28      BAWDRIP    1965    Railway bridge and embankment

South side of the bridge and part of the railway embankment connecting it to Bawdrip halt.

bawdrip29      BAWDRIP    1965    Embankment in the village

The railway embankment between the bridge and the halt, just prior to a mechanical digger getting to work to reduce the height and flatten it out to build a bungalow there.

bawdrip30      BAWDRIP                No legend but is of Uplands House

View of the house from the south

bawdrip31      BAWDRIP    1909    The Rectory, Bawdrip

Early view from the south shows a gravel drive leading to the front door.

bawdrip32      BAWDRIP    1947    The Knowle Inn, a negative

This negative is of the Knowle Inn at Bawdrip, and is a view looking roughly North East along the A39 road, and shows 2 old cars parked on the roadside in front the pub, HCO 949, an Austin saloon car, and ANB 270, a small sports car. The only sign on the pub wall says ‘Starkey Knight & Ford, Ales & Stouts’.

Original 1947 negative from the Ashley Series archive of photographs (which was produced between 1938 and 1956 by photographer Donald Birkinshaw.

The Archive lay un-discovered for many years until 1997, when it was purchased from the Birkinshaw family, and has proved to be a very Rare Archive covering the II World War period, when photographic film and equipment was expensive and hard to find.

Donald Ashley Birkinshaw was born on August 29th 1922 and attended Nottingham High School and Whitgift Grammar School, Croydon. From an early age the countryside, photography and classical music were his hobbies. His photographs were accepted for county magazines as early as 1938. He joined the civil service in 1939 working for the Home office, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture until 1946, the following year he produced his "Ashley Series" of postcards and calendars. He stopped production in about 1953 as purchase tax made his profit margin too small to continue. He died on June 25th 1988.

bawdrip33      BAWDRIP                Photo of the Knowle Inn

This is a rather old(probably late 1930’s) and badly damaged photo which nevertheless shows some interesting details. A convertible car, with hood down, registration No YB 6759 is parked just off the road outside. In the doorway of the Inn stands a middle aged tall man and a short lady, a little girl, and a young man in a cap. A man’s cycle is propped against the wall next to the door. A woman’s cycle is propped against the wall by the left hand door.

bawdrip34      BAWDRIP    1947    Thatched cottage on Bradney corner

This shows the thatched cottage that used to stand on the inside of the sharp bend at Bradney.

bawdrip35      BAWDRIP                No legend but is a view of the church


bawdrip36      BAWDRIP    1905    No legend but is a view of Bawdrip Church from the Rectory gardens

Rare view from the gardens shows the south aspect of the Rectory with the east aspect of the church in the background.

bawdrip37      BAWDRIP                View of Bawdrip Halt with 2 ladies on the halt


bawdrip38      BAWDRIP    1911    Bawdrip Village


BLAG1           BLAGDON                Blagdon village near Taunton


banchor01      Blue Anchor              Blue Anchor


banchor02      Blue Anchor              Blue Anchor Bay


banchor03      Blue Anchor              Blue Anchor, near Watchet


banchor04      Blue Anchor  1931    Beach and huts, Blue Anchor


banchor05      Blue Anchor              Blue Anchor( A view of the caravan site)


brean01          Brean  1965    Brean from Brean Down


brean02          Brean              Brean Down, Nr Burnham

Very rare early view of a thatched cottage where there is now a shop and a cluster of buildings.

burtle01          Burtle             No legend but is a view of the First & Last Inn


BW01 BRIDGWATER       1923    Bridgwater, The Bridge.

View from west quay south of the bridge. A large sign says ‘Hospital Fete, Blake gardens, June 15th’.

BW02 BRIDGWATER       1909    The bridge, Bridgwater

Another view from the west quay, south side. One building on West quay, formerly the Constitutional Club, has ‘Ekers’ on the roof, and on the white painted end wall extensive signage says ‘The Bridge Furnishing Mart and Bradbury’s sewing machines’. Just beyond it is the peculiar white fronted building of the Kings Arms.

BW03 BRIDGWATER       1947    Bridgwater,High street

Looking west along High Street past the Royal Clarence Hotel on the right. On the left was DJ King Confectioner. Lots of cars parked along the street.

BW04 BRIDGWATER       1907    Bridgwater, The Bridge.

Another view from west quay south of the bridge. On the left was Tamlyn’s salerooms Est 1833.

BW05 BRIDGWATER       1913    Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

Through the trees in the background can be seen a chimney in the distance on the riverbank.

BW06 BRIDGWATER       1904    River Parret and Bridge

View of the bridge looking south with one vessel tied up on west quay. Kings Arms, R Nicholas on west quay. Horse and cart going across the bridge.

BW07 BRIDGWATER       1905    The cornhill, Bridgwater

A very early view with the road looking like a mud surface. Royal Clarence Hotel on the right, a few horse & carts in the street but mostly women and children looking at the photographer.

BW08 BRIDGWATER       1906    River Parret at Bridgwater

A view from east quay well south of the bridge. Bridgwater Infirmary on the right, and the old towpath running inside the railings in front of it. No cars or anything else on the roads.

BW09 BRIDGWATER       1907    The Bridge & Forestreet,Bridgwater

View from above looking down onto bridge and west quay. Ekers building on the west quay.

BW10 BRIDGWATER       1908    Eastover,Bridgwater

Looking west along Eastover towards town bridge. Devonshire arms and Bouchiers furniture branch on the right hand side. On the left hand side the ‘New Inn’.

BW11 BRIDGWATER       1930    Bridgwater, Eastover

A view from near Monmouth street, looking west, shows on the left, The Bridgwater Motor Co Ltd Garage, The White Hart Hotel, and on the right side, James Café, Sedgmans Clothiers, ???, Mills. A mixture of cars, horse and cart, cyclists and pedestrians.

BW12 BRIDGWATER       1909    Cornhill Bridgwater

An early view of a busy Cornhill. Numerous horse and carts, but no cars.

BW13 BRIDGWATER       1911    Bridgwater, High Street

Street scene looking east from the town hall towards the post office. Street lamps in the middle of the road and just the one motor car in view. In the distance on the right hand side, a sign indicates the White Lion Hotel.

BW14 BRIDGWATER                   Bridge and Eastover, Bridgwater

View across the bridge looking south towards the hospital. Several horse and carts in the street.

BW15 BRIDGWATER       1960    Upper Fore street from Cornhill

A colour photo showing Marks & Spencer on the left, then Olivers. On the right is Hodges, then Rossiters, then Burton, then WH Smith & son. Numerous cars are negociating their way up and down the narrow Fore Street.

BW16 BRIDGWATER       1915    Fore street, Bridgwater

Home & Colonial, Halson, and Olivers on the left.

BW17 BRIDGWATER       1921    Fore street, Bridgwater

A lovely coloured view looking east towards the town bridge from the cornhill. On the left, Home and Colonial Stores, then Halson & Son, then Olivers. On the right ‘The Restaurant’, then EW Hill. Very busy street scene with peope and horse and carts, but no cars.

BW18 BRIDGWATER       1910    Fore street, Bridgwater

Poor quality coloured card shows little detail.

BW19 BRIDGWATER       1903    Cornhill & Blake Statue

Another busy scene shows Thompsons shop sign then Cornhill restaurant on the left, and on the right R Candy, Impeys Stores

BW20 BRIDGWATER                   Mills shop

Mills Universal Stores. Located on Monmouth Street, you could buy almost anything required for the home. Just beyond it is a building with wall markings that say ‘Garage Workshops, Real Medland’

BW21 BRIDGWATER       1905    Bristol& Bath rd, Bridgwater

Junction of Bristol(A38) and Bath(A39) roads. A group of people standing in front of the water trough, with just the odd horse and cart in view. Behind the group is a red letterbox and signpost, no pub. No sign of the railway lines going across from the mainline to the river.

BW22 BRIDGWATER       1930    The Docks, Bridgwater

View of the docks looking south from up on the mount. The old glass kiln visible behind the warehouse. Two boats, the ‘Parkend’(1874-1913) a Sully boat, and the ‘Crowpill’(1876-1913) another Sully boat, tied up nearest the mount. The steam dredger, Bertha?, in the middle?

BW23 BRIDGWATER       1950    The Town Bridge,Bridgwater

A summers day in the early 50’s with various cars, caravans, and lorries making their way up and down Fore Street. Just beyond the bridge on the left on the corner of Binford Place, was the Fore St Clothing Co Ltd. On the right was the Punch Bowl Inn, then Walkers, then Worlds. A van waiting at West Quay has the slogan Kerry’s Tyre Services.

BW24 BRIDGWATER                   The bridge Bridgwater

A view of the bridge and Binford Place from near the hospital. McKennas Garage has two cars parked outside, and the Dolphin Hotel next door has a lorry offloading beer kegs. On the corner is the Fore St Clothing Co Ltd.

BW25 BRIDGWATER       1950    Bridgwater, the river

A distant view of the bridge from well south on the east bank.

BW26 BRIDGWATER                   The Quay and Bridge, Bridgwater

Slightly more modern view than bw24. McKennas garage has become Whitticks Corn Yeast, with the Dolphin Hotel next door, and the cars in view are now mid/late 50’s. The Fore St Clothing Co still on the corner. Over on West quay you can just make out the signage of the Co Operative Society.

BW27 BRIDGWATER                   Cornhill, Bridgwater

Unusual view showing the shops on the south side, Southern Stores, and the Continental Restaurant.

BW28 BRIDGWATER       1905    The Bore on River Parrot

Poor coloured view of Crowpill and the entrance to the docks.

BW29 BRIDGWATER       1910    Bridge & Fore Street, Bridgwater

Interesting early colour view of the bridge looking up Fore st towards the Cornhill. On the left, Bridge Studio and Nelson’s Ltd family butchers. On the right, west quay,  the Punch Bowl Inn with signs proclaiming ‘Charlton Beers & Stout, Somerset County Gazette’. There are no cars only horses and carts.

BW30 BRIDGWATER       1945    Fore street, Bridgwater

Elevated view across the bridge towards Fore street with Lock & sons, draper on left, and the ‘Punch Bowl’ inn on the right.

BW31 BRIDGWATER       1907    The Bore, Bridgwater

View of the river looking towards the entrance to the docks, with the bore heading up river towards the town bridge. The boat ‘Fanny Jane’(1863-1913) a Symons boat, is moored on the east bank next to Barham’s brickyard, the building with the chimney. Several Parrett barges are opposite, near the docks entrance.

BW32  BRIDGWATER         1912    Taunton Road, Bridgwater

An early view of Taunton road looking down towards the canal bridge, with just one old car parked up on the right, and one horse and cart coming along in the middle of the road. Lots of trees along the right hand side.

BW33 BRIDGWATER       1904    Blake Gardens Bridgwater

Very early card shows the gazebo and the walkway.

BW34  BRIDGWATER                     The River Parrett at Bridgwater(In Winter Time)

BW35 BRIDGWATER                   Salmon Parade with the Infirmary, Bridgwater

A view looking south towards the hospital with a sign saying  H Baker & son, coal merchant to the north side of the hospital.

BW36 BRIDGWATER       1904    Cornhill, Bridgwater

View of the cornhill from Fore street, with only one person in sight. R Candy, Impey stores.

BW37 BRIDGWATER       1904    River Parrett, Bridgwater

Early view of the bridge and Binford Place.

BW38  BRIDGWATER                     St Mary's Church, Bridgwater

BW39  BRIDGWATER         1906    St Mary's Church, Bridgwater

BW40  BRIDGWATER         1919    St Mary's Church, Bridgwater

BW41 BRIDGWATER       1910    Bridgwater, St Mary Street

A view looking up St Marys street towards St Mary’s church from the Friarn St junction. Real Medland & Wills Ltd on the right hand side, with just beyond it signs saying ACU, NSC, and ‘Public Telephone Call Office’. On the left hand side a sign says ‘Rogers’.

BW42 BRIDGWATER       1910    Bridgwater  Bridge & Eastover

A lovely animated view looking east across the river directly along Eastover. A number of horse and carts make their way along the street and over the bridge.

BW43 BRIDGWATER       1907    High Street, Bridgwater

An early coloured view looking west along High street with the old taxi rank running down the middle of the road. To the right is the Royal Clarence Hotel, then Taylors Restaurant, then a little further along is the Bristol Arms Hotel. At the extreme west end of the road there appears to be a mass of green trees, but this may be an error on the part of whoever coloured the card. One car, outside the Clarence.

BW44 BRIDGWATER       1909    River Parret & Bridge, Bridgwater

An interesting early coloured card shows the bridge from the north side on West Quay. On West Quay to the right of the picture, a sign says ‘Hay Stray & Chaff sold here. A little further along a sign proclaims ‘Kings Arms. R Nicholas’.One boat is tied up on the West Quay, and there is some activity over the bridge, otherwise it is a quiet scene.

BW45  BRIDGWATER         1910    In Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

BW46 BRIDGWATER       1917    The Bore on River Parrett, Bridgwater

According to the book ‘Bridgwater & the river Parrett’, page 64, this was at Saltlands in 1913, with the 1858 ketch Fanny Jane, built by Gough of Bridgwater, moored at Colthurst &  Symons wharf.  To the left is the wharf of John Symons & Co Ltd, where scouring bricks imprinted with the name ‘Bridgwater Bath Brick Company’ were made.

BW47 BRIDGWATER       1916    The Bridge, Bridgwater

Poor quality coloured card

BW48 BRIDGWATER       1919    Bridgwater, Cornhill

Interesting view looking across to the Royal Clarence Hotel.

BW49 BRIDGWATER                   Cornhill, Bridgwater

Old coloured view with Liptons sign just visible on the left. Almost identical to bw36

BW50  BRIDGWATER         1960    The New Bridge, Bridgwater

A blue Ford Prefect heads over the bridge onto Broadway.

BW51 BRIDGWATER                   Tidal Bore on River Parrett, Bridgwater

A lovely view of the bore just after it swept under the town bridge. The bridge is a mass of people watching as the bore unsettles 4 barges moored on the south side of the bridge.

BW52  BRIDGWATER                     Ancient Water Gate Bridgwater


BW53 BRIDGWATER                   Eastover, Bridgwater

View of Eastover looking towards the bridge. Hooks on left. Burton 3 day cleaning, FW Woolworth, Economy House Ltd, Taylor & Newson on right hand side.

BW54 BRIDGWATER       1908    Blake Statue, Bridgwater

Market scene on the Cornhill. Candys Impey stores and Royal Clarence Hotel in background. Robert Blakes statue foremost in picture.(Plaque says… Born in this town 1598, died at sea 1657)

BW55 BRIDGWATER       1916    The Bridge Bridgwater

View of bridge looking north. Billboard on Punchbowl wall says..Best paper Somerset County Gazette.

BW56 BRIDGWATER       1912    The River Bank Bridgwater

View of bridge looking north from just south of the hospital.

BW57 BRIDGWATER                   The Bore on the river Parrett

The bore somewhere downstream on the river.

BW58 BRIDGWATER                   The Docks, Bridgwater

View of the south side of the docks looking west.

BW59  BRIDGWATER                     Blake Bridge, Bridgwater

BW60 BRIDGWATER       1911    Cornhill, Bridgwater

View of the cornhill at 11-40am, with two  horse drawn carriages awaiting fares.

BW61 BRIDGWATER                   River Parret, Bridgwater

View of bridge looking north from just south of the hospital. One barge on the river just south of the bridge.

bw62   BRIDGWATER       1905    The Docks, Bridgwater

View looking east from the canal entry point. Kiln and chimneys beyond the river. According to the book ‘Bridgwater & the river Parrett’, page 110, the boats in this picture are from left to right, the ketch Crowpill, the ketch Parkend, the dock scraper Bertha, the ketch Marie Eugine, and the three masted top sail schooner Circe.

bw63   BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater, High Street

View looking west along high street from outside the Clarence. A row of cars lined up in the middle of the street. Taylors restaurant next to the Clarence.

bw64   BRIDGWATER                     Bridgwater

bw65   BRIDGWATER       1902    Fore St, Bridgwater

Lovely view of Fore Street looking East towards town bridge. On the left hand side, the Home & Colonial Stores, then Halson & son. On the right hand side, John Whitby & son, Hill, The Restaurant, Rich the Jewellers shop (now Rossiters), Davis & son.

bw66   BRIDGWATER                   The canal Bridgwater

View of the canal looking to the Taunton road bridge.

bw67   BRIDGWATER       1903    River, Bridgwater

View looking south towards the town bridge from the bank. The steam tug the ‘Bonita’ heading downstream. Entrance to Carvers boatyard is visible.

bw68   BRIDGWATER       1914    Bridgwater, Blake Gardens

A view through Blake gardens looking south.

bw69   BRIDGWATER                     Old Bridgwater. The Stone Bridge

bw70   BRIDGWATER       1903    Bridgwater Church

Looking north to the church from st Marys street. A group of boys standing around the gas lamp. Time 1-10pm. Railings all the way around the churchyard.

bw71   BRIDGWATER       1926    Cornhill, Bridgwater

Busy view looking towards the Cornhill from Fore street. An early motorised bus/ tram waiting in the middle of the road for passengers. On the left a park car with the reg YZ988. Several shop signs on the left, S Walter (costumes),  FH Light, Thompson.

bw72   BRIDGWATER       1918    Cornhill and Fore Street Bridgwater

View from Cornhill looking down Fore street, with Blake statue in fore ground. In the centre is a horse and carriage awaiting a fare. To the right is ‘The Restaurant’, EW Hill, and John Whitby & Sons Ltd shop.

bw73   BRIDGWATER                   The Cornhill Bridgwater

A view of the market on the Cornhill with several horse drawn carriages sat waiting.

bw74   BRIDGWATER                     No Legend, but is a view of the bridge looking NW

A 60’s card. View across the bridge to West Quay, with the Co Op, the Fountain Inn, James, Bristol & West Building Society, Walkers, Card centre, Halfords.

bw75   BRIDGWATER       1910    Bridgwater Cornhill

A deserted view at 10-10am in the morning. One man with a hand cart. Lipton and Thompson shop signs on left hand side.

bw76   BRIDGWATER       1907    No Legend but is the launching of the Irene

A superb detailed photo of this event, with many people lining the banks to watch. On the west quay are Alfred Peace with regular steamers to Cardiff, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast & Dublin. The Crown Drinks Co. The boat the ‘Devon’ can be seen moored on the west quay, and several other steam boats. According to the book ‘Bridgwater & the river Parrett’, page 99, the launching took place on 5th June 1907, from the slipway of Messrs FJ Carver & Sons shipbuilding yard at east Quay. The Irene had a length of 85ft, a breadth of 21ft, a depth of 9ft, and was registered to carry 165 tons. Purchased by Clifford J Symons  of Taunton road,  Clifford Symons of Camden road, and captain William Lee, her future skipper.

bw77   BRIDGWATER                   River Parrett from above the bridge, Bridgwater.

Superb elevated view across the bridge looking north to the railway bridge. A large boat, possibly the Irene, can be seen in Carvers boat yard, dating this card to pre 1907. Wilkinson & Leng, builders merchants on the east quay.

bw78   BRIDGWATER       1905    Taunton Road, Bridgwater

Deserted view looking down from the canal bridge towards the town. Not a car or horse on the road.

bw79   BRIDGWATER         1905    A Walk in Blake Gardens, Bridgwater


bw80   BRIDGWATER       1911    Bridge & Quay, Bridgwater

View of the town bridge looking north from west quay. Tamlyn on left hand side.

bw81   BRIDGWATER       1907    The Docks, Bridgwater

Superb colour view of the docks looking south from on top the mount. The great glass kiln visible behind the warehouses.

Two boats, the ‘Packend’ and the ‘Crowpill’, tied up nearest the mount. The steam dredger, Bertha?, in the middle? Colour version of Bw22. The Docks and final loop of the canal from the previous terminating lock at Huntworth, was opened in 1841

bw82   BRIDGWATER       1914    Bridgwater: Multi view

Five views: 1) Elevated view looking across the bridge to Fore street shows Nelson’s butchers. 2) View looking across the bridge to Eastover and the YMCA building. On the east quay, Vowles & Co. 3) The cornhill   4) St Mary’s church  5) Binford garden, the grandstand. (Blake gardens?)

bw83   BRIDGWATER       1902    The Blake Statue, Bridgwater

Very early half card showing Blake statue.

bw84   BRIDGWATER         1905    Bridgwater. Interior St Mary's Church

bw85   BRIDGWATER         1904    Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

bw86   BRIDGWATER         1909    The Avenue, Bridgwater


bw87   BRIDGWATER                   River Parrett, Bridgwater

Superb view from the bridge looking north to the railway bridge. Many sailing vessels line each quay. Looks like the boat the Emma on the right hand side.

bw88   BRIDGWATER       1912    2773 Crowpyll, Bridgwater – Judges

Unusual shot looking towards the entrance to the docks from the west side of the riverbank.

bw89   BRIDGWATER           Aerial View of Bridgwater Looking West

Lovely view across the river to Fore street with St Marys spire visible in the distance. On the left Timothy Whites (cash chemists), and ‘The London Central Meat Co’, which places the date of the postcard at least after 1929 (ref N Finnimore re the LCM Co). On the right, The Punch Bowl Inn, Olivers?, Worlds Stores, Eastmans?, Winslade (Jewellers),

bw90   BRIDGWATER       1922    Cornhill, Bridgwater

Quiet view with very little happening. Taylors restaurant next to Royal Clarence(not in picture)

bw91   BRIDGWATER       1910    St Mary's Church, Bridgwater

Elevated colour view of the church

bw92   BRIDGWATER       1907    The Bridge Bridgwater, from Blake gardens.

Poor quality view of the bridge

bw93   BRIDGWATER       1911    The Docks Bridgwater

Superb colour view from the canal end looking back towards the Parrett entrance.

bw94   BRIDGWATER       1909    Fore St, Bridgwater

View looking east towards the town bridge, with a busy street scene with children in the road and several horse and carts in the distance. On the right are Belchers stationer and printers shop, Davis & son, and on the left, Olivers shoe shop(sign says ‘ Largest retailer of boots in the World’) , Halson & Son, 38 Fore Street, and further down a sign declaring  COPP. Could be a policeman on the left, stood with his bike talking to a man on the pavement.

bw95   BRIDGWATER                   The Docks Bridgwater

A fairly modern picture from the 60’s?, shows a steam tug in the tidal basin, and the mound still in place.

bw96   BRIDGWATER                   Bridge & Quay, Bridgwater

A motorised tram trundles across the bridge heading for Eastover and perhaps the station.

bw97   BRIDGWATER                   The Docks, Bridgwater

The ‘Crowpill’, tied up nearest the mount. The steam dredger, Bertha? next to it.

bw98   BRIDGWATER       1908    Fore Street, Bridgwater

An elevated view looking down Fore Street towards the bridge in the distance.  Fox, Fowler & Co Bank, Home & Colonial, Halson & Son, Olivers,  Davis,

bw99   BRIDGWATER       1910?  Alexandra Rd, Bridgwater

This lovely old view shows a group of people, mostly children, stood on the corner where the Malt Shovel inn is situated.

bw100 BRIDGWATER       1905    King Square, Bridgwater

This rare view shows an unkempt area surrounded by railings, and several groups of people posing for the photo. A workman, in waistcoat and cap, pauses for a moment to watch the proceedings. Two important looking gentlemen pose for the photo.

bw101 BRIDGWATER         1920?  The Tow Path, Bridgwater


bw102 BRIDGWATER       1920?  The Drawbridge, Bridgwater

A lovely view along the towpath on the west side of the river near the docks entrance, showing the old Telescopic railway bridge and the housings for its operating mechanisms. Intially the branch line ran to the wharves on the east side of the river but then from 1871 the railway crossed the river to the docks via the telescopic bridge.

bw103 BRIDGWATER         1920?  Wembdon, Bridgwater

bw104 BRIDGWATER       1920?  The canal bank, Bridgwater

Believed to be the bridge near to Morrisons supermarket leading to the ponds.

bw105 BRIDGWATER       1906    Entrance to Blake Gardens Bridgwater


bw106 BRIDGWATER         Bridgwater, 5views

A multi view postcard showing, 1) Aerial view of Bridgwater, looking West, shows the London Central Meat Co, 2) King square, Bridgwater, 3) Aerial view of Bridgwater, looking down the river,  4) Bridge and YMCA, Bridgwater, 5) Admiral Blake statue, Bridgwater.

bw107 BRIDGWATER       1903    River, Bridgwater

Colour version of BW67

bw108 BRIDGWATER                   St Johns Church, Bridgwater(5)

bw109 BRIDGWATER       1913    The new Police Station, Bridgwater.

This rare photographic postcard shows the new Police Station Building, and portraits of  HW Pollard Esq, JP; F Parr Esq, Boro Surveyor; R O Sully Esq, Mayor; Superintendent  W H Williams; W J Davey, Chief Constable. Also says ‘ Designed by F Parr, Boro Surveyor. The Foundation stone was laid by H W Pollard  Esq JP, on Aug 3rd 1911 & the building formally opened by the Mayor R O Sully Esq Jan 28th 1913. Photo was by Osborne & Fisher, 20 Cornhill.

bw110 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater(3 view card)

Lovely old colour card with three views, Blake gardens, Cornhill, and YMCA & Eastover. The Eastover view shows several shop frontages including Vowles & Co, and another shop (Part of York House, opposite the YMCA building) saying ‘Shipping supplied’, ‘This is the noted provision store’, and ‘Bacon curers’.

bw111 BRIDGWATER       1911    High Street, Bridgwater

Superb photographic postcard looking West along the busy High Street. On the right hand side is the Royal Clarence Hotel, Brooks Dye Works, Taylors Restaurant, Scott  ????, the Bristol Arms Hotel, WH Smith. This WH Smith was not the bookseller we know today but a livery supplies shop selling saddles etc. Oddly, the Bristol Arms Hotel shows an AA, Automobile Association sign on its wall, when only horse and carts are visible in the photo. On the left hand side is ‘The Bank’, Albany Hotel. Down the centre of the street is the cab rank where horses and cabs await their fares.

bw112 BRIDGWATER                   The Docks Bridgwater

Lovely old view shows the boat ‘North Barrule’ of Chester tied up on the South side, and ‘The Holms, Sand & Gravel Co Ltd’ building in the distance, another boat tied up on the north side next to the infamous mump. The British Oil & Cake Mills Ltd on the right hand side with a couple of goods wagons stood outside.

bw113 BRIDGWATER       1962    Bridgwater Station

B & W print shows a view of the station and the Railway Hotel.

bw114 BRIDGWATER       1909    The Bridge and Quay, Bridgwater

Lovely coloured picture showing boats moored up in the river on the north side of the town bridge.

bw115 BRIDGWATER                   East Quay and Bridge, Bridgwater

Various boats tied up with the tide rising.

bw116 BRIDGWATER       1915    Bridge and Eastover, Bridgwater

Lovely colour view of the bridge and Eastover, looking in direction of the hospital.

bw117 BRIDGWATER       1908    Blake Gardens and River Parrat, Bridgwater

Wonderful old view of the gardens, from roughly where Blake bridge now crosses the river.

bw118 BRIDGWATER                   The Quay, Bridgwater

View looking across the bridge and river to West Quay. A horse and cart being loaded on the East Quay.

bw119 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater, High Street

Looking up High Street towards Penel Orlue, with the Royal Clarence Hotel on the right, Taylors Restaurant, ??? Hotel. Several horse and traps wait in the middle of the street. Not a car in sight.

bw120 BRIDGWATER       1908    No legend but is of the Bristol Arms Hotel

The Bristol Arms Hotel in High Street, with an old car Y324? and driver waiting outside the hotel while a lady and several gentlemen look on.

bw121 BRIDGWATER       1947    No legend but is a photo of Bridgwater station

Lovely old photo shows the station buildings and the Railway Hotel, built when the broadgauge railway came to the town from Bristol in 1841.

bw122 BRIDGWATER       1967    Bridgwater Lido

Interesting colour picture of the old Lido before it was demolished to make way for Safeway now known as Morrisons.

bw123 BRIDGWATER       1920    The Docks, Bridgwater

Shows the Bridgwater ketch ‘Parkend’ owned by Sully & Co, formerly a schooner, built in Ipswich in 1873.

bw124 BRIDGWATER       1905    Bridgewater, Cornhill

bw125 BRIDGWATER                   The Docks, Bridgwater

View from the canal entrance, shows a number of sailing vessels including one called Ark*Gloster. That particular boat has men working on deck.

bw126 BRIDGWATER       1922    Bridgwater from the Air

A fantastic aerial photo of Bridgwater, shows too much detail too list here.

bw127 BRIDGWATER       1905    No Legend but is of Blake Gardens

A coloured view looking North.

bw128 BRIDGWATER       1935?  Penel Orlieu, Bridgwater

Lovely photographic view looking east, with the old horse trough in the middle of the road. Two old cars visible, CS3701, believed to be an Austin 10,  and ??4224, believed to be an Austin 7. On the right Davey & Jones shop, then the Co Operative Society Dairy, then the Blake Arms Hotel, a Garage, and Head and Co, Bridgwater in the roundhouse. In the distance an old bus makes its way up High St under a sign that says Dosson Bros (This was a Gentlemans outfitter until the 1960's). On the left H Kelland & Co

bw129 BRIDGWATER                   In Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

Two ladies with fancy hats, sitting on one of the seats, turn to look at the photographer.

bw130 BRIDGWATER       1927    Bridgwater, The Docks

Lovely colour view looking west across the docks towards the canal entrance. The boat  the ‘Eliza’ of Bridgwater is moored up on the left.

bw131 BRIDGWATER                   Bridge & Quay, Bridgwater

Black & white version of Bw96.

A motorised tram trundles across the bridge heading for Eastover and perhaps the station. The large building on the right was the YMCA building. In this b&w version you can clearly see a boat moored up on West quay, on the other side of the bridge, that has been painted over in the colour version. The sign for York House can also be clearly seen.

bw132 BRIDGWATER                   The Bore, Bridgwater

Colour version of BW31

View of the river looking towards the entrance to the docks, with the bore heading up river towards the town bridge. The  boat ‘Fanny Jane’ is moored on the east bank next to Barham’s brickyard, the building with the chimney. Several Parrett barges are opposite, near the docks entrance.

bw133 BRIDGWATER                   Admiral Blakes birthplace, Bridgwater


bw134 BRIDGWATER                   The Street Market, Bridgwater

A rare view looking from Cornhill towards the Post Office building, with a busy market scene in the foreground. The Lloyds bank building is visible through the stalls, and Buffett & Son building to the left of it.

bw135 BRIDGWATER       1904    Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

A very old view looking north through Blake gardens, which also includes the view across the river to the hospital.

bw136 BRIDGWATER       1920    Bridgwater, Cornhill

Colour view of the cornhill. Same as bw48 which is in B & W.

bw137 BRIDGWATER                   The cornhill, Bridgwater

Black & White view looking towards the Clarence Hotel and the Post Office, with a number of old cars visible.

bw138 BRIDGWATER                   East and West Quay, Bridgwater

On the east quay a boat called ‘Gloster Packet’ is moored up, while on the west quay, is the steam boat ‘Devon’, 1892, an Alfred Peace boat. From the 1897 Kellys Directory: The Steamship " Devon " trades regularly between Bridgwater, Bristol, Cardiff & Newport, & leaves Bristol sat. &.wed.; Alfred Peace, proprietor, Riverside, Bridgwater

bw139 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater, the avenue

An overhanging bough of a huge horse chestnut tree is supported by a post in the middle of the avenue walk along the riverside next to the library building.

bw140 BRIDGWATER       1908    Greetings from Bridgwater

This is a multi view card. View 1 shows Cornhill & Blake statue; 2 River and bridge from Binford Place; 3 Interior of St Mary’s church; 4 Blake Gardens; 5 St Mary’s church

bw141 BRIDGWATER       1912    Eastover, Bridgwater

A wonderful ‘busy’ b&w photographic card shows much street activity looking towards St John’s Street. On the left is Parsons Ironmongers shop, with a handcart and boy stood outside.( 1902 Kellys Dir: Parsons lsaac, rope maker, ship chandler & ironmonger, 11 Eastover &; rope maker, Escott house, Chilton st), Davis Ironmonger, (1902 Kellys Dir: Davis Samuel, smith &; ironmonger, 13 Eastover), Pitmans coffee house, (1902 Kellys Dir: Pitman William, confectioner &; coffee rooms, 15 Eastover), Porter’s fruit shop (1902 Kellys Dir: Porter Alfred, fruiterer, 17 Eastover), sign saying ‘Boots’. The Bridgwater Furnishing Company and Squibbs and Son can be seen further down on that side. On the right there is Higborne and son, Pawnbrokers, Jaeger, Ives Stores, New Inn, and the Bridgwater Motor Co. Two Policemen walk down the middle of the road, as a cyclist passes them by on the wrong side of the road.

bw142 BRIDGWATER       1912    Bridgwater, 5 view card

View 1 The Cornhill, 2 Blake Gardens, 3 YMCA Eastover, 4 Parish Church, 5 Free Library.

bw143 BRIDGWATER       1904    Bridgwater, Blake Gardens

Lovely colour view looking towards the free library building across the lawns.

bw144 BRIDGWATER       1959    The Church, Bridgwater

View from St Mary Street looking towards the church. James Lang & co shop on the left. Old car parked with reg No DAD 39. Window cleaners cart parked next to the pavement. This was the main route through the town, confirmed by the road signs which say A38 Bristol, A38 Bath to the right, and A39 Minehead to the left.

bw145 BRIDGWATER       1978    Bridgwater Fair

A very unusual foil colour card of the fair, which was probably taken from the helter skelter.

bw146 BRIDGWATER       1907    Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

A very old view shows a lady and 2 children walking along beside the river.

bw147 BRIDGWATER                   The Bore or Tidal Wave on the River Parrett at Bridgwater

A lovely sepia card showing the bore near Barham’s brickyard, with information on the back about the high tides which rise from 16 to 20 ft in about 1 ¾ hrs. It states that on Dec 16th 1910 the tide rose 20ft 4ins, overflowing the banks.

bw148 BRIDGWATER       1986    St Mary's Street, Bridgwater

Modern colour card looking towards St Mary’s church.

bw149 BRIDGWATER       1938    The Chestnut Avenue, Bridgwater

Another view looking south along the path through the trees in Blake gardens.

bw150 BRIDGWATER                   Cornhill, Bridgwater

A busy view of the market. On the right a farmer, his boy and a dog are herding several cows and calves onto High Street towards Taylor’s restaurant. It looks like a modern day farmers market with people selling produce. A horse stands patiently attached to a 2 wheeled cart with a large milk churn in it. In the foreground another horse stands attached to a landau.

bw151 BRIDGWATER       1908    Eastover, Bridgwater

Lovely early coloured view looking east from the town bridge. On the right J Sanders, jeweller and watch maker.  On the left York House with a sign saying ‘Tea 1/-4, and further down The Bridgwater Furnishing Company.  A busy street scene with many children in the street, and no motorised traffic.

bw152 BRIDGWATER                   Bridge and river Parrett, Bridgwater

View of the bridge from East quay south of the bridge. Two river barges tied up, one on each side.

bw153 BRIDGWATER       1911    Malt Shovell and Alexandra Villas

Early colour photo of the Malt Shovel, with a family group outside on the pavement.

bw154 BRIDGWATER                   No legend but is a view of the Cornhill

Lovely 60’s colour photo shows the old road system when cars could drive down through Eastover. Admiral Blake’s statue stands inside the metal railings that ran around the semi circle of the Cornhill.

bw155 BRIDGWATER       1931    Eastover, Bridgwater

Quality photographic card looking across to Eastover from West Quay. On the right is the imposing YMCA building, with Pearl Assurance on its ground floor. Other signs further down the road on that side are ‘Sully’ and Currys and Bridgwater Motor Co Ltd Garage. On the left on the corner is York House. The signs say ‘Bacon Curers, This is the noted provision store’ and above that ‘Shipping supplied’. There are cars, a lorry and a motorcycle on the street.

bw156 BRIDGWATER Blake gardens, Bridgwater

Colour picture of the gardens shows the old archway.

bw157 BRIDGWATER The Bore Bridgwater

View of the bore from Binford Place near the Library.

bw158 BRIDGWATER 1934 On the canal, Bridgwater

Possibly looking south under the bridge which carriesVictoria road over the canal.

bw159 BRIDGWATER 1905 Blake Gardens, Bridgwater

Another view of the tree tunnel looking south.

bw160 BRIDGWATER       1906    Mary Court, Judge Jeffereys House, Bridgwater

An early coloured view of the building, at the junction of Little St Mary’s street with St Mary’s street.

bw161 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater, Blake Gardens

A sepia view showing the old corner building and the archway.

bw162 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater: 5 views

Similar to bw106 but legends different positions and centre pic framed differently , 1) Aerial view of Bridgwater, looking West, 2) King square, Bridgwater, 3) Aerial view of Bridgwater, looking down the river,  4) Bridge and YMCA, Bridgwater, 5) Central pic, Admiral Blake statue, Bridgwater.

bw163 BRIDGWATER                   Views of Bridgwater

Excellent  lovely old multi view photographic card. View 1: Bandstand, 2: The Quay, 3: St Mary’s church, 4: Blake House, 5: Cornhill

bw164 BRIDGWATER       1904    Views of Bridgewater

Excellent photographic early multi views of the town. 1: The avenue, Blake gardens, 2: High Street, On the left (southside) The Albany Hotel. On the right (northside)Bristol Hotel; WH Smith.  3: The quay, 4: St Mary’s church, 5: St Mary’s church (Int)

bw165 BRIDGWATER                   Blake Statue & Cornhill, Bridgwater

Unusual view looking out from between the pillars of the Cornhill building. On right are the shops of WH Beddoes (Millinery, and ready wear specialist) & Hodges & sons. On the left, Home & Colonial and Olivers shops signs are visible. Partially hidden by a pillar is a double decker bus.

bw166 BRIDGWATER       1964    Blake gardens, Bridgwater

Interesting view showing glasshouse at the back of the gardens.

bw167 BRIDGWATER                   South View. St Mary's Church, Bridgwater

Old colour view of the junction of Little St Mary’s Street, with the church in the background, shows Mary Court on the left, with the old woodwork of the windows overhanging the walls. Similar view to bw70, which was posted in 1903, but looks earlier as the trees and bushes in the churchyard are much smaller.

bw168 BRIDGWATER       1907    The bridge, Bridgwater

Lovely old coloured view of the bridge from West Quay, shows a horse and 4 wheeled wagon crossing the bridge heading for Eastover.

bw169 BRIDGWATER       1913    Bridgwater Docks

A rare view looking North West towards the mump, it shows a multitude of unidentified sailing vessels and one steamboat. Of the 3 warehouses on the right (east of the mound) only one is identified as ‘Peace’. The inner lock gates were open, and the old crane can be seen to the south side. One steam tugboat can be seen in steam.

bw170 BRIDGWATER       1903    Cornhill, Bridgwater

A view similar to bw19 but with some red colouring added.

bw171 BRIDGWATER       1919    Eastover, Bridgwater

Wonderful photo looking east from near the old town bridge. Similar to bw141 but from further west nearer the bridge.

Visible signs on the left are Waddon & Sons; Ship Aground Hotel, WK Davies; Eastover, Toilet, Saloon; Boots: Bridgwater Furnishing Company: Squibbs and Son. On the right hand(south) side J Sanders Jeweller and Watch maker; Waddons Cycle Dept; Hutchings Eastover Dairy; Daveys Depot; Ives Stores; P Brown; New Inn; Bridgwater Motor Co. Walking towards camera on the left hand pavement are 2 men who look like a sea captain & his mate.

bw172 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater, 7 view card

St Mary’s church, Free Library, YMCA, Cornhill, Fore St, Binford Garden, Bore.

bw173 BRIDGWATER       1905    High Street Bridgwater

Very rare early coloured view of the south side of High Street, which shows the White Lion Hotel(now renamed ‘The White Lions’), and Barnes? Tobacconists. Several horse drawn carriages sit in the middle of the road near the north entrance to the Cornhill, and next to the booth that also stood there in the middle of the road. Two girls stand at the foot of one of the two gas lamps situated in the middle of the road.

bw174 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater Docks

View from the mound with the Parkend moored nearest to the bank. The glass kiln (later used as a pottery kiln, and now demolished) is seen smoking and near the riverside can be seen the chimneys of Braham’s brickworks on the east (far) side of the river. Just to the right of the large warehouse can be see two railway goods carriages on the branch line that came across the telescopic bridge from the mainline.

bw175 BRIDGWATER                   The Docks Bridgwater

Very rare early view of a steam ship passing from the dock into the tidal basin with the road bridge elevated to allow it to pass through. A horse and cart waits on the north side placing the date of the photo at the early part of the 1900’s. The offices of Sully’s coal business can just be seen on the extreme left, and the buildings of Russel Place are on the right. Just behind and to the left of the ship are the warehouse buildings on the south side of the docks.

bw176 BRIDGWATER                   A photo of the GWR Wharf & Dock Branch at the Clink

This rare 50’s view, looks slightly north of West along the branch railway, that led off the mainline just north of Bridgwater station, through Hoopers timber yard, towards the black telescopic bridge to the Docks. The photographer would have been stood about where the railway crossed the A38 Bristol Road. The large building in the distance on the left was a mill building, later Bigwood & Staple printer’s premises, then known by the address of ‘The Mill, Church Street’. The last pitch roofed timber warehouse on the left was No 30, and this was next to a brick built warehouse backing onto No45 Monmouth Street, the edge of which can be seen at extreme left. Both these also visible in bw311.

bw177 BRIDGWATER                   A photo of shunter loco No 1338 at Bridgwater docks

A view of 1338 on the south side of the docks with the chimney & roof of Bowerings feed building in the background. Also visible is the grain silo with the markings ‘Holms Sand & Gravel’. Ex-Cardiff Railway 0-4-0ST 1338 was taken to Bleadon and Uphill railway station for preservation but, following the closure of the museum there, has now been moved to the Didcot Railway Centre.

bw178 BRIDGWATER       1913    The Free Library Bridgwater

Lovely colour picture of the Library entrance with 2 boys and their bikes in the foreground, and a young girl in white dress nearby.

bw179 BRIDGWATER                   Bridge and Fore Street, Bridgwater

Very early view from the YMCA building looking across the bridge towards Fore Street. A 4 wheeled wagon with one horse is coming towards Eastover.

The Castle Inn is on the corner of Binford Place and a shop called Hamlin is across from it in Fore Street next to the Punch Bown Inn.

bw180 BRIDGWATER                   St Marys church, Bridgwater

Interesting coloured card of a pony & trap going past the little St Mary st junction.

bw181 BRIDGWATER       1947    Bridgwater, The Docks

Looking across the dock towards the warehouse from the canal lock.

bw182 BRIDGWATER       1913    Garage of the Bridgwater Motor co

Looking inside the showroom from the entrance in Eastover. On the left was the Enquiry office & cashier. Just beyond that was the Gents and Drivers Lavatory. Signs visible show the names, Minerva, Sidco cylinders, Brasso, Michelin Tyres. There are around ten or twelve motor cars in the showroom.

bw183 BRIDGWATER       c1909  No legend but shows Starkey Knight & Ford lorries

Fine view of 5 lorries and one car, 6 pairs of males a one male on his own. A note on the back says ‘Len Summerhayes standing in front of second lorry, third person from the left’. No. Plates are from right to left, KN 3189, YB 130, YB 6051, YC 2938, YB 3067

Starkey, Knight & Ford was a large brewery group in Devon and Somerset. Initially trading as Starkey, Knight & Co., from 1887 at Bridgwater, they became Starkey, Knight & Ford in 1895 upon the acquisition of Thomas Ford & Son in Tiverton.

bw184 BRIDGWATER       1909    No legend but shows Penel Orlieu from the west.

Outstanding view of the Penel Orlieu junction and the ‘roundhouse’. Pickfords early removal Wagon & Horse of 17 St Johns Street(mentioned on the 1902 Kellys Directory), is on the right outside Harden & Sons shop. To the right of that is Davey & Jones Shop. The circular building in the centre is the Western Counties Wine & Spirit Company. On the left is Bridges & Son Stationers, and Crockers outfitters.

bw185 BRIDGWATER                   St John Baptist Church, Eastover Bridgwater


bw186 BRIDGWATER                   Royal Clarence Hotel Bridgwater


bw187 BRIDGWATER       1907    The Canal and Docks, Bridgwater

On the right the glass cone and some low brick buildings can be seen, and on the left the rather larger buildings of the Oil & Cake Mills. The scene today is pretty much the same on the left, but on the right there are now houses and high rise flats along the canal and around the edge of the dock.

bw188 BRIDGWATER       1907    The cattle market, Bridgwater


bw189 BRIDGWATER                   House in which Admiral Blake was born


bw190 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgewater, 4 view card, docks, Blake grds, church


bw191 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater 5 view card, Cornhill, Holford, King Square, Blake gardens, The Quay


bw192 BRIDGWATER       1960    Photo of loco 1338, south side of Bridgwater Docks

Small steam loco 1338 stands to the south side of the docks with the buildings on the north side in the background.

bw193 BRIDGWATER       1944    The Palace Theatre, Bridgwater

A view of the old Palace building from across the road shows it contained a shop called the Palace Bazaar, on the right, and on the left one called The Palace Confectioners. To the right of the building was a shop belonging to J Winter & Son, and to the left was a shop belonging to F Wall. Down the street to the right of the Blue Boar Inn (now the Old Market Inn), is a shop belonging to H Kelland & Co

bw194 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Edward Street looking North.

Branching north off St John Street, at the station end, was Edward Street, which connected through to Wellington Road. A sign on the right hand side shows the location of W Davis boot & shoe Maker of 10 Edward Street (Kelly’s directory for Bridgwater 1897). A mother stands in the doorway surrounded by eleven children on the path and in the road. In the distance a 4 wheeled farm wagon disappears around the corner.

bw195 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Eastover looking towards the bridge

On the left hand(south) side, Hickman & Sons drug store, London Inn- Williams, New Inn. On the right hand side, Devonshire Arms, and opposite the New Inn is an archway belonging to Bell’s Furniture Warehouse.

bw196 BRIDGWATER       c1893


bw197 BRIDGWATER       c1893  All Saints Mission Chapel, St John Street, from bridge

View looking west from the bridge towards the Chapel. All Saints Terrace buildings, that are now to the left, have not yet been built. They appear on the OS 1903 map of Bridgwater but not on the 1888map. A house is visible beyond the hedge and is probably Liberty Cottage which was at the end of the road called Liberty Place.

bw198 BRIDGWATER       c1893  The station looking north

A small steam engine is attached to a carriage, and beyond it can be seen the Bath Road rail bridge. Just beyond the platform is a brick signal box

bw199 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Docks, Tidal Basin

A sailing ship the ‘Bellona’ is moored on the north side of the tidal basin. (Bellona was a Roman Goddess)  Several houses from Russel Place can be seen to the left of the ship.

On the website Angloboerwar.com there is a shipping record for April 1900 as follows ‘Dateline Buenos Ayres, April 11. The Bellona left here today for Cape Town with 612 horses.’ Was this the same vessel?

bw200 BRIDGWATER       c1893  All Saints Mission Chapel, St John Street, from the junction

This view, from just past the Steam Packet Inn, looks towards All Saints Mission Chapel at the north end of Colley Lane where it joined St John Street. The road surface looks wet muddy and rough. A group of 9 young children pose for the picture. Chimneys from the Colley lane brick yards, next to the main line railway, can be seen in the distance. To the right, out of view beyond the wooden gates, were the premises of W H Tamlyn, Auctioneers. The houses of All Saints Terrace, which today stand to the left of the chapel, have not yet been built.

bw201 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Dunwear, north side of river

Houses on the river bank near River Lane. (Now known as ‘1-6 New Buildings’)The Motorway flyover now takes prominence in this picture but in 1900 there was a view to the Plum Lane area. These houses front onto the river Parrett close to where Riverside House is today.

bw202 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Docks, The Drawbridge

View of the Drawbridge across the tidal basin.

bw203 BRIDGWATER       c1893 Old Thatched cottage next to Riverside House, river road, Dunwear?

same cottage as bw205. South side of the cottage from River Road.

bw204 BRIDGWATER       c1893

Unidentified road on the outskirts of the town.         

bw205 BRIDGWATER       c1893 Old Thatched cottage next to Riverside House, river road, Dunwear?

same cottage as bw203. North side of cottage from River Road.     

bw206 BRIDGWATER       c1893  West Quay looking north from near the bridge

A sign marks the position of the Fountain Inn on the left just beyond a man with a clay pipe standing in the doorway of the Punch Bowl Inn (Proprietor E K Lloyd) . An assortment of different people are milling around. A ship’s captain, with traditional short peaked cap, appears to be discussing something with a bowler hatted business man. A boat, ‘The Welsh Prince’, a Sully & Co boat out of Newport, lies grounded on Carvers gridiron.

bw207 BRIDGWATER       c1893  River Parrett looking north from the bridge

The boat ‘The Rolla’, of Bridgwater is moored on west quay. In 1900 the master was Albert Webb, b1867, Owner C Symons. The Steamship, the Welsh Prince, Master, William Bell, owner RO Sully, lies grounded on Carvers gridiron. The telescopic black bridge can be seen in the distance. Ships sailing out of the port of Bridgwater are listed on the Somerset Records Office website.

bw208 BRIDGWATER       c1893  West Quay looking north from outside the Kings Arms

Taken from outside the Constitutional Club on West Quay, this view shows a sign declaring ‘The Kings Arms, C Stewart’ on the left. The Peace building can be seen further along on West quay. In the picture a man rides an old bicycle past two Jack Russell dogs sniffing around a 4 wheeled wagon with strange wooden  open shallow boxes being unloaded down a shute into the boat. Close examination of the wagon shows the markings ‘George Randle, Timber Merchant’. A rather distinguished looking man in a top hat stands in the doorway of the Kings Arms.

  Moored up on East quay, grounded on the mud, is the Steam Paddle Tug Petrel, a Tyne Tug built in 1863 by T Hepple & Son of Low Walker, Newcastle, No45599, and owned by Sully & Co. Records for 1894, the last year recorded on the Somerset Records Office website, show the master as Charles Griffiths, b1860, and the owner was George Sully. Records on the Tyne Tug web site suggest it was sunk and became a total loss in 1884? Was it then salvaged? If so when was it finally scrapped?

Beyond the wagon to the left, it is just possible to make out the panels of the black telescopic railway bridge.

bw209 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Docks looking north towards the mump

View looking across the dock from the south side towards 2 sailing ships moored there.

bw210 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Docks through the gateway near the bridge

Looking between the gate pillars located near the south side by the drawbridge towards the front of a sailing ship.

bw211 BRIDGWATER       c1893 Dunwear Brick & Tile Works from the river

Taken from across the river on the south bank, most of the buildings in this view are now gone. Look carefully and you can see a railway signal, set at halt, on the extreme left side of the picture. This probably controlled the siding leading to the works off the main line which joined further north near Colley Lane.

bw212 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church from the south


bw213 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church from Vicarage lawns

This view is looking towards the east window from the grounds of the vicarage.

bw214 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Altar

Daffodils adorn the benches near the altar.

bw215 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Vicar and Assistants

The vicar Charles Bazell, poses for the picture outside the church with 2 choirboys and 4 older choristers. One of them holds a banner that says ‘Vox Clamantis In Deserto’.

bw216 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Eastover looking through the archway of Bells Furniture Warehouse

The sign says ‘Cheapness combined with Quality, Bell’s New & Second-hand Furniture Warehouse, Perambulator Depot, Eastover, Bridgwater.’ This was almost certainly situated on the north side of the street, a few buildings along from the Devonshire Arms, and almost opposite the New Inn. There is a row of houses visible through the archway which may be a row of houses shown on os1903 maps. The archway probably was demolished to become what is now ‘New Road’ leading to the bus station.

bw217 BRIDGWATER       c1893  River Parrett looking south from the slipway

View from the bridge looking south with Salmon Parade on the left behind the brick buildings and Binford Place on the right. Binford House, later to be demolished to make way for the new Bridgwater Library (1906), can just be seen at the extreme right of the picture.  At the bottom of the slipway is a barge that has probably brought hay in from the fields to the south of Bridgwater. The river winds away into the distance where of course today the Blake Bridge and Broadway road crosses it.

Some way further up river, looking south, a brick works with chimney and conical brick kiln is visible.

bw218 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Children sitting outside St Johns Church gate

Ten small children sit on the wall by the gate.

bw219 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church from the Vicarage tennis court

View of the east window of the church from the vicarage tennis court.

bw220 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Hall from Monmouth Street

Close up view of the window of the Hall from the road

bw221 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Bristol Road looking north from the Cemetery Gates

Looking north along the road towards the S&D rail bridge that crossed from left to right heading out of Bridgwater. The Lodge building is at extreme right behind the gate pillars. ‘The Bridgwater Railway’, as it was known, was officially opened on 21st July 1890, working out of Bridgwater North Station where J Sainsbury Supermarket is located today.

bw222 BRIDGWATER       c1893  A Brickyard, probably Dunwear Brick & Tile Works


bw223 BRIDGWATER       c1893 St John’s Church School in Blake Place from the road.

This is St John’s Church School in Blake Place from the road.

From The History of St. John & St. Francis School: ‘ The old school – 1846. The school has very close links with its two parent parishes: St John’s in the centre of town where the school was first built in 1846 and St. Francis in the area of growing estates where it was re-sited in 1976.’

From British history online: ‘In 1846 there was a school in the union workhouse where a master and mistress taught20 girls and 38 boys. (fn. 20)  In the following year schools were being built in Eastover for 240children. The site, in St. John's Place, later Blake Place, had been bought by J. Moore Capes, first minister of St. John's, who with the Poole family and a grant from the National Society paid for the buildings. (fn. 21)  The original buildings, in the early Tudor style, were extended probably in 1869. (fn. 22)  In 1875 a total of 404pupils paid school pence, (fn. 23) but average attendance was 357 in 1906-7 and 190 in 1937-8. (fn. 24)  By1947, when there were 250 children on the books, St. John's (Eastover Parochial) school was a voluntary aided primary school. In 1975the school transferred to new buildings in Westonzoyland Road and from 1983 was called St. John and St. Francis C. of E. school. In 1988 the estimated number on roll was 342.‘         

bw224 BRIDGWATER       c1893  The Cannon Junction of the A38/A39

A lady and nine children pose beneath the gas lamp. The sign above their heads indicates that to the right was ‘The Great Western Railway Station’, and to the left was ‘The South Western & Midland Rail’y’. (The SDJR was taken over by the Midland Railway in Aug 1875.) Behind them sits ‘The Cannon’ and a sign on the side of a wooden building that declares ’Popham’s Cross Rifles Inn’, and further back on a brick building a sign says’ H Popham’.

bw225 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Redgate House from the rail bridge on Westonzoyland road

A very rare view looking south east from the Westonzoyland Road rail bridge towards Redgate house, the large white house in the distance. To the left of the picture is the end of the houses in Wellington Place, now renamed Redgate Street. Looking down here now you would see Redgate Surgery and then the Co Op supermarket. Behind them would be the houses of Sydenham Estate. The cart being pulled towards the photographer on Westonzoyland road near Redgate House. Looks to me like the letters 'CH____Y Bros, could be Chedzey Bros, Builders, of North St, listed in the Kellys Directory of 1889?

bw226 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Eastover looking East to the Monmouth Street junction

On the left side of Eastover ‘Eastover Stores Association’, then the Commercial Hotel on the corner. Straight ahead on the corner of St John St & Monmouth St is a building called ‘Eastover Printing Works’ belonging to Coombs Printer Stationer. On the right (south) side of Eastover a small sign says ‘Superior Beds’.

bw227 BRIDGWATER       c1893 Dunwear Brick & Tile Works from the Parrett bank

Viewed from the north bank of the Parrett on the footpath near the houses by River Lane shown in bw201. The row of 4 brick houses on the left are still there today(1-4 Bisgood Cottages, Somerset Bridge) but probably out of view now on the west side of the motorway flyover from the original location. The brickyards, at the west end of Plum Lane, are the buildings in the centre with two tall chimneys. The buildings on the right of the picture are also visible in bw201.

bw228 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Church Street looking north from the Eastover junction

On the left can be seen the doorway of the ‘Admiral Blake Coffee Tavern’. On the right hand side in Church Street a building has a sign saying ‘Robins Coal Yard, Hay and Chaff’. In the distance can be seen the tower of St Johns Church above the buildings of Robins Coal Yard.

bw229 BRIDGWATER       c1893 St John’s Church School in Blake Place

St John’s Church School in Blake Place from across the road in the grounds of the church /vicarage which may have been used as the school sports ground because a tennis net can just be seen on the right hand edge of the picture. Bw223 is a similar view but taken from the road.     

bw230 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Marys Church and the South side of Cornhill

Only signs visible are Dyer’s Dining Rooms on the right hand side next to the dome. The railings are still visible around the edge of the pavement. These were removed in 1895 placing this photo prior to 1895.

bw231 BRIDGWATER       c1893  West Quay from East Quay near the bridge

The Constitutional Club is the large building on West Quay. To its right is the Kings Arms, proprietor C Stewart. To the left of it the shop of J Sendell appears to be within the building that was the Anchor Inn.

bw232 BRIDGWATER       c1893  YMCA building in Eastover from the bridge

This is a view of the YMCA building looking towards Eastover from the town bridge. To its right, along Salmon Parade, is a building signed ‘Taylors Salt stores and Cotton cake’. A policeman strolls across the bridge, in the middle of the road, towards Fore Street, while just above the bridge pillar a worker stands atop a wagon of hay being loaded from a barge moored on the slipway.

bw233 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Cornhill and St Marys Church from Fore Street

The Cornhill buildings and St Marys Church from Fore Street. Dyers Dining Rooms, to the left of the Cornhill Dome, offered Tea & Coffee, and Hot Dinners Daily. Close examination of the original shows the iron railings are still in place around the Cornhill buildings. These were removed in 1895. Also, the Blake statue is not yet in place, that being positioned there in 1900. Three horse drawn carriages wait for customers, probably a taxi service to the GWR Station at the end of St John Street.

bw234 BRIDGWATER       c1893  The Train Station and Railway Hotel from the south

To the left of the picture is the Railway hotel built in 1841 to serve the new railway station.

bw235 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St John Street looking west from near the station

Looking back to the east end of St John Street where it bends around to go up over the railway to Westonzoyland road. At the end of the terraced housing on the south side of St John Street was the Steam Packet Inn, a large white building with much signage on the walls: ‘Brewers Steam Packet Inn, Good Stabling, coal and potatoe stores, all drinks drawn from the wood’. James Brewer was listed as a beer retailer in 1889 and Samuel Brewer was listed as ‘beer retailer at 132 St John St’ in 1897 Kelly’s Directory. Beyond this, to the right, further along St John Street is the Crown Inn.  On the right hand side a hanging sign says ‘Reed’s Bristol & Exeter Inn’. John Reed was listed as Tailor and Innkeeper in the 1891 census and 1889 Kelly’s Directory. By 1897 the pub was in the hands of Miss Annie Coles according to Kelly’s Directory for that year.

bw236 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St John Street looking east from near the Monmouth Street end

In St John Street we are looking east towards Westonzoyland road from near the Monmouth Street corner. On the right hand side (south) was the Bakers Arms. The next pub sign along was probably for the Rebels Retreat, but it can’t quite be read in this photo.

bw237 BRIDGWATER       c1893  The Hospital on Salmon Parade from Binford Place

Lovely view of the hospital from across the river. To the left of the hospital was the premises of H Baker & Son, coal, salt, oil & cotton cake wharves.

bw238 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church from the Vicarage grounds

There appear to have been 2 grass tennis courts in the vicarage grounds

bw239 BRIDGWATER       c1893  The Station looking south towards the footbridge

An early train pulls into the station under the footbridge from the Taunton direction. A number of gentlemen in Bowler hats, suits and with umbrellas and morning newspapers wait on the platform. There is also a uniformed Army officer wearing a distinctive helmet. Just beyond the footbridge, on the left, is the Commercial Inn in Redgate Street. The railway lines appear to be Standard Gauge putting the date of the photo after the change from Broad Gauge on 21st May 1892.

bw240 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Church Street looking north from just south of the Blake Place junction

Looking north on Church Street we look past Blake Place, the turning on the right. Little has changed here in 120 years. A number of children pose for the photographer in this view of the houses on the west side of the street. At the far end of the road, beyond the last house on the left, the road continued on to become ‘The Leggar’, a road that met the Drove just beyond Quantock Terrace. Today Church Street terminates at the end of the houses. On the other side of the wall ‘The Clink’ road runs left to right past Sainsbury’s and MacDonalds.

bw241 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Hall and the old Toll House in Monmouth Street

The church hall with the large window is in the centre of the picture. To the left is a white building that used to be the toll house (No43 Monmouth St), it is a grade 2 listed building, English Heritage Building ID: 373950, 1820-1840. Painted Flemish-bond brick, stone coping to parapet, cornice and string course, hipped plain tile roof with 2 brick stacks flanking the door. To the left of that building a sign on the next building says ‘Foster & Nichols’. The Hall, with the church like window, is no longer there. The rather square looking house to the left of it was the old toll house and it is still there. To get this view today you need to stand on the corner of Polden Street and look across Monmouth Street towards St Johns Church, which you can see above the Hall in this old picture.

bw242 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Admiral Blake Coffee Tavern in Eastover at Church Street junction

A lovely view of this building on the corner of the junction. Various wall markings declare ‘Good Stabling, Admiral Blake Coffee Tavern, Good accommodation for cyclists, well air’d beds, tea & coffee, chops & steaks.’ In 1897, according to Kelly’s Directory the manager was George Nation. Next to it on the left was the Sloop Inn, proprietor John Webber. Markings on the wall say ‘Starkey Knight & Co, Fine Ales & Stout’. The Coffee Tavern is now the Eastover shopping centre.

bw243 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Blake Street looking south to Blakes House

At the end of the street is the old Town Mill building. Known as the Lytil Mill, it was a grain mill powered by water from Durleigh Brook.

bw244 BRIDGWATER       c1893 Cottages at the north end of Dunwear Lane

A view of 3 cottages at the north end of Dunwear Lane a few hundred yards south of Westonzoyland Road. The one nearest is now known as New Gara, the other two are one house known as The Withy.   

bw245 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Monmouth Street looking towards Eastover from Vicarage gates

Monmouth Street looking towards the Eastover junction. The only original feature remaining after all these years appears to be the brick wall on the left belonging to St John's House. The top photo shows the old Queens head Inn in the far distance. This was demolished to make way for the new Broadway road at the Eastover/St John St junction. On the right a shop sign above the window says ‘Lovibond’, probably the refreshment rooms of Mrs Louisa Lovibond, listed in the 1897 Kelly’s Directory.

bw246 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Vicarage from the tennis court

The vicarage building is partially hidden by trees but the elaborate chimneys are clearly visible. To the left in the distance are some buildings, probably part of Bridgwater North station. The vicarage was built at the same time as the Church of St John in 1845 to provide accommodation for the parish clergy. It was a large house and after an extension in the later nineteenth century contained some sixteen rooms, including a fine stone and wrought iron staircase and a full Victorian bathroom. The building called Taylor Court, at the far end of Capes Close, now sits roughly where the old Vicarage used to be.

bw247 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Hall

Close up of the wall and window fronting onto Monmouth Street.

bw248 BRIDGWATER       c1893

Unknown Street

bw249 BRIDGWATER       c1893 Union Street.

Probably Union Street looking north west towards Bristol Road with the Volunteer arms at the end on the right.   

bw250 BRIDGWATER       c1893

Unidentified clay pits probably belonging to one of the brick and tile yards. Could be Dunwear.  

bw251 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Eastover looking west from near the Monmouth Street end

A slightly out of focus view looking west towards the town bridge.

bw252 BRIDGWATER       c1893

Unidentified back street.        

bw253 BRIDGWATER       c1893  Looking west from Westonzoyland rail bridge

Wonderful view looking back to St John Street from the Westonzoyland railway bridge. On the left is the edge of the St Johns Mission Chapel. At the bottom of the sloping road is a building with a sign that says ‘Wm Tamlyn’.

bw254 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Vicarage entrance gates in Monmouth Street

Ornate iron gates between stone pillars mark the entrance to the vicarage. A servant girl, wearing a cap and pinny stands to the left while a group of children with a pram stand at the other. Further up Monmouth Street a sign on a building says ‘Nichol’s’, probably part of a large sign that says’ Foster & Nichol’s’. Just beyond the buildings in the distance is now the busy roundabout at the junction of the A38 & A39, near the Cross Rifles Inn.

bw255 BRIDGWATER       c1893  St Johns Church Vicarage from the west garden

Similar to bw 246 but a few years later as the trees and bushes have grown taller. The following notes from bridgwaterheritage.com: ‘The vicarage was built at the same time as the Church of St John in 1845 to provide accommodation for the parish clergy. It was a large house and after an extension in the later nineteenth century contained some sixteen rooms, including a fine stone and wrought iron staircase and a full Victorian bathroom. In 1954 it was divided in two to provide accommodation for a curate, although in the following decades it fell into disrepair. Plans were made to convert it into a hotel or small hospital, although these came to nothing and it was demolished in 1988. The extensive site, which included gardens and an orchard, has hence been redeveloped into a housing scheme.’

bw256 BRIDGWATER       c1900  Cornhill.

A very congested scene in front of the dome. To the left of the dome was the ‘Cornhill Restaurant’. ‘Lest we forget’ is on a banner draped across the Cornhill building.

Unknown date but certainly post 1900 as the Admiral Blake statue is in position in front of the dome building.


bw257 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater. Church of St John

View of the east window from the vicarage grounds.

bw258 BRIDGWATER       April 1914      Schooner Mary & Gertrude alongside Town Quay, Bridgwater

In the background there is a good view of Wilkinson & Leng Ltd, Builders Merchants. Markings on the wall say ‘Slate, Marble, Tile, Bricks, Cement’, ‘Slate & Marble Works’, ‘ Hardware Store’.


bw259 BRIDGWATER       1911    Two masted schooner, Rob Roy, in Bridgwater Docks

The boat is moored on the south side of the dock next to the warehouse. To the left can be seen the Sully & Co buildings and beyond that the old Glass Kiln. The open doors of the warehouse are clearly visible in this lovely shot.



bw260 BRIDGWATER                   Railway Hotel, Bridgwater

Two views, the first a full frontal of the hotel, the second of an old car parked outside the hotel. The card also states H Read, Proprietor, Telephone 97. Interestingly H Read writes on the back to a Mr Bradbeer, ‘I shall be at home tomorrow (Sunday) at 11 am if you care to come round for an hours savage amusement’. 

bw261 BRIDGWATER       1912    Wembdon Road, Bridgwater

Taken from near the junction with Northfield, this view looks north east towards the Malt Shovel. Two horse and carriage coming towards the camera, otherwise nothing in this now busy road.

bw262 BRIDGWATER                   Smoke Drift Bridgwater

The ‘Parkend’ of Bridgwater is moored up on the north side of the dock. Smoke drifts across the view coming from somewhere.

bw263 BRIDGWATER       1905    No legend but is of Eastover Bridgwater

A fine photographic view of Eastover looking from the Monmouth Street junction towards the town bridge.

On the left hand side, Bradfields tobacconists(Alan Parish said it was his great grand mothers shop), Chappells ('Chappell Edward, grocer, 68 Eastover' in Kellys Directories), Eastmans Limited(Butchers shop), Cash & Co (bootmakers  54 Eastover– 1897 Kellys Directory), Bridgwater Motor Co, The White Hart Inn, The New Inn,

On the right hand side…. Commercial Hotel(now The Cobblestones), Oakhill Beer, Invalid Stout, Eastover Stores, Admiral Blake Coffee House, Globe Inn, and a cart belonging to Eastman’s grocers.

bw264 BRIDGWATER       1908    The Bridge and YMCA Bridgwater

Unusual view of East Quay from across the river, shows the steps, near the bridge, that are no longer there. The tide was quite high just reaching the underside framework of the bridge. There is a good view of the YMCA building with the turret at the top.

bw265 BRIDGWATER       1899    Bridge. Bridgwater

A very early small postcard (4 ½ x 3 ½) of the bridge from the south taken from Binford place. In the foreground tied up to the quay at Binford place, is a small open steam boat with a black topped white funnel. Both the West Quay slipway and the East quay slipway to the south side of the bridge were in frequent use as they were being kept well clear of any mud build up.

bw266 BRIDGWATER       1907    No legend but is a view of the bridge from Eastover

Early coloured view probably taken from an upstairs window of the old YMCA building, looks out across the town bridge towards the Punch Bowl in on Fore Street. Nelsons butchers shop is on the corner of Binford Place, and a sign on the wall above it mentions the ‘Bridge Toilet Saloon’, haircutting, shaving, shampooing, and hot & cold baths. Entrance to the Saloon above Nelsons shop was to the left next to a Clothing Company in Binford Place. On the right in Fore Street the first shop next to the Punch Bowl was Hamlin, then there was a shop called ‘The Golden Key’.

bw267 BRIDGWATER       1904    The canal Bridgwater

View from Victoria road bridge, looking along the canal with the houses of Lyndale Avenue running alongside overlooking it.

bw268 BRIDGWATER       1948    Bridgwater, St Mary's Church


bw269 BRIDGWATER                   No leg but shows King George celebs on May 10 1910 Cornhill


bw270 BRIDGWATER                   Garage of the BW Motor Co Ltd, Eastover, Bridgwater


bw271 BRIDGWATER       1906    Bridgwater Cornhill Fore street

bw272 BRIDGWATER       1952    Bridgwater Shed 58072

bw273 BRIDGWATER       1952    General view of Bridgwater North Station


bw274 BRIDGWATER                   Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway Locomotive 71


bw275 BRIDGWATER       1916    Bridgwater Basin

Shows the boat Eugene tied up on the south side of the dock next to the warehouse.

bw276 BRIDGWATER                   The River, Bridgwater.

Unusual panoramic print mounted on card for a picture frame. This view would appear to have been taken from a rowing boat just off  a boat moored at West Quay two or three hundred yards north of the town bridge, looking south along the river towards the bridge. The tide appears to be quite still, as at high tide, and there are two boats moored on East Quay, and at least three on West Quay.

bw277 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater, Cornhill


bw278 BRIDGWATER       1924    Quay, Bridgwater

Boat ‘The Duke of Wellington’ is moored on the right at West Quay. Possibly the steam tug Bonita moored on East Quay next to the bridge.

bw279 BRIDGWATER       1930    West Street, Bridgwater

Very rare coloured view of West Street looking back towards Bridgwater with the dome of the Palace Theatre visible on the right. On the left a sign says ‘R Davey Groceries and Provisions’, this was at 56 West Street, and next door at 55 North Street was the premises of Joseph Willis, Clerk, according to Kelly’s Directories. Only the part of the sign saying JM Willis can be read.

bw280 BRIDGWATER                   Blake gardens, Bridgwater

A view looking south to and beyond the brick pillars.

bw281 BRIDGWATER       1890    Bridgwater Market and Church

View from top end of Fore Street looking at the market Dome. Possibly a page from a book, Victoria County History?

bw282 BRIDGWATER       1907    Bridge & YMCA, Bridgwater


bw283 BRIDGWATER       1943    Bridgwater, the Cornhill


bw284 BRIDGWATER       1905    Bridgwater, Holy Trinity Church


bw285 BRIDGWATER                   No legend but is of the Somerset Inn, George Street


bw286 BRIDGWATER       1953    Bridge & West Quay, Bridgwater

Rare view of the corner of Fore Street & Binford Place from East Quay, shows ‘The Fore Street Clothing Co Ltd’ on the corner, and Liptons in Fore Street.

bw287 BRIDGWATER       1957    Cornhill, Bridgwater Somerset

Cornhill buildings from Fore Street

bw288 BRIDGWATER       1904    Blake gardens, Bridgwater


bw289 BRIDGWATER                   Bridgwater from the air


bw290 BRIDGWATER         1935    River Parret(High Tide) Bridgwater


bw291 BRIDGWATER         1914    Bridgwater, Bridge and Fore Street, Bridge in Holford Glen


bw292 BRIDGWATER         1904    Blake Gardens, Bridgwater


bw293 BRIDGWATER         1908    Bridgwater Fifth of November Carnival


bw294 BRIDGWATER                     Dr Morgan's Grammar School, Bridgwater


bw295 BRIDGWATER         1905    River Parrett, Bridgwater


bw296 BRIDGWATER         1935    River Parrett from above the bridge, Bridgwater.

This view looking towards the black bridge, just visible against the mooring timbers in the far distance.


bw297 BRIDGWATER                     Bridgwater


bw298 BRIDGWATER                     Fore Street, Bridgwater

On the right hand side(from the 1902 Kellys Directory): Winslade William, watch maker, 22 Fore street, Eastman's Limited, butchers (P. J. Bence, manager), 18 Fore street, Vinten & Co. tobacconists & hardware dealers, Fore st, Hook Bros. grocers & provision dealers, Fore street, Hamlin John, provision dealer & confectnr. 4 & 6 Fore st.

On the left hand side: ??? Bank, Timothy Whites.


bw299 BRIDGWATER                     Taunton Road, Bridgwater


bw300 BRIDGWATER                     No legend but is of the Royal Clarence Hotel


bw301 BRIDGWATER         1928    St Mary's spire, Bridgwater


bw302 BRIDGWATER                     Blake's Gardens and River Parrat, Bridgwater


bw303 BRIDGWATER         1905    River Parrett & Bridge, Bridgwater


bw304 BRIDGWATER         1903    Bridgwater Church


bw305 BRIDGWATER         1935    St John's Church, Bridgwater(5)


bw306 BRIDGWATER         1909    Eastover, Bridgwater


bw307 BRIDGWATER                     The Bore on River Parrot, Bridgwater


bw308 BRIDGWATER                   Bridge & Fore St, Bridgwater


bw309 BRIDGWATER       1959    GWR (CR) 0-4-0ST 1338, Bridgwater Docks

GWR 0-4-0ST 1338, Bridgwater Docks, built by Kitson & Co of Leeds for the Cardiff Railway in 1898, worked at Bridgwater Docks from 1943 to 1960. Now preserved at Didcot. Transport Treasury RP, photo by RC Riley on 7th July 1959.(Railway Bylines V4 Issue7 June 1999)

Pictured on the south side of the docks near the Warehouse.

bw310 BRIDGWATER       1952    GWR (BP&GV Rly) 0-6-0ST 2194, 'Kidwelly'

 GWR 0-6-0ST 2194, 'Kidwelly', 5.9.1952; built for Burry Port & Gwendraeth Valley Railway in 1903. H.C.Casserley.

Pictured behind the railway Hotel, with a shunters truck, heading to a stop along the siding that went between it and the west platform at Bridgwater GWR station.

bw311 BRIDGWATER       1956    GWR 0-6-0PT 1366, Bridgwater Docks

GWR 0-6-0PT 1366, built 1934, 25.9.1956, with A.W.Croughton on shunter's truck. H.C.Casserley RP.

Pictured going past one of the timber buildings along the clink, (Hoopers timber yard?) timber warehouse No 30, which is to the right of the brick building identified as a warehouse backing onto No 45 Monmouth Street. (1967 OS maps) The edge of this building also appears in bw176.

bw312 BRIDGWATER       1959    BR 0-6-0PT 1668, Bridgwater

Hawksworth 1949 design 0-6-0PT, but built 1955, No. 1668 on 12.8.1959. RP by Merchant Navy Loco Preservation Society.

Pictured crossing the black telescopic bridge over the river Parrett towards the Clink, with the Hope & Anchor pub to the right in the background on the west bank of the river. To the right of the pub, at the end of Valetta Place, was the basket making premises of a Mr Dowding. You can just make out a man working in the open doorway.

bw313 BRIDGWATER       1950    Andrew Barclay 0-4-0ST 'Devon', Bridgwater

5.6.1950. Built 1914 for Admiralty, Chatham Dockyard. Pictured at the docks with the mump in the background

bw314 BRIDGWATER       1954    Shunter 1338 at Bridgwater Shed


bw315 BRIDGWATER       1902    St Marys Church, Bridgewater


bw316 BRIDGWATER                   The Bridge Bridgwater


bw317 BRIDGWATER       1904    The Bridge and YMCA Buildings, Bridgwater


bw318 BRIDGWATER       1909    Bridgwater Cornhill


bw319 BRIDGWATER       1916    Bridge and Eastover, Bridgwater


bw320 BRIDGWATER       1938    Town Bridge, Bridgwater


bw321 BRIDGWATER       1982    Cornhill and St Mary's Church, Bridgwater


bw322 BRIDGWATER       1931    A photo print of the docks

A b&w 8 x 6 photo print looking towards the warehouse building from the bridge. Someone has written the following on the back of the print:Bridgwater Docks, July 1931. Ketch Trio ( nearest camera and with loading gaff rigged), unidentified steamer, ketches Bessie Ellen and Fanny Jane. The Bessie Ellen, motorised in 1916 and registered at Barnstable before her sale to Danish owner in 1946, is still afloat in Denmark.

bw323 BRIDGWATER       1935    Aerial view of Bridgwater, looking down the river

Possibly taken from the top of the Ymca building looking north towards the telescopic bridge.

bw324 BRIDGWATER       1912    Welsh Schooner at Bridgwater,'Confidence'.

Pictured moored on the south side of the docks to the west side of the warehouse.  Built By David Jones of Aberystwyth 1862. Owned in 1875 by David Williams of Aberystwyth. Port of registry Aberystwyth. Owned by John Jones in 1890 of Bangor. Port of registry Beaumaris. Her last owner was Thomas Waldron of Arklow Co. Wicklow. Her register was closed on 8th August 1917. She was deemed as only fit for breaking

bw325 BRIDGWATER                   View of the docks and the ship Sam Weller

West Country Brigantine, “Sam Weller”, She was built by Gough’s of Bridgwater in 1872 for George Wilton of Bridgwater. By 1880 owned by James A. Bonnsall Bridgwater. By 1892 owned by Edward J. & William E. Loveridge of Guernsey. On the 26th December 1907 whilst on passage from London to  Briton Ferry, Neath with scrap iron when about 16m NW of Trevose Head North Cornwall she struck floating wreckage & foundered her crew of 6 were all saved

bw326 BRIDGWATER       1914    Bridgwater, the canal


bw327 BRIDGWATER                   St Mary's Church, Bridgwater


bw328 BRIDGWATER                   Cornhill, Bridgwater


bw329 BRIDGWATER                   Fore Street from Cornhill, Bridgewater


bw330 BRIDGWATER       1917    Bridge & YMCA from West Quay, Bridgwater


bw331 BRIDGWATER       1905    Cornhill, Bridgwater


BURN01         Burnham on Sea          1915    Burnham, Esplanade and sands


BURN02         Burnham on Sea          1908    Burnham, The Esplanade

BURN03         Burnham on Sea          1934    Esplanade and Marine Lake

BURN04         Burnham on Sea          1932    Marine Lake, Burnham on Sea

BURN05         Burnham on Sea          1932    The new Lake

BURN06         Burnham on Sea          1906    Burnham, The Esplanade

BURN07         Burnham on Sea          1906    Burnham,Esplanade & Bay

BURN08         Burnham on Sea          1910    Burnham Esplanade.

BURN09         Burnham on Sea          1954    The sea front & beach

BURN10         Burnham on Sea          1924    Burnham on Sea,Promenade from East

BURN11         Burnham on Sea          1914    Burnham views

BURN12         Burnham on Sea                      Burnham from the Sea

BURN13         Burnham on Sea          1953    Rough seas

BURN14         Burnham on Sea          1954    Burnham 7 views

BURN15         Burnham on Sea          1906    Burnham from the Pier

BURN16         Burnham on Sea          1968    4 views

BURN17         Burnham on Sea          1949    4 views

BURN18         Burnham on Sea                      Beach & seafront

BURN19         Burnham on Sea          1950    Aerial view Burnham on sea

BURN20         Burnham on Sea          1905    High Tide Burnham

BURN21         Burnham on Sea          1957    The sands and Jetty looking north

BURN22         Burnham on Sea          1904    Burnham

BURN23         Burnham on Sea                      New Marine Lake, Burnham on Sea

BURN24         Burnham on Sea          1921    Esplanade Looking South. Burnham on Sea

BURN25         Burnham on Sea          1905    Burnham Somst, The River

BURN26         Burnham on Sea                      Yachting at Burnham on Sea

BURN27        Burnham on Sea       1926    The Slipway, Burnham on Sea

An early coloured view looking N towards the jetty before the building of the marine lake.

BURN28         Burnham on Sea                      Burnham, The Sands

BURN29        Burnham on Sea                   Bird's Eye View of Burnham

A wonderful coloured picture of old Burnham, taken from an elevated position like a building. On the left of the picture, the railway line sweeps in towards the station buildings. The main road, on the right, leading into the town looks deserted of any movement. Looking at 1884/7 OS maps, the most likely position for the shot to be taken from was the Old Brewery, midway between the main road into Burnham and the railway line to the station.

BURN30        Burnham on Sea                   Marine Lake and New Promenade, Burnham on Sea


BURN31         Burnham on Sea                      New Promenade & Lake, Burnham on Sea

BURN32        Burnham on Sea       1906    The Esplanade, Pier, and River, Burnham Somerset

A lovely early picture looking SSW towards the jetty, where there is a small steamship tied up. The right foreground is a mass of people obviously attending some sort of event. Beyond the jetty there was no promenade and no marine lake. No cars on the road just horse and carts.

BURN33         Burnham on Sea                      Old Burnham, Entrance to the Baths & Pump Room

Possibly the Spa baths built by the Rev David Davies in 1830, close to the church which is out of view to the left. 1875 Closure of Spa Baths. Located at Steart House?

BURN34         Burnham on Sea          1920    Burnham Beach & Jetty

BURN35         Burnham on Sea          1910    Burnham:Parade looking N

burn36 Burnham on Sea          1954    Boating Pool, Burnham on Sea

burn37            Burnham on Sea       1905    Burnham Esplanade.

Early view looking south towards the jetty where a large paddle steamship is tied up.

burn38 Burnham on Sea          1921    Burnham on Sea,General view from an Aeroplane


burn39 Burnham on Sea          1901    The Beach, Burnham


burn40 Burnham on Sea          1940?  Esplanade & Sands looking south


burn41 Burnham on Sea          1938    The Marine Lake, Burnham on Sea


burn42            Burnham on Sea       1933    North Shelter and Sands, Burnham on Sea

Another early view of the jetty looking south, without the marine lake One of the stalls on the beach says’ Ice Wafers’. The shelter just to the north of the Queens Hotel is visible and is the South shelter, not the North shelter as per the card caption. Beyond the river Brue there appears to be a low hill with trees on its top running along the southern edge of the Brue. Old OS maps indicate the level there was 24- 29ft above sea level.

burn43 Burnham on Sea          ?          Burnham, The Promenade and Pavilion

The five buildings opposite the Pavilion formed St Andrews school at the end of Chapel Street.

burn44 Burnham on Sea          1934    Burnham on Sea, High tide


burn45            Burnham on Sea       1908    Burnham, General View from Lighthouse

View looking SSW shows the old Golf course, on the seaward side of Berrow road between Rectory road and the High Lighthouse. On the right, just beyond the trees is ‘The Towans’.

burn46 Burnham on Sea       1931    Entrance to New Parade & Marine Lake

An old railway carriage on the left has a sign ‘Cycles Stored’, and a sign nearby says ‘Burnham ob Sea Attractions Ltd’. Many old vehicles parked along the roadside.

burn47            Burnham on Sea       ?          No 40569 Excursion train at Burnham on Sea

A Lovely b&w photo print of this train, No 40569, 4-4-0,  standing at the grassy platform with 5 carriages with passengers looking out the windows. The Queens hotel can clearly be seen on the sea front, as can all the old station buildings, just beyond the last carriage of the train. An old lorry can be seen parked on scrub land amongst wooden huts to the right of the train.

burn48 Burnham on Sea          1904    Burnham, Bandstand and Esplanade

burn49 Burnham on Sea          1913    Burnham, Sunset on the river

burn50 Burnham on Sea                      Esplanade looking South, Burnham on Sea

burn51            Burnham on Sea       1900    The Esplanade, Burnham

A very rare early postcard of 1900  measuring only 4 ½ x 3 ½”, showing a view looking south along the esplanade towards the town jetty in the distance. The jetty had high reaching posts along its length for mooring ships. There was no bandstand or pavilion or paddling pool at that time, only changing rooms on wheels on the beach.

burn52            Burnham on Sea       1900    The Lighthouse, Burnham

A very rare early postcard of 1900  measuring only 4 ½ x 3 ½”, showing a view looking along Berrow road near the junction to Stoddons Road, with the high lighthouse in the background. Nothing at all on the road!

burn53            Burnham on Sea       1909    A rough sea, Burnham

burn54            Burnham on Sea       1915    Burnham, Promenade,N

burn55            Burnham on Sea       1905    St Andrews Church, Burnham Somt

burn56            Burnham on Sea       1905    The Esplanade, Burnham

Lovely colour view of the North end of the esplanade, showing the very low sloping sea wall and the shelter at the north end of the Esplanade near the church entrance. Just above the shelter is the high Lighthouse.

burn57            Burnham on Sea                   Burnham Church

A similar view to burn55, but shows a man with a hand cart, and a lady and girl.

burn58 Burnham on Sea                      Sands & Lighthouse, Burnham on Sea

burn59 Burnham on Sea                      The Esplanade, Burnham on Sea

burn60            Burnham on Sea       1918    Burnham sands

An early view of the sands at the north end of the Esplanade.

burn61            Burnham on Sea       1934    New Parade & Bandstand, Burnham on Sea

Ladies walk the new promenade, and there are loads of old cars parked along the road.

burn62 Burnham on Sea          1919    The Public Gardens, Burnham

burn63            Burnham on Sea       1935    Burnham on Sea Paddling Pool

A lovely colour card shows families and children enjoying the beach and paddling pool. An old bull nosed vehicle with a loose lacy top is selling ice creams. The paddling pool on beach was built in 1921.

burn64            Burnham on Sea       1930    Manor Hotel, Burnham on Sea, Somerset

burn65            Burnham on Sea       1907    The Esplanade Burnham

burn66            Burnham on Sea       1907    Donkeys on the sands, Burnham

burn67            Burnham on Sea       1913    Burnham, Sands and Promenade

Early view shows the bandstand and the south shelter, bathing huts, donkeys and swings. Although posted in 1913, the view must be prior to 1911 because in that year the bandstand was replaced by the Pavilion.

burn68            Burnham on Sea       1903    Esplanade and Bandstand, Burnham

Very early view of the bandstand

burn69            Burnham on Sea       1910    Berrow Road, Burnham

A lovely old colour card from 1910 shows a solitary motor car No 434 on the deserted road. In the background can be seen the inshore lighthouse opposite the turning for Stoddens Road.

burn70            Burnham on Sea       1932    A small photo of Burnham South sea front walk.

A small (110 x 65mm) b & w photo looking north along the old prom from about a quarter mile south of the town jetty.

burn71            Burnham on Sea                   The Sands, Burnham

A view of the old sloping sea defence looking north from near the town jetty. Children and people on donkeys in the foreground. The view must be prior to 1911 as the bandstand was replaced by the Pavilion in that year.

burn72            Burnham on Sea                   Aerial view of Burnham on Sea, Somerset

Superb aerial view showing most of the sea front.

burn73            Burnham on Sea       1918    Burnham from North

A nice early colour view.

burn74            Burnham on Sea       1909    Esplanade, Burnham

A nice coloured view looking north, with the North Shelter in the centre distance.

burn75            Burnham on Sea       1905    The Sands, Burnham

View of the sands looking north. A booth on the sands say’s ‘For Bathing tents & costumes, Book Here’. There are swings on the right next to the promenade.

burn76            Burnham on Sea       1975    Sailing at Burnham on Sea

A lovely brightly coloured card showing the old launching ramp with a lot of activity with sailing boats coming in and out of the water.

burn77            Burnham on Sea       1906    Burnham Church Interior

Interior shot

burn78            Burnham on Sea       1997    Burnham on Sea

Lovely colour aerial shot

burn79            Burnham on Sea                   La Retraite, Burnham. Som

Former convent and school.

burn80            Burnham on Sea       1915    On the sands at Burnham

Lovely glossy photographic card looking towards the Queens Hotel, with  families on the beach in the foreground.

burn81            Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea from Sandhills

A poor quality view looking back from the dunes to the north of the town.

burn82            Burnham on Sea                   Esplanade, Burnham on Sea

Looking along to the north end of the Esplanade.

burn83            Burnham on Sea                   Rough Sea at Burnham

A coloured card of the seafront with the sea breaking over the sea wall.

burn84            Burnham on Sea       1955    The Marine Lake Burnham on Sea

A coloured card view of the Marine lake from the wall of the lake, shows a paddle boat and a canoe on the water. Also visible are the chalets that ran along just below the promenade, and a lot of people in deck chairs.

burn85            Burnham on Sea       1928    Sunset, Burnham on Sea

Same as burn49 but in colour.

burn86            Burnham on Sea       1929    General view of the Estuary from the beach, Burnham on Sea

A view from north of the jetty looking towards the hills with several sailing ships on the water, moored up, no sails hoisted.

burn87            Burnham on Sea       1903    General view, Burnham

A very early view of the north end of the esplanade. There are no buildings north of Sea View rd, only 4 buildings between the church and Sea View rd. Several Pears changing wagons are on the beach.

burn88            Burnham on Sea       1912    Burnham sands

Early photo view of the north end of the beach.

burn89            Burnham on Sea       1972    The donkeys, Burnham on sea

Shows the old sea wall and the toilet pier.

burn90            Burnham on Sea       1910    North Shelter, Burnham Somt

Old colored postcard shows the old North shelter on the promenade

burn91 Burnham on Sea No legend but looking S along sea front

Very early photographic view looking south towards the old bandstand, along the promenade from just south of the north shelter. The very low sea wall would indicate a date around the turn of the century, say 1900.

burn92 Burnham on Sea 1904 The Lighthouse, Burnham

burn93            Burnham on Sea       1925    St Andrew's Church, Burnham on Sea

burn94            Burnham on Sea       1937    Burnham on Sea, the sands and Esplanade

burn95            Burnham on Sea       1919    The Pavillion & Promenade, Burnham on Sea


burn96            Burnham on Sea       1926    The Pavillion, Burnham on Sea


burn97            Burnham on Sea       1916    The sands, Burnham

Lovely photographic view looking north towards the Pavillion. Wheeled changing huts, ice cream stalls and swings are all visible.

burn98            Burnham on Sea                   The Bandstand, Burnham

Lovely old faded photographic card of people sat around the bandstand. There is a handcart with produce on it in the foreground. A good example of an old pram is also in the view. Looks like a view from around the turn of the century. The Edwardian Bandstand which was erected to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII and
Queen Alexandra(June 26th 1902). The bandstand was replaced in 1911 by the Pavilion.

burn99            Burnham on Sea                   Beach and Esplanade, Burnham on Sea

A 60’s view looking north from near the jetty with the Queens Hotel on the corner on the right..

burn100          Burnham on Sea                   Pillsmouth, Burnham on Sea

Sailing dingy’s on the river Brew by the old Yacht club jetty.

burn101          Burnham on Sea                   The Beach Burnham on sea

A view of the Town jetty looking north.



burn103          Burnham on Sea                   The Esplanade, Burnham

Very early view looking south along the esplanade.

burn104          Burnham on Sea                   No legend but is a print of the station

Interesting view looking east towards the engine shed with the front of 2219 protruding from it. People are crossing the road from the station buildings, and a Ford Prefect, Reg No XKC437 is heading towards the seafront. A bus or coach is parked on the corner next to the buildings. To the right of the track can be seen a building with a sign ‘3rd Burnham on Sea Scout Group’.

burn105          Burnham on Sea                   The Beach, Burnham on sea

Delightful 60’s colour view of the beach to the north of the jetty, shows a busy beach scene, the Pavilion, and the old sea wall with the ‘shelters’.

burn106          Burnham on Sea       1906    Burnham Lighthouse

View of the ‘High’ Lighthouse from across the road.

burn107          Burnham on Sea                   The beach, Burnham on Sea, Somerset

Colourful 70’s view of the beach looking north from the jetty.

burn108          Burnham on Sea       1929    Greetings from Burnham on Sea

Five period views of 1: Elevated view of the Promenade, 2: The Promenade near the Pavilion, 3: The Cove, 4: The Promenade and Pavillion, 5: The High Lighthouse

burn109          Burnham on Sea       1906    Burnham Somt

Early view of the sands looking north towards the bandstand and church.

burn110          Burnham on Sea       1910    The Esdplanade, Burnham

An early view of the low sea wall looking north from a point adjacent to the Royal Clarence Hotel, which is on the right side of the picture.

burn111          Burnham on Sea       1907    Burnham, Som, multi view

Colour views of the Church, the Lighthouse, Esplanade & sands, Donkeys on sands, Bathing at Burnham, and a Burnham sunset.

burn112          Burnham on Sea       1919    Burnham, multi view(Landscape format)

Colour views of the Public gardens, a Burnham sunset, the beach, St Andrew’s church, and the High Lighthouse.

burn113          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham beach & Jetty

Early view of the north side of the jetty from the north esplanade shows the wooden structures next to the jetty used for mooring the steam ships.

burn114          Burnham on Sea                   Queens Hotel and Esplanade, Burnham

Quite early view looking north towards the Queens Hotel, shows wooden huts at the top of the jetty, no south esplanade, just a sandy track through the grass.

burn115          Burnham on Sea       1904    Burnham

Early coloured view of the north esplanade from the jetty shows Pears bathing wagons on the beach, and numerous people paddling in the sea.

burn116          Burnham on Sea       1907    Burnham. Esplanade and sands from the pier.

Looking towards the north prom shows a busy scene on the sands.

burn117          Burnham on Sea       1907    Sea View Road, Burnham

A view looking east along Sea View road with 2 young children posing under a gas lamp.

burn118          Burnham on Sea                   The Manor Gardens, Burnham on Sea

Lovely view of the gardens with 2 young children in white hats playing tennis.

burn119          Burnham on Sea       1959    43427 at Burnham Station

Steam train No 43427 sits on the seaward side of Burnham station attached to a red carriage. Beyond it on the corner at the seafront is the Queens Hotel.

burn120          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea, the cove

View of the gardens with the church in the background.

burn121          Burnham on Sea                   The Paddling & Boating Pool, The sands, Burnham on Sea

Looking towards the North Esplanade from the beach, there are children playing in the water and about 15 donkeys standing around.

burn122          Burnham on Sea Victoria Street, Burnham

burn123          Burnham on Sea                   Marine Cove, Burnham On Sea

burn124          Burnham on Sea                   Church and Gardens, Burnham on Sea

burn125          Burnham on Sea                   Lighthouse on Stilts, Burnham on Sea


burn126          Burnham on Sea  1908  Alfred St, Burnham


burn127          Burnham on Sea       1963    The golf course Berrow


burn128          Burnham on Sea       1960    High Street, Burnham on Sea


burn129          Burnham on Sea       1958    Brean, 4 view card


burn130          Burnham on Sea                   Lenshop, Burnham on Sea


burn131          Burnham on Sea       1935    Brean Sands Holiday Resort, Somerset


burn132          Burnham on Sea       1915    Burnham, Berrow Road & Fountain


burn133          Burnham on Sea       1909    Entrance to Public Gardens, Burnham


burn134          Burnham on Sea       1922    High Street, Burnham on Sea.


burn135          Burnham on Sea                   The Slip Burnham


burn136          Burnham on Sea                   Holimarine, Burnham on Sea


burn137          Burnham on Sea                   The Electric Theatre Burnham

Looking north on High Street towards the old Electric Theatre building. No cars on the street, just a workman’s handcart.

burn138          Burnham on Sea       1914    Views of Burnham(5)


burn139          Burnham on Sea       1906    Berrow, 2 views, Lighthouse & Berrow Road


burn140          Burnham on Sea                   Four view card of Burnham


burn141          Burnham on Sea       1913    Burnham from the High Lighthouse


burn142          Burnham on Sea       1907    Entrance to Public Gardens, Burnham


burn143          Burnham on Sea       1906    The Queens Hotel, Burnham Somerset, Facing the sea


burn144          Burnham on Sea       1909    The Public Gardens, Burnham


burn145          Burnham on Sea       1872    Juia & Catherine Terraces, Burnham Somerset

This etching was by the London publishers Rock & Co. Founded by William Frederick Rock (1801-1890), they were one of the most prolific publishers of steel engraved vignette views. Their views were published in the form of cards, fancy stationery, and books and booklets.

burn146          Burnham on Sea       1872    Royal Parade, Burnham Somerset

This etching was by the London publishers Rock & Co. Founded by William Frederick Rock (1801-1890), they were one of the most prolific publishers of steel engraved vignette views. Their views were published in the form of cards, fancy stationery, and books and booklets.

burn147          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham Promenade

Lovely coloured view looking north near the old bandstand with 2 ladies cycling along, and St Andrews school buildings on the right opposite the bandstand.

burn148          Burnham on Sea                   Old Burnham from the sea

Unusual early view of the sea front before the Catherine & Julia Buildings were constructed in the 1850’s. The sea wall, as it was at that time, appears to end where Julia Terrace now sits. There is the church, the Short Lighthouse, Steart House and then one other before the promenade comes to an end.

burn149          Burnham on Sea       1960    The Esplanade, North end, Burnham on Sea

Unusual elevated view of the Esplanade and beach. Double decker bus No 201 to Taunton sits waiting for passengers. A small bus shelter sat in the middle of the triangle. A load of 50’s cars are parked along the promenade.

burn150          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Paddling Pool & Esplanade.

A rare view from the south end of the pool with Julia and Catherine terrace building in the background.

burn151          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Paddling Pool

View from the Promenade

burn152          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea the Sands

Busy beach scene looking north towards the Pavilion.

burn153           Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea the Esplanade

A view probably from the public conveniences looking towards the Pavilion.

burn154          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Esplanade & sands


burn155          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Rough Sea


burn156          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea The Cove


burn157          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Golf Links


burn158          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Brean Down


burn159          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Berrow Road

A view looking North on Berrow Road at the junction with Poplar Road. The house is called ‘Ashbourne House’.


burn160          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea The Lighthouse

Shows the chimney for the oil burning lamp.

burn161          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea The Grove

The Grove is the first turning right on Berrow Road heading north, after Allendale Road.

burn162          Burnham on Sea                   Alfred St, Burnham


burn163          Burnham on Sea       c1960  Burnham station


burn164          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham Esplanade.


burn165          Burnham on Sea                   Regent Street, Burnham


burn166          Burnham on Sea       1922    The Promenade, Burnham on Sea

Looking north from by the Royal Clarence Hotel.

burn167          Burnham on Sea                   The Beach Burnham

Lovely colour view of a busy beach looking north towards the bandstand

burn168          Burnham on Sea                   Burnham on Sea Looking East

Old undated card shows the buttressed sea wall and the paddling pool, and donkeys on the beach.

burn169          Burnham on Sea                   Sands and Esplanade, Burnham on Sea


burn170          Burnham on Sea                   The Esplanade, Burnham


burn171          Burnham on Sea                   High Street, Burnham on Sea


burn172          Burnham on Sea                   Esplanadeand Marine Lake, Burnham on Sea


burn173          Burnham on Sea       1914    Berrow Road, Burnham

burn174          Burnham on Sea       1959    View of station from buffers

burn175          Burnham on Sea       1959    View of station from near platforms


bb01    BURROWBRIDGE             Boroughbridge

View from bridge looking toward church and chapel on hill.

bb02    BURROWBRIDGE             Ivy Cottage Borough Wall

Ivy cottage,  offering teas & refreshments via a sign in the garden. The road was just a narrow stone track.

bb03    BURROWBRIDGE 1905    Burrowbridge(View of toll bridge)

Classic view of children posing on the southern approach to the tollgates on the bridge, with the King Alfred Hotel(offering luncheon and teas) in the background. A two wheeled horse cart lies on the side of the muddy road, and the mump can just be seen through the mist.

bb04    BURROWBRIDGE 1920    Toll Gate Burrow Bridge

Another view from the southern approach, this time showing an old car (ATT96), with the toll collector’s house still there on the right.

bb05    BURROWBRIDGE   1905    View of the mump from across the river


bb06    BURROWBRIDGE               Burrow Bridge Mump


bb07    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

A view of the King Alfred Hotel, the church, and the mump, partially hidden behind a leafless tree. There appear to be two petrol pumps outside the hotel, one marked ‘Pratts commercial’.

bb08    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

A view of the church from the graveyard.

bb09    BURROWBRIDGE 1942    Burrow Bridge Mump

A view of the mump from the north

bb10    BURROWBRIDGE 1924    Burrowbridge

A view of the mump from the north on the road to Othery.

bb11    BURROWBRIDGE             A view of Alfred’s monument

The monument on the hill between Lyng & Burrowbridge. Believed to mark the location of King Alfred’s church.

bb12    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrow Bridge Toll Gate

The bridge with the white toll gate closed. The King Alfred Inn in the background.

bb13    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrow Bridge Village

A colour view of the King Alfred Hotel with the mump in the background

bb14    BURROWBRIDGE             Vicarage and Mump, Burrow Bridge

A lovely colour view across the river to the mump.

bb15    BURROWBRIDGE             River and Bridge, Burrow Bridge

A lovely colour view looking westward back towards the bridge from the south bank.

bb16    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge Villlage

A view of the village from the bridge looking north.

bb17    BURROWBRIDGE 1785    Burrough Chapel Somersetshire

A very early view of the village and the mump. The bridge appears to be quite a bit further East than at present. Drawn by Capt H Rugge. Engraved by Samuel Turner Sparrow. Published 10th April 1785 by S Hooper.  A plate taken from Francis Grose's Antiquities of England and Wales. London Printed for Hooper & Wigstead, 212 High Holborn facing Southampton Street, Bloomsbury Square

bb18    BURROWBRIDGE             The Old Bakery, Burrowbridge

The old bakery guest house next to the church. According to the signs it offered bed & breakfast, morning coffee, teas, evening meals, and Walls icecreams. Yet it looks like an ordinary house.

bb19    BURROWBRIDGE 1958    Burrow Mump, Burrowbridge

A view from the South from across the fields.

bb20    BURROWBRIDGE             No legend but is a view of the river and the mump

Looking east towards the King Alfred, in the distance.

bb21    BURROWBRIDGE             King Alfred's Fort at Burrow Bridge

View from the south side. 

bb22    BURROWBRIDGE 1957    The river at Burrow Bridge

 Looking west from the river bridge.

bb23    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

An old sepia print probably dating back to 1905-10, where the photographer has stood outside the Pub and pointed his camera towards the old bakery, the brick building on the right. A number of people stand next to the church gates, a mother with a young boy and girl, with possibly their grandmother.

bb24    BURROWBRIDGE 1959    River and Bridge, Burrow Bridge

A view of the bridge and pub from the Langport side.  On the wall of the pub it says ‘Starkeys, Prize medal Ales’

bb25    BURROWBRIDGE             River and Mump, Burrow Bridge

Photo card view from the river Tone junction near Stanmoor Bridge  to the south of the Mump. The Vicarage buildings can just be seen on the left.

bb26 BURROWBRIDGE The “Mump”, Burrow Bridge.

A photographic view of the mump from the north side.

bb27    BURROWBRIDGE 1906    Boroughbridge

View of the Mump with chickens in the foreground

bb28    BURROWBRIDGE             River Parrett, Burrowbridge

View of the river from the bridge looking east.

bb29    BURROWBRIDGE             The village, Burrowbridge

View looking north towards the old Bakery (the brick building on the right)from the bridge. Parked to the side of the old bakery is the old bakery delivery van. On the right a lorry loaded with milk churns is parked next to the church entrance.

bb30    BURROWBRIDGE             River, Burrow Bridge

View looking east from the south bank of the Parrett where the river Tone joins from the south(right). A garden wall is visible on the right as are two upturned rowing boats.

bb31    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

View of the mump across the river from the east bank of the Tone.

bb32    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

Similar view to bb31 but in portrait view.

bb33    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

Similar to bb11 but in b&w.

bb34    BURROWBRIDGE             Burrowbridge

An unusual view of the bridge from the south side, shows the mump and pub but sadly is rather blurred.

bb35    BURROWBRIDGE             River Parrett and Hill, Burrowbridge

A view across the river from near where the Tone joins the Parrett.

bb36    BURROWBRIDGE             A photo of the King Alfred Hotel

An old photo, probably from the 1930’s, of the west side of the building that fronts onto the road. There are two pumps just inside the railings, the left hand one is BP and the sign says ‘Any quantity from 1 Quart, press for petrol’. The other pump on the right hand side is not signed but is of a similar design. On each side of the door signs say’ Bass in bottle, and Worthington in bottle’.

bb37    BURROWBRIDGE c1786  Burrough Chapel, Small print from copper engraving

Small print from copper engraving from the Georgian era. Provenance: The Antiquities of England and Wales"; by Francis Grose, Printed for Alexander Hogg 16 Paternoster Row, London. C1786.

bb38    BURROWBRIDGE 1905    No legend but is a view of the bridge from the east side.


bb39    BURROWBRIDGE             Village from Mump, Burrow Bridge


bb40    BURROWBRIDGE             The Mump Burrowbridge


but01  Butleigh          1907    Hood column, Butleigh Som

This early picture shows almost no trees surrounding the monument in contrast to the overgrowth of trees surrounding it today. Also in view leaning against the base is probably the photographers bicycle.

cann01          Cannington     1908    The Brook, Cannington


cann02            Cannington                Industrial School & Church, Cannington

Students stand outside the ?   building.

cann03            Cannington    1907    The Bridge, Cannington

Looking across the Brook towards the church.

cann04            Cannington    1956    Brymore School

Photo card looking to the entrance porch.

Cheddar01  Cheddar          1910    Cheddar cliffs (Horse and cart hauling stones)


Cheddar02  Cheddar          1910    Cheddar. View from Lake


cheddar03      Cheddar         1926    Cheddar

A view looking towards Goughs caves, the upper cave complex. In the right foreground a house sign says’ Sycamore House, King, Luncheons, Teas, accommodation for cyclists, parties catered for’. Up the road in the distance a hose and cart can be seen waiting outside the arched entrance to Goughs caves. A man rides a cycle down the middle of the road.

cheddar04      Cheddar         1878    Cheddar Cliffs, Somerset. View across the lake

An old print believed to date from 1878, looking across the waterfall and lake towards the gorge entrance near Goughs caves entrance.

cheddar05      Cheddar         1878    Cheddar Cliffs, Somerset. View of steep road

View looking down on the steepest part of the road up through the gorge at Horseshoe bend. The rock peaks at top are known as the Pinnacles.

cheddar06      Cheddar         1878    Cheddar Cliffs, Somerset. The road cuts through the rock.

Looking down on a horse and 4 wheeled carriage as it heads up through the gorge, having just passed through the cutting at lower Horseshoe bend.

cheddar07      Cheddar         1845    Cheddar Cliffs antique print

Caption below picture: 'Chedder Cliffs, Somersetshire'. ARTIST/CARTOGRAPHER/ENGRAVER: Thomas Dugdale. PROVENANCE: “Curiosities of Great Britain. England & Wales”; by Thomas Dugdale Antiquarian, Assisted by William Burnett, Civil Engineer, Published by John Tallis, London.

cheddar08      Cheddar         1905    Cliffs and Hotel, Cheddar

View of the Cliff Hotel (later Cox’s Mill Hotel), probably from Jacobs ladder.

cheddar09      Cheddar                     Cheddar from Cliffs


cheddar10      Cheddar         1917    Cheddar, general view

The old white Jacobs ladder is visible on top the gorge at right.

cheddar11      Cheddar         1789    View of the Prating Rock Somersetshire

Drawn by SH Grim, engraved by L Middiman, published by John & Josia Boydell, Cheapside, and at the Shakespeare Gallery, Pall Mall, London.

cheddar12      Cheddar         1902    Cheddar Valley


cheddar13      Cheddar                     Jacobs Ladder, Cheddar

A view of Jacobs ladder from the other side of the lake shows Pavey’s Tea Rooms. The sign hanging over the road says ‘Pavey’s Dining Room Dinner & Tea’. At the top of the steps were some low buildings and the old white Jacobs tower. The steps were possibly constructed by a Ronald Pavey around 1904.

cheddar14      Cheddar                     The Mystic Tower, Joyland, Cheddar



CHEDZOY01            CHEDZOY    1906    Chedzoy, children outside the school.

Looking along Front Street past Avalon House toward the school. Schoolchildren pose in the road outside the school, girls to the left, boys to the right.

CHEDZOY02            CHEDZOY    1905    Looking towards the church

A view looking towards the church from the crossroads.  In the road next to Court Farmhouse three small children, two boys and a girl, pose for the photographer, standing on the grass verge. The church porch is covered in ivy, and there is a tall slender pine tree to the left in the graveyard. The third building back from the corner on the right hand side is a small thatched cottage.

CHEDZOY03            CHEDZOY                The old Post Office

View along Front Street looking NE towards the Chedzoy Post Office Stores. An Esso petrol pump, a red telephone call box, an Aladdin sign, and a sign for ice cream all appear in the view. East Cotte then Palfrey House are the next buildings along the road.

CHEDZOY04            CHEDZOY    1903    Church of St Mary the Virgin, Chedzoy, Somerset.

A group of people standing outside the church yard, one wastecoated workman, one bowler hatted gentleman with a stick, and two ladies with two young ladies.

CHEDZOY05            CHEDZOY                Chedzoy (view of the church)


CHEDZOY06            CHEDZOY    1916    View of School and thatched house

View of the school covered in ivy. Next building with thatched roof is Avalon House, then the village hall, then Fry’s farm.

CHEDZOY07            CHEDZOY                The cross, Chedzoy


CHEDZOY08            CHEDZOY                Chedzoy. (Inside the church)


CHEDZOY09            CHEDZOY                Chedzoy. Church of St Mary

View of the church with its south side covered in ivy.

CHEDZOY10            CHEDZOY                St Mary the Virgin, Chedzoy

A 1930’s ? view with more ivy on the walls than in Chedzoy11.

CHEDZOY11            CHEDZOY    1919    Chedzoy Church

A view of the church from the road with two men wearing caps leaning on the fence, the church extensively covered in ivy.

CHEDZOY12            CHEDZOY                The Village, Chedzoy

A view of the crossroads looking down Front Street towards the School.

CHEDZOY13            CHEDZOY    1967    Greetings from Chedzoy

A multi view card showing No1: The school house on Front St, 2: The Post Office on Front St, 3: Council Houses on Higher Rd, 4: the river looking north from Parchey Bridge, 5: south view of the church,

CHEDZOY14            CHEDZOY    1936    Ward Lane, Chedzoy

A very rare view looking North along Ward Lane from in the field opposite the cross in the garden.

CHEDZOY15            CHEDZOY                Front Street, Chedzoy

A view from approx the 50’s looking south past the village hall towards the old post office where 2 signs can just be made out protruding from the wall on the building just past the white house on the left in the distance.

CHEDZOY16            CHEDZOY    1898    Entrance to Sedgemoor from Chedzoy

Engraving by Paterson Sc, drawn by REW. Our Own Country Descriptive, Historical, Pictorial"; Published by Cassell and Co. Ltd., London, Paris & Melbourne

CHEDZOY17            CHEDZOY    1908    No legend but is Chedzoy Rectory

A very rare view of the rear, east side, of the rectory building from the garden. Two young girls lie on the grass by the door, and the face of a third can be seen through the glass door.

CHEDZOY18            CHEDZOY    1907    No Legend but is the Manor House Inn

Lovely early photo of the Manor Inn at Chedzoy. Above the door a plaque says ‘ Albert Phillips, licensed to sell ales & beers by retail’. In the road outside is a horse and cart with 6 men around it. One man in particular is rather shorter than the rest and is wearing a distinctive hat rather than the flat caps worn by the others. The man at the front has a clay pipe in his mouth and holds a bottle in his outstretched arm.

CHEDZOY19            CHEDZOY                Church from South East, Chedzoy


CHILTP1        Chilton Polden            1920    A Harvest Field Chilton Polden

CHILTP2        Chilton Polden                        The Priory, Chilton Polden

CHILTP3       Chilton Polden           1974    Chilton Polden

Five views: 1: The Priory on the A39, 2: The Post Office , 3: The Broadway, 4: The Toby Inn on the A39, 5: St Edward’s church.

CHILTP4        Chilton Polden                        Chilton Polden Church

CHILTP05     Chilton Polden           1908    Chilton Polden

A view of 2 thatched cottages near the junction with Goose Lane.

CHILTP06     Chilton Polden                      The Priory, Chilton Polden


chiltp07           Chilton Polden                      School, Chilton Polden


chiltp08           Chilton Polden                      No legend but is the church interior, the altar & window


Clevedon01    Clevedon        1908    The Esplanade, Clevedon


Clevedon02    Clevedon        1902    Clevedon, Green Beach


Clevedon03    Clevedon                    The Pier from Salthouse Point


Clevedon04    Clevedon                    Pebble beach, Clevedon


Clevedon05    Clevedon                    Clevedon:Pier Entrance


Clevedon06    Clevedon                    Clevedon. Parade looking North


coss1   Cossington                 Cossington

A view along the road looking back towards the triangle.

coss2   Cossington                 No legend but is of the church


coss3   Cossington     1905    Big Tree, Cossington

A group of children sit under the tree.

coss4   Cossington                 Cossington

Looking along Middle road near Tivetts farm.

coss05 Cossington     1943    Cossington

A lovely colour view of the triangle and church gates. An old car is parked in the road next o the Old Post Office building.

coss06 Cossington     1870?  Cossington.A view of the village

A photo print from an old album believed to date from the 1870’s. This is a general view across the village.

coss07 Cossington     1870?  The Manor House

A photo print from an old album believed to date from the 1870’s. The Manor House, a very large house next to the church. A view from the NE.

coss08 Cossington     1870?  The Manor House 2

A photo print from an old album believed to date from the 1870’s. The Manor House, a very large house next to the church. A view from the SE.

coss09 Cossington     1870?  The Grove

A photo print from an old album believed to date from the 1870’s.

coss10 Cossington     1870?  The Church

A photo print from an old album believed to date from the 1870’s. A view from the East.

coss11 Cossington     1870?  The Manor House 3

A photo print from an old album believed to date from the 1870’s. The Manor House, a very large house next to the church. A view from the South just in front the church.

coss12 Cossington                 The Church, Cossington

A view from the SE includes the Manor House behind the church.

coss13 Cossington                 No Legend but is Cossington Rectory

A lovely view with a big dog lying on the lawn in front the house, looking at the camera.

coss14 Cossington     1915    Church Gates, Cossington

A view from just beyond the triangle, looking west towards the church gates, with a Postman, in uniform,  stood there in front of them with a pile of mail in his hands.

coss15 Cossington                 Cossington

Looking north towards the church gates and Manor road, from just south of the triangle beyond the old Post Office which was on the left.

coss16 Cossington     1911    Cossington

Looking south along Manor road with Locks way branching off to the left. A man stands leaning against the wall of what is now Keepers cottage. He looks like he might be a postman with a letter in his hand, and a satchel over his shoulder, but he wears no uniform, in contrast to the postman in card coss14.

coss17 Cossington     1969    The Post Office, Cossington

View of the post office from the triangle.

coss18 Cossington     1903    Cossington Church

A rare view looking towards the west end of the church, shows the west end of the Manor House complex.

coss19 Cossington                 Cossington Church

View of the east side all covered in ivy.

coss20 Cossington                 No legend but is a view of the church & manor house

Nice photo from the south shows the Manor House to the right behind the church.

coss21 Cossington     1964    A photo of the station building from the trackbed

This view, taken on 15th Feb 1964, from the trackbed on the north side of the building, shows the station platform, and the curved banking of the trackbed to the east. The rails and sleepers have been removed.

coss22 Cossington     1910    Cossington House

A rare early view of the house from the south. Nowadays it is known as Cossington Grange. To the east (right) there is a building with an orangery or green house built on to its south side.

From: 'Cossington', A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 8: The Poldens and the Levels (2004)

The Graham family in the person of Sarah Graham had by 1839 acquired an estate of over 150 a. which included a house, later enlarged and named Cossington Grange

Built to the south eastern edge of the village Cossington Grange was originally a plain classical house built by 1822 and probably c. 1806. It is of squared lias with a slate roof, of five bays and two storeys, and faces south. By 1840 a court to the north was bounded on the north by a stable block of brick with stone dressings. In 1863 a double-pile wing in an eclectic 16th-century style was added on the west and included a three-and-a-half storey south tower comprising a nursery suite and a billiard room. A recessed porch in Adam style may have been added to the oldest part of the house in the later 19th century. South-west extensions were made after the Grange became offices for a construction company, and other buildings, including houses, have been erected within the curtilage from the 1950s.

coss23 Cossington                 Church & Pond, Cossington


coss24 Cossington                 Cossington Station

A photo looking at the station platform with the line curving off into a cutting to the east.

coss25 Cossington                 Cossington

Looking towards the Primary School from the crossroads.

coss26 Cossington     1959    Cossington station

coss27 Cossington                 The Manor, Cossington

coss28 Cossington     1936    Cossington House, Cossington, Somerset


curry01            Curry Rivel     1956    St Andrews Church, Currey Rivel


curry02            Curry Rivel                 Burton Pynsent Monument, Currey Rivel

curry03            Curry Rivel     1936    Sedgemoor from Burton Monument

curry04            Curry Rivel     1927    Currey Rivel Church

curry05            Curry Rivel                 Currey Rivel Church

curry06            Curry Rivel     1909    St Andrews, Curry Rivel

curry07            Curry Rivel     1919    No legend but is of Red Hill nr CR

curry08           Curry Rivel    1920?  Currey Rivel (Aerial view)

A view looking south from the church tower.

curry09            Curry Rivel                 Cenotaph, Currey Rivel

curry10            Curry Rivel                 The Church, Curry Rivel

curry11           Curry Rivel    1904    Curry Rivel Church

A very old and quite intriguing picture taken when there were very few trees near the church, and possibly even before the nearest cottages were built. Looking at the scene today it would be almost impossible to re create the photo.

curry12           Curry Rivel    1906    High St, Curry Rivel

A lovely early winter view looking down the main street towards the hill, with a layer of snow everywhere, and all the children are out in the middle of the road to enjoy it. There is a solitary man on a horse and cart and a child with a hand basket almost opposite the King William 1V  Inn.

curry13           Curry Rivel    1973    Fore Street, Curry Rivel

Fore Street with W Jackson’s Hardware Store on the left, with the Bell Hotel further on down the hill on the right. The Petrol garage can just be seen a little further on past the right turn.

curry14           Curry Rivel    1959    Greetings from Curry Rivel

A lovely clear photographic card with 5 old views of the village. 1:  On High Street looking East into the village with Penny’s shop on the right,  next to the phone box. 2:  High Street again but looking up out of the village with The Bell Hotel on the right., with the petrol station in the distance 2: High Street from the west end looking down into the centre of the village. 4: The Green, with a farmer having just herded his cattle through. 5: The Church and Green, a lovely view of the row of old cottages next to the church.

curry15           Curry Rivel                Curry Rivel, Townsend

A view in the area called ‘Townsend’, looking East towards the village. Note the letter N reversed in the caption on the card. Townsend is on the West side of the village, and these houses are only a few hundred meters past Townsend House, heading out of the village. Most of the houses are still there today, but not the one on the immediate right hand edge. The hedge and fields on the left have long since been replaced by houses and gardens, but the two houses in the distance on the left are still there today.

curry16           Curry Rivel    1907    Curry Rivel, a little beyond North Cottage.

A lovely old view looking along the main road past Townsend cottages on the left.

curry17           Curry Rivel                Greetings from Curry Rivel

Five Views; 3 x Fore Street, High Street, The Church & Green.

curry18           Curry Rivel    1909    The Village, Curry Rival

Lovely old pic looking down the hill with a lady, old pram and a bunch of kids.

curry19           Curry Rivel    ?          Church Street, Curry Rivel

Looking north towards the church with the school building on the left.

curry20           Curry Rivel    1908    The Hill, Curry Rivel

Looking west up the hill with a sign saying’C Stacey,Saddler & Harnesses’ on a building on the right hand side. A horseless cart lies on the roadside and there is a shop on the left further up the road.

curry21           Curry Rivel    1960?  War Memorial, Curry Rivel

In the foreground a milestone says ‘ Langport 2, Taunton 11’.

curry22           Curry Rivel                Bell Corner, Curry Rivel

Bell corner, so called presumably because of the prominent building on the left which was the Bell Hotel. Across the road on the corner is a shop known to be a drapers and outfitters, although nothing is visible on the shop front in this picture to indicate that.

curry23           Curry Rivel                Curry Rivel

A view looking south from the church tower. Similar to 08, but looking further round to the west. Later than 08 as additional buildings are visible.

curry24           Curry Rivel                Fore St, Curry Rivel

View looking east down the hill towards several shops on the left hand side B Vickery, and Curry Rival Steak ??. Nearby on the right a sign proclaims Puritan Soap, News of the World, & Lyons Tea.

curry25           Curry Rivel                Burton Monument

View of the monument from Burton Mansion.

curry26           Curry Rivel                The Mansion,Burton,Curry Rivel

A lovely view of the Mansion which was once the seat of the Earl of Chatham, and where the early years of Lady Hester Stanhope were spent. The Mansion sat near the Burton Pynsent Monument. Believed demolished in the 20th century

curry27           Curry Rivel                Burton Pynsent, Curry Rivel

A colour view across the fields looking west towards the monument, which is behind trees, and there is a thatched cottage on this side of the trees.

curry28           Curry Rivel    1916    The Old Cottage, Burton Pynsent

Picture of a small thatched cottage on a hillside?

curry29           Curry Rivel                Wiltown, Curry Rival

Wiltown is to the south eastern edge of the village. This view appears to be on the Hambridge road looking NE towards Curry Rivel. The house straight ahead at the junction is Rose cottage, and the road branching off left is Stoney Lane. The gates on the left are the entrance to Wiltown Place. The gable end on the right is Little Wiltown. Beyond Little Wiltown is a barn belonging to Wiltown Farm.

curry30           Curry Rivel    1914    St Andrews church exterior, Curry Rivel


curry31           Curry Rivel    1930    Post Office, Curry Rival

A rather dark picture. The Post Office is down on the left, while a Furnishing store sign appears on the right. A Lyons tea sign just visible down the hill. Two men are working on a drain at the roadside.

curry32           Curry Rivel                Curry Rival Church

A large group of young schoolchildren sit on the grass in front the church. All the boys have caps on, and all the girls have summer hats.

curry33           Curry Rivel    1930    The Terrace, Burton Pynsent House


curry34           Curry Rivel    1865?  No legend but is a view of the church

A rare Carte de Visit view by C Payne of Langport.

curry35           Curry Rivel    1906    No legend but is a photo of a walking race

A lovely old photo of a walking ‘march’ an annual summer event, described by the writer of the postcard in a note to Miss L Pike of Hatch Beauchamp in April 1906. Postmarked in Curry Rivel, this card is believed to be a view looking north along Stoney lane from the junction with the B3168 at Wiltown.

The scene shows one male walker, accompanied by several men on cycles, and pursued by 3 or 4 more walkers and a multitude of cyclists. The lead cyclist is displaying a white flag with a cross, from his handlebars.

curry36           Curry Rivel                Steeplejacks on Burton Monument

View of the monument from the east, shown 2 steeplejacks suspended from the upper platform. Although not posted and hence undated, the photograph has the metallic sheen of an early print circa 1900-1905.

curry37           Curry Rivel    1910    Curry Rivel

Lovely old shot near the church looking north along the east wall towards the Butt Lane Junction. The school room building can be seen on the left with 2 of its windows visible.

curry38           Curry Rivel                Burton Monument, Curry Rivel

View of the monument probably from the south east.

curry39           Curry Rivel                Fore Street, Curry Rivel

View of the Bell Hotel, on the left, and an outfitters shop on the right.

curry40           Curry Rivel    1943    Birds Eye View of Village


curry41           Curry Rivel                Curry Rivel

View looking towards the church.

curry42           Curry Rivel    1973    High Street, Curry Rivel


dunball01       Dunball          1906    General View Dunball

Elevated view of the station, signalbox, and the branch line running to the wharf.

dunball02       Dunball          1906    Down North Express Dunball 1003 No 45

An unknown type  4-6-0 heads south on the down line through Dunball station. Looking north from the up platform with the old cement works to the rhs of the line.

dunball03       Dunball          1905    No 38 Dunball local train 1905 996

A 4-2-2 heads north on the up line. Shows the old up & downline station platforms, the signal box, and the branch line going off to the Wharf on the river Parrett.

Probably a class 3031 or Achilles class  built by the Great Western Railway between 1891 and 1899 under the direction of GWR’s chief mechanical engineer William Dean. Behind the engine on the east side of the line is the old signal box.

dunball04       Dunball          1908    No 46 Local train at Dunball 1004

A 2-4-0 heads south. Probably a Midland railway 156 Class 2-4-0, built Derby 1866-74. (Classic British Steam Locos, P20)

dunball05       Dunball          1907    No35 'Malta' at Dunball Local train 993

Train ‘Malta’ heading north through the station with signalbox behind. This was a 4-4-0 City or 3700class, No3407 (later 3707) From greatwestern.org.uk……..3707  Malta. Rebuilt from 'Atbara' class engine number 3407 November 1908. Superheater fitted October 1910. May 1922 shed allocation Shrewsbury. Last shed allocation Bristol Bath Road. Withdrawn April 1929.

dunball06       Dunball          1900    No 44 Down Mail train near Dunball 1002

A 4-2-2 Train heading south, just north of Dunball station. Probably a Midland railway 115 Class 4-2-2, built Derby 1896-99.(Classic British Steam Locos, P56)

dunball07       Dunball                      Dunball(GWR)

A photo showing the old downside platform with the Gents brick building next to the Dunball sign.

dunball08       Dunball          1962    Dunball south platform

A photo print shows the down, south platform complete with signal, men’s toilet and wooden building. A sign behind the building says ‘Castle Hill Quarry’ ?

dunball09       Dunball                      Dunball

A superb old print looking north on the up platform, shows the station master and his little dog, another railway worker, and another standing on the steps of the signal box. The cement works buildings can be seen on the right hand side, and a tall chimney, probably at ‘Boards Buildings’, behind the signal box.

dunball10       Dunball                      River Parrett, Dunball

Extremely rare view of the west end of the Polden hills at Dunball showing the cement works on the hill. Also visible is Dunball signal box and station buildings.

dunball11       Dunball                      The cement Works, Dunball

Print from a postcard shows the John Board & Company Portland Cement and Blue Lias Lime Works on the east side of the railway on the end of the Polden Hills.

dunball12       Dunball          c1930  Dunball South

First building on the left housed the Post Office.

dunball13       Dunball          c1930  Dunball North


dunball14       Dunball          c1930  Dunball looking South


dunball15       Dunball          c1930  Dunball looking ??


DUNSTER1   Dunster           1905    Dunster

edington01      Edington         1906    Edington

edington02      Edington                     The Church Edington(Somt)

edington03     Edington        1964    A photo of 2204 at Edington Burtle station

Engine 2204 with 2 carriages waits on the north side of the island platform, on a single track. Many pictures show 2 tracks here? This view is looking NW past the crossing keepers cottage on the right hand side, now known as Station cottage, and was probably taken from the road crossing just south of the Railway Hotel, now known as the Tom Mogg Inn at Burtle. On the south side of the island platform the Bridgwater branch line terminated, but it also joined the Glastonbury to Burnham line just beyond the waiting train.

edington04     Edington        1952    Edington Junction. Train to Bridgwater 58072


edington05     Edington        1965    Edington Junction photo


greinton01           Greinton                      Greinton Rectory

greinton02           Greinton                      St Michaels Church, Greinton

greinton03      Greinton                     Elm café, Greinton, Nr Bridgwater, Som

A Christmas card with a view of the café. The owners who created the card were Mr & Mrs Fred Males. The café was attached to the Greinton Service Station.

greinton04      Greinton                     Greylake Restaurant & Country club

Interesting advertising card refers to Bryan and Joyce Edgell, Tel: Ashcott328, Greinton, nr Bridgwater, Somerset.

The Greylake Restaurant and Country Club had opened by 1953 and in 1997 was known as the Greylake inn.

(From: 'Moorlinch', A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 8: The Poldens and the Levels (2004), pp. 125-134.)

greinton05      Greinton         1924    Greinton


greinton06      Greinton                     Greinton


highbr01         Highbridge     1906    Market Street Highbridge

Lovely old view of the town clock looking down market street.

highbr02         Highbridge     1905    Lower Church Street Highbridge

Super view looking south down church street, with bunting across the road. One horse and cart visible in the distance.

highbr03         Highbridge     1907    Market Street Highbridge

Lovely colour shot showing several horse and carts, the ‘Highbridge Echo’ printing works shop,  Hickmans drug stores, the Rose & Crown Inn,  and another shop Hilton or Milton. A board outside Hickmans, advertises the Allan Line, offering passage by boat to Canada, and the shop window shows three Bovril adds.

highbr04         Highbridge     1905    Highbridge, GWR Station

View looking north along the mainline station, with the station master William Keedwell, and a number of gentlemen waiting on the platform as the train arrives on the downline to Bridgwater.

highbr05         Highbridge     1910    No43 Down 'Dutchman' near Highbridge 1001

An unidentified type 4-6-0 Train with a bridge across the lines in the background.

highbr06         Highbridge     1908    Corn Hill, Highbridge

View of the Cornhill looking south from Church road, shows the famous clock in the middle of the junction. A horse and cart loaded with beer barrels, stands outside the George Hotel on the left. To the south side of the clock are 2 shop fronts, J Tyler, General Ironmonger (Stoves, Ranges, Baths & Fittings), and Jones Sewing Machines. On the right, opposite the George hotel, is a hairdressers shop identified only by the stripped, angled pole fixed to the wall. On the wall on the right a sign days’ Lloyds News, Sold everywhere in town’, and ‘The People’.

highbr07         Highbridge     1905    Highbridge, Church Street

A superb old view looking north on Church Street from the clock. On the right, Frost Bros shop shows signs saying ‘Frys cocoa and chocolate’, then the Highbridge Bacon Factory, then the George Hotel. Further down on the left hand side, after the railway crossing gates over the road, a sign on the side of a house says, J Coombes. Various children and people in the road, one horse stands patiently harnessed to a cart. The ‘Burnham & Evercreech’ branch line crossed the road heading past Highbridge wharf towards Burnham station. The crossing gates are already across the road so a train was imminant. The footbridge can just be seen on the right just beyond the George Hotel.

highbr08         Highbridge     1958    A view of Highbridge branch line Station.

Highbridge Junction. A black & white print of the ‘Burnham & Evercreech’ branch line with a train standing at one platform on the Highbridge station, being attended to by several station personnel. This picture is believed to be looking SE in the direction of Glastonbury. The line headed out SE along the river Brue, then at Churchland Farm, just west of the road at Bason Bridge, the line swung round to go almost due East to head towards Glastonbury again alongside the river Brue.

highbr09         Highbridge     1933    A view of Highbridge branch line Station.

Highbridge Junction. A black & white print from the platform of the S & D station. This view looks towards a train coming from Burnham, that is just about to cross the Bristol to Exeter mainline and go under the roadbridge then the footbridge. Two advertisments for ‘Newburys’, furniture, carpet & curtains, and ‘Pears’ can be seen. The controlling signal box on the right, Highbridge A. The approaching train is possibly a 0-6-0 Fowler.

highbr10         Highbridge     1905    Highbridge Wharf

Lovely old photo of sailing boats tied up at the wharf

highbr11         Highbridge                 Arms of Highbridge with station views

Early 1900’s coloured double viewed card shows the top view of the GWR station, and the bottom view of the S&D JR station.

GWR station is a view looking south towards the platforms beyond the footbridge

S&D JR station. Appears to be an elevated view possibly from a footbridge, looking straight along the station platform towards the Carriage & Wagon Sheds in the distance.

GWR station.  An unusual view from the trackbed where the S& D line crosses over, looking south towards Bridgwater with a train coming into the station on the Highbridge side up line.

highbr12         Highbridge     1962    Engine 41242 at Highbridge station

An interesting view of a train arriving from Evercreech Junction at platform No 5. Highbridge carriage works are visible in the background.

highbr13         Highbridge     1910    High Street, Highbridge

A lovely view looking north along High st. R M Fisher music stores on the right, then the Highbridge Bacon factory Ltd, then the George Hotel. Horse and carts and children in the street.

highbr14         Highbridge     1962    Highbridge S&DJ looking east

A black & white print shows 41242 on the left and 2204 on the right, both with just 2 carriages. In the background can be seen the extensive carriage works buildings.

highbr15         Highbridge                 S & D Station Highbridge

View from S&D platform looking towards the road bridge

highbr16         Highbridge                 No legend but is a photo of the S&D station

Almost identical view to the S&D view in Highbr11, with probably a 40yr gap. The original steel pedestrian bridge is now replaced with a concrete one. Gas lamps have given way to electric lighting, and concrete platform walls replaced with iron railings. Three large engine sheds in the distance look much the same.

highbr17         Highbridge     1962    Church Street & Town Clock, Highbridge

Interesting view looking north along Church street with the original Victorian clock in the foreground. A Ford Consol, followed by a Hillman Minx, make their way towards the camera, the only 2 cars on the road at 11-30am.

highbr18         Highbridge     190?    The Wharf, Highbridge

View of the wharf looking NW, shows the extensive wall along the north side of the wharf, the Old River Brue, that ran to the north of the New Clyse and the cattle market. There are at least 4 steam cranes on rails, and 4 boats moored up.

highbr19         Highbridge     1960    43593 at Highbridge, Somerset. Aug 1960

Steam train 43593 with 2 carriages coming into Highbridge West station from Glastonbury.

highbr20         Highbridge                 No Legend but is a view of the clock

Highbridge Clock, "The Three Faced Liar". The original Victorian clock was destroyed on the 8th March 1964, when it was hit by a lorry. A newly designed electric clock positioned between two bollards replaced it; this latter had 3 faces and often each face told a different time, hence the clock became known as "the Three Faced Liar". In 1972 the clock was re-sited on derelict ground. Behind the clock can be seen John Tylers Grocers Merchants and Ironmongers store.

highbr21         Highbridge                 Cornhill and Town clock, Highbridge

A superb photographic card looking from the old bridge towards, from l to r,  the George Hotel, the Highbridge Bacon Factory, RM Fisher & Co music stores, and the India & China Tea Co. On the left is a building ?? Morris, with an old car Reg No HT1160 parked outside.

highbr22         Highbridge                 Highbridge 2 view postcard

Early 1900’s, unused, coloured card, depicting 2 views. Top view is the  Cornhill, looking north along Church Street with a fine close up view of the 3 sided clock complete with 3 gas lamps. Bottom view is Market Street, looking east towards the railway, with Lewis Boot maker’s shop on the right hand side and the bank building immediately on the left.

highbr23         Highbridge                 Church Street, Highbridge from Memorial

Looking south along Church Street towards the clock junction.

highbr24         Highbridge                 Highbridge 4 view pic


highbr25         Highbridge                 Highbridge East signal box

Probably taken from the footbridge on Church Street looking west along Newtown Road.

highbr26         Highbridge                 Highbridge, St Johns Church from SE

Early view of the church complete with spire.

highbr27         Highbridge                 Highbridge, Church Street

Looking south along Church Street towards the clock.

highbr28         Highbridge     1917    Highbridge. A view of market street from the railway bridge

Lovely old quality photographic picture looking west along Market street from the railway bridge. On the left a building is signed ‘Cheese Auction’. In the centre is the Coopers Arms, and in the distance you can just make out the old clock at the junction. On the right next to the bridge incline is a pond or large ditch, and just to the right of that is a lane lined on each side with wooden posts. A man in working clothes and waistcoat walks ahead of his horse which is pulling a heavy load on a 2 wheeled cart over the bridge. The two storied square whitewashed brick building on the right with a sign facing the road, was the Railway Hotel Spirit Vaults, with the Railway Hotel building just behind and to the right of it. This last bit of info came from a photo from Will Atwell via Burnham P&P Facebook Page.

highbr29         Highbridge                 Aerial view of Highbridge


highbr30         Highbridge                 Highbridge Church


highbr31         Highbridge                 High St, Highbridge

View looking south to the clock and John Tylers shop from the road next to FT Bawdens shop that produced this card. Presumably it’s Mr Bawden stood in the doorway.

highbr32         Highbridge     1924    Clyce Road & Locks, Highbridge

View from the main road bridge looking west toward the Clyce, with the buildings of Clyce Road along the right hand side.

highbr33         Highbridge                 The Hotel& New Bridge, Highbridge

Georges Bristol Beers says the large sign at the top of this building, which at that time was simply known as ‘The Hotel’. The three faced clock, just to the right of the hotel in the distance, gives the time as 1-20 as a double decker bus makes its way towards the junction.

highbr34         Highbridge     1966    Highbridge Gwr platform, 41283


highbr35         Highbridge     1925?  Highbridge from the GWR Station

Looking towards Highbridge with ‘The Coopers Arms’ on the left and the Cheese Auctions building. On the right, the tall white building was the Railway Hotel Spirit Vaults. The building in front of it only appears for the first time on 1930 OS Maps, it’s not on the 1904 map.

highbr36         Highbridge     1906    Highbridge from Bristol Bridge

Very rare view looking south towards the Burnham Junction from the GWR Bristol road bridge.

highbr37         Highbridge                 Church Street, Highbridge.

Early coloured card looking north along Church Street with J Stinner, Provision Dealer & Cheese Factor shop on the right. A sign in that shop window declares ’Agency for Rudge Whitworth Cycles’. Beyond that was ‘Local News, Printing Depot’, and then the shop of FW Wells family Butcher, then ‘F Hucker, Builder and Decorator’.

Just horses and carts on the street.

highbr38         Highbridge                 Highbridge Cemetary

Rare and unusual view looking towards the entrance gate with the spire of the church to the right.

highbr39         Highbridge                 Church Street, Highbridge

Similar view to highbr37 but a few buildings further north. On the right is a newsagents shop with a ‘Telephone’ sign, then the shop of FW Wells, Family Butcher, then ‘F Hucker, Builder and Decorator’. Opposite that on the left a flag proclaims ‘Coffee Tavern’, just before the gate posts to the church.

highbr40         Highbridge     1905    S and D RailwayStation, Highbridge

Fantastic coloured photo of the S&D station looking east towards the Highbridge Works from the footbridge.

highbr41         Highbridge     1955    Engine 43218 standing at Highbridge S&D station


highbr42         Highbridge     1955    Highbridge Works

Looking east from the S&D station.

highbr43         Highbridge     1910    Market St, Highbridge

Rare coloured view looking west towards the clock. On the left Bristol Drapery Warehouse. On the right the Wilts & Dorset Bank, Graham

highbr44         Highbridge     1908    Market Street, Highbridge

Rare colour view looking east towards the railway bridge. On the left, Richardsons General Drapery, Chemist (probably Thomas Henry Chappelow, 1897 Kellys Directory or Fred Orchard 1914 KD), The Sun Restaurant, Lavis (Orlando Lavis, grocer Kellys Directory 1914), Graham Confectioner (Baker Sidney H Graham Kelly Directory 1914). On the right various metal wall signs, ‘??? Mantles, Spratts Parrot Food, Ovum, Thurleys Food’, Lewis Boot Maker (Joseph Lewis re Kellys Directory), Bristol Drapery Warehouse.

highbr45         Highbridge     1923    St John's Church, Highbridge


highbr46         Highbridge                 No legend but is Market Square, Market Street, Highbridge


highbr47         Highbridge     1932    The Cheese Market, Highbridge

The card says’ This is the place for cheese and cream’. Lovely view inside the cheese Auction shed shows hundreds of circular cheeses stacked on the floor awaiting sale.

highbr48         Highbridge     1909    River Brue, Highbridge

The east side of the bridge carrying the GWR line near Highbridge station.

highbr49         Highbridge                 Repairing the Boats, Highbridge, Somerset


hham01           HIGH HAM               High ham church


hham02           HIGH HAM               High Ham


hham03           HIGH HAM               High Ham


hham04           HIGH HAM   1930    The Rectory, High Ham


hham05          HIGH HAM               Village Green High Ham

Shows two girls stood on the green and three others sat on a seat.

hham06           HIGH HAM   1936    Ham Court High Ham


hham07           HIGH HAM   1975    The Village Green, High Ham


hham08           HIGH HAM               Village Green, High Ham


hham09          HIGH HAM               High Ham

Lovely old quality photographic view of Manor Farm buildings on the right. Note there are no electricity poles and wires as in the similar view hham22.

hham10           HIGH HAM   1953    High Ham


hham11           HIGH HAM               The Green, High Ham


hham12          HIGH HAM               High Ham

A really nice old photographic card shows Elm Tree Farm, which is located on the school road near the junction with Burrow Lane. This view looking south shows a group of young children standing near a duckpond that ran along the roadside, and an older boy quite close to the cameraman.

hham13          HIGH HAM   193?    Mill Road, High Ham

A view looking west into the village along Mill road with the first group of 3 new houses on the right. A horse and cart approaches in the distance.

hham14          HIGH HAM               Henley, High Ham

Looking east along the road leading to Henley at the junction at the bottom of the hill, north from High Ham. The house on the left hand side was Ball’s Farm on OS 1900 maps .A man, a woman, and a little girl are in the garden of a lovely thatched cottage on the right hand side,  named as Henley House on OS 1900 maps, but now known as Windsor Farm. The road goes north to Pedwell away to the left.

hham15           HIGH HAM   1924    High Ham Schools

Wonderful photo showing at least 56 pupils sitting on the front wall of the school playground. Must be loads of grandpas & grandmas here.

hham16           HIGH HAM   1941    The Court, High Ham

hham17           HIGH HAM               The Church High Ham

hham18           HIGH HAM               The Green, High Ham

hham19           HIGH HAM               St Andrews Church High Ham

hham20          HIGH HAM   1922    No legend but is a view across the green to the church


hham21          HIGH HAM               High Ham. Multi View

Five views, Glastonbury Tor from High Ham, The Village Green, The Windmill, The Village including a view of the Kings Head Inn, St Andrew’s Church.

hham22          HIGH HAM   1965    The Village, High Ham

Looking along the road that leads to the Kings Head Inn. The buildings on the right hand side are probably Manor Farm as identified on OS1900 maps.

hham23          HIGH HAM               No legend but is a view of the church

South view of the church from the road.

hham24          HIGH HAM               No legend but is the Rectory

Lovely view from the south shows the large greenhouse/conservatory on the south side.

hham25          HIGH HAM  1929    The Green, High Ham

Nice view with an old parked car YC2254 in the view. On the right a notice board stands in a house garden, titled ‘Police Station’.

hham26          HIGH HAM              The School, High Ham

Looking west towards the village green, with the church on the left and a building in the rectory grounds just beyond the school on the left.

hham27          HIGH HAM              Greetings from High Ham

A lovely early, quality photographic card with 4 views of High Ham and 2 views of Low Ham Church. This card is in the same style as mzoy10, a photographic card with a brown metallic hue, with very finely detailed small inset photos. The views are as follows, clockwise from top left: 1: Looking north along the road towards the Kings Head Inn, a similar view as in hham09: 2: View inside the church looking towards the altar: 3: The village green looking towards the Post Office: 4: Low Ham church, west end, from the road: 5: South aspect of High Ham Church from the green: 6: South aspect of Low Ham Church from in the field:

huntsp01      Huntspill         1908    Huntspill village, Highbridge

A lovely early coloured view of the junction at the Crossways Inn looking north towards Highbridge.

huntsp02        Huntspill         1907    Huntspill Sea Walls

Interesting view of the mud banks on the river Parrett estuary a few miles south of Burnham on Sea.

huntsp03        Huntspill         1908    Huntspill Rectory


knowle01       KNOWLE                 The Lodge Knowle

The Lodge at the entrance to Knowle Hall near Bawdrip. The gates are no longer there, nor are the slightly shorter outer stone pillars that were once connected by about 20ft of iron fencing to each of the stone gate pillars. The Lodge looks to have been extended forward towards the road covering the area where those pillars once stood (Also see knowle09)

knowle02       KNOWLE                 Knowle Hall Gates, Bawdrip

The old pillars and gates forming the entrance to Knowle Hall, that stood near the lodge at the junction of the A39 next to Crandon bridge. The Lodge buildings would have been to the left of these gates.

knowle03        KNOWLE                 The Hall Knowle

A lovely view of the south front of the building. Knowle hall was built in the 1830’s, with the park established around the house by 1886. (Ref: A History of the County of Somerset Vol V1)

knowle04        KNOWLE                 The Silver Fish Café, Knowle

Taken from the Puriton turning looking south across Crandon Bridge. This was formerly a dwelling known as Crandon House according to OS 1884/87 maps. At the left side can be seen one of the 2 fenced bush/tree triangles that used to sit in front of Knowle Hall entrance gates. (See knowle09) Had you wanted to go in the direction of Glastonbury you would have kept to the left of the 2 triangles.

knowle05        KNOWLE                 No legend but is a pic of the Tower.

Knowle Tower, a sham castle built for Benjamin Greenhill in 1870, stood on the hill above Knowle Hall. From the position of the tree shadows the view may be of the southern side of the castle but remains to be confirmed. Also see a distant view of the castle from the SE, on a Bawdrip postcard bawdr10.jpg.

knowle06        KNOWLE                 The Tower from Bawdrip

A portion of the postcard ‘bawdrip10’, which contains a distant view of the east side of the tower from New Road in Bawdrip.

knowle07        KNOWLE                 Knowle Tower, Bawdrip

A view of the ‘Tower’ in Knowle Park, looking North East towards Knowlehill farm in the distance. The eastern tower looks intact and has some kind of aerial or flagpole at the top.

knowle08        KNOWLE     1915    Knowle Hall

View of the hall from the south similar to knowle 03.

knowle09        KNOWLE     1915    Lodge Gates Knowle

A long since forgotten view of the grand pillared entrance to Knowle Hall, and the junction at Crandon Bridge as it then was, taken from the centre of the road on the north side of the bridge. Looking at OS 1900 maps you can clearly see the old road layout was somewhat different to today, there were 2 triangles containing hedge and trees surrounded by metal fencing between the entrance gates and the bridge. If you came down Puriton hill and were travelling towards Glastonbury you passed to the left of the triangles so they were on your right. If you were heading for Bridgwater you passed to the right of them so they were on your left. Lodge & Hall traffic entered & exited between them. Besides the stone gate pillars that survive to this day, there were a further two slightly shorter stone pillars each side connected by iron railings. The old road layout was eventually changed in 1971 to improve access to the new M5 motorway. As of Dec 2011 it is being changed again. All in all this is a very rare view of the grand entrance to the lodge and hall and the unusual road layout that used to exist at this junction.

knowle10        KNOWLE                 The Old Kitchen, The Silver Fish, Knowle, Bridgwater

A very rare postcard view of the inside of the Silver Fish, showing the old kitchen. This appears to have had a large open fireplace but looks as though it was being used at the time for guests to have afternoon teas and cakes, as the two small tables are set with table cloths, flower vase and cutlery.

knowle11        KNOWLE     1936    The Silver Fish, Knowle, Bridgwater(southern aspect)


knowle12        KNOWLE     1905    Knowle

The gates pillars and wall on Crancombe Lane opposite the Knowle Inn. A lady in Black dress leans on the gate and there may be others(blurred) near her.


The view is of a single road or track between popular trees with a dwelling in the distance. A man sits almost invisibly on a low wall on the right hand side. Research shows it is a view looking north along the road just south of Langaller Farm, which is off to the left behind the trees. The building in the distance was probably a barn, adjacent to the road, now converted to a dwelling. The access on the right was to other farm buildings on the opposite side of the road.


langport01      Langport        1940    Bow Street, Langport


langport02      Langport        1913    West Station, Langport

A view probably from the footbridge, looking down on Langport West station. A train is waiting on the east (down) platform with 4 carriages and a guards van, waiting to head off towards Martock for Yeovil. To the left of the station can be seen several sidings filled with goods wagons. The line, which opened in 1853, came off the Exeter to Bristol mainline at Durston, and ran through Langport West to Yeovil.

langport03      Langport        1913    Hanging Chapel, Langport

A lovely colour view from the east side of the chapel.

langport04       Langport                     Langport from All Saints Church

Interesting view looking west from All Saints church tower, shows the rhine across Little Moor/ Northstreet Moor. 

langport05       Langport         1904    All Saints church and the hill, Langport from the Parret.


langport06      Langport        1915?  Langport Station in time of flood

Steam train No 511, with one goods wagon, 3 passenger carriages and a guards van, standing in about 2ft of floodwater at Langport West station. The ‘Railway Hotel’ can be seen just to the right of the front of the engine. A crowd of people on the bridge are looking down at the train. The driver is bending over the side of the engine looking down at the water.

langport07      Langport        1958?  Langport West Station

A view from a carriage window looking south along the flooded line at Langport West station. The west(up) side platform shows the signal box and two stacks of milk churns, and a woman and a child waiting by the shelter. A footbridge can be seen crossing the line above the carriages.

langport08      Langport        1908    Langport

A lovely coloured view from near Frog lane, just below Herds Hill, looking east along the road towards the town. A single horse and cart trundles down the road. To the right of the bridge can be seen several railway goods wagons marked ‘Sully & Co’.

langport09      Langport                    The Avenue, Langport

The avenue looking towards the main line bridge over the road heading into the town. The underside of the bridge can just be made out at the end of the road beneath the tree canopy.

langport10      Langport        1905    Langport, Floods of 1894

Two men standing in small boats floating down the main street.

langport11      Langport        1909    Cheapside, Langport


langport12      Langport        1912    Langport from the Moor

A view from the field looking east towards the church on the hill. A bowler hatted man (probably the photographers assistant) lies amongst the buttercups, and several children can be seen on the footpath. On the extreme left side of the picture can be seen the banking of Portlake rhine that came across the moor to the back of the Town Hall building. There appears to be a walled footbridge across it.

langport13      Langport        1906    No legend but is 1st train through Langport East

Note written on the back says’ First train to travel on the line from Castle Carey to Langport’. Work on this line started in 1904, and the line was opened in 1906.This station closed in 1962. Other info says that the 1st Non stop train (Directors & Press) from Paddington to Plymouth passing Langport East 29th June 1906. Engine is one of the French Atlantics.

langport14      Langport        1912    Greetings from Langport

Lovely old card shows 4 very early small views of the town, and for some reason one of them is  a view of Burrowbridge bridge and the mump?

langport15      Langport                    No legend but is a view of Langport from the river

A view of the church from the river bridge.

langport16      Langport                    Langport Church(from the meadow)

A similar view to langport15 but closer up shows the long row of glasshouses to the south side of the church.

langport17      Langport        1904    The Hill, Langport

A lovely early view looking West from the hill, with just a lone cyclist in the middle of the road looking at the cameraman.

langport18      Langport        1907    The Hill, Langport (colour)

Similar to the above No17 but in colour.

langport19       Langport         1907    The Hill, Langport, from the river.

An early view of Whatley hill, probably from the Huish bridge area, shows several clumps of large trees where buildings are situated today.

langport20       Langport         1905    All Saints Langport

langport21      Langport        1912    The Hill, Langport

Lovely view out across the town to the railway bridge and viaduct over the river Parrett in the distance.

langport22      Langport        1907    The Hanging Chapel, Langport

A large group of school children stand in the road posing for the photo. The building was a school at one time.

langport23      Langport        1905    The Hanging Chapel, Langport

The east side of the hanging chapel in glorious colour.

langport24      Langport                    Langport from the Moors

An rare and unusual hand coloured view of the wide Portlake rhine or Catchwater that used to run SE across Little Moor in towards the back of the town hall, which is the building near the right edge with the bell tower on the roof. This water course is no longer visible, in filled in 1966 the moor seems flat today. The overflow sluice set into the bank on the right, can be made out on OS1900 maps.

langport25       Langport         1906    Langport

View of All Saints church on the hill and Whatley hill to the left with just 4 trees on it.

langport26       Langport                     The Bridge Langport

Unusual view of the south side of the 3 arched bridge. An old car appears to be parked on the left side of the bridge, and 3 men and 2 women are looking over the wall towards the photographer. On the Bow Street Wharf buildings a sign proclaims’ Langport Arms Hotel. AA garage.’

langport27      Langport                    The Bridge Langport

A rarely seen view of Bow Bridge looking towards Bradfords & sons building, with carriages in the siding next to it. The unusual swing footbridge, leading to the second floor door in Westover house can be seen in position. Part of the old mechanism is still there today.

langport28       Langport         1924    The Old Bridge, Langport


langport29       Langport                     Langport Parish Church


langport30      Langport                    Langport from All Saints Church

Almost certainly the same photo as langport04. A lovely view looking North West from the church tower out over the town towards Bow bridge over the river Parrett.

langport31      Langport        1904    Interior, All Saints, Langport

A very early view of the church interior. The picture occupies half the front of the card, with the other half for the message. All the rear is taken up with the address. The view is looking towards the west window, with the font at the end of the pews.

langport32      Langport                    The Hanging Chapel, Langport

An early view taken from the east side.

langport33      Langport        1951    All Saints, Langport

A nice view of the church from the west side near the hill.

langport34       Langport                     The Hill, Langport

Similar view to langport17 & 18, looking NW out over the town.

langport35      Langport                    Bow Street, Langport

Shows many people stood on the pavement looking at the photographer. A boy pushes a handcart up the deserted road. At the butchers shop of WC Calder the proprietor stands in the doorway. Next shop along a sign says ‘Jones’, Rock light oil engines, and below it GB Atyeo. The time is 1-27pm.

langport36      Langport        1943    Priest Lane, Langport

A man standing next to his bike poses for the photographer in front of a building with a clock that shows the time at 11-42am.

langport37      Langport                    North St, Langport

Lovely old colour card shows two young girls in their white summer dresses and a lone horse and cart waiting, with bags of coal on it, on the roadside.

langport38      Langport                    Every Good Wish from Langport

Four views of old Langport including a rare view of the ‘GWR Viaduct’

langport39      Langport                    River Parrett Langport. From the air

A wonderful aerial view shows the railway sidings and many other features

langport40       Langport         1965    Langport from White Hill

This view is probably from the Aller road just above Combe.

langport41       Langport                     All Saints Church, Langport

An old Austin car is parked up, reg No ANO 235

langport42       Langport         1904    Cheapside, Langport


langport43      Langport        1920    The Hill Langport

Looking up the hill from about half way, with a delivery horse and trap parked sideways across the road, with a man holding the horse.

langport44      Langport        1894    Langport West Station during floods of Nov 1894

A lovely print of an old photo from 1894.

langport45      Langport                    Langport Floods

Another view of Langport West station taken in flood. This photo though, is taken on the East platform and looks along the line past the station buildings, and under the bridge into the distance. Many details look different to the 1894 pic, no brick built signal box on east platform (moved to west platform?), station building chimney changed(at south end there were 2 chimneys together previously but now combined into a double chimney), no huts alongside the bridge on the east platform, a wall built across the south entrance to the station building …..

langport46      Langport                    The Hanging Chapel, Langport

A view of the chapel from the West side.

langport47      Langport        1916    Cheapside, Langport

Two horse and cart pass on the road out side the Langport Arms Hotel.

langport48      Langport                    North St, Langport

An old car reg No PYC 62 is parked opposite the Black Swan Inn.

langport49      Langport        1942    The Hanging Chapel, Langport

A man stands in the road by the hanging chapel.

langport50      Langport        1905    North St, Langport

Lovely old photographic card looking North on North Street past the Black Swan Inn on the left, where two locals stand in the doorway.

A sign high up on a building on the right says’ Yandle & sons, ??? contractor, Langport & Martock’.

langport51      Langport        1950?  No legend but is a view of Langport West station

A lovely view of a passenger train with just 2 carriages, coming in to the station from Curry Rival Junction, on the down side under the road bridge and the passenger bridge.

langport52      Langport                    Cheapside Langport

Super view circa 1910, of a bunch of people stood in the road below the clock, and several carts are in the road beyond. A sign on the left says Liptons teas. Hanging on the same wall are some wickerwork seats, obviously for sale. On the right is an extensive array of pillars and walls and a drinking fountain, at the entrance to what is now the car park and shops.

langport53      Langport                    Huish Episcopi Church Langport

langport54      Langport                    All Saints, Langport

A view from inside the church looking to the east window and the altar.

langport55      Langport        1912    Langport, 4 view card

View 1: Bow Street with a wonderful photo full of people who have stopped to pose for the photographer, mostly outside A Coates shop on the right. View 2 is a nice pic of Langport West staion during the flood of Dec 1910, View 3 the Hanging Chapel, View 4 View on the river, Langport from the south.

langport56      Langport                    All Saints Church, Langport

A rare south view of the church from the graveyard. A stone tomb in the foreground say’s ‘John Prankerd, surgeon, died 1896, Julia Maria Prankerd his wife died 1898. Maria Louisa their daughter died 1843’.

langport57      Langport        1908    Council Schools, Langport Somerset

Lovely photographic shot of the old school now opposite the new Tesco store on North st. Several groups of children pose for the photographer in the road and on the school railings.

langport58      Langport                    No Legend but is a photo of Langport West Station

Good view showing the full frontal side facing the railway line, with housing in the background on Westover, to the west of the river bridge. Shows the footbridge to the north of the station building next to the road bridge.

langport59      Langport                    Bow St, Langport

Similar to view 1 in langport55 above. This view looking along Bow Street towards Bow bridge, shows some activity, a horse and cart, a cyclist and people walking. To the right is the shop of H Coate, and to the left is a Confectioners shop.

langport60      Langport        1932    Cheapside, Langport

Interesting view looking west from just beyond the hotel

langport61      Langport        1913    North St, Langport

Looking north with the Black Swan Inn on the left.

langport62      Langport        1921    North St, Langport

Looking North from a point just south of the school,with a headmistress and a group of young school girls posing for the camera under an old gas lamp. To the right a horse and cart stands waiting opposite the shop of J Goolson?.  In the distance the mainline bridge can just be glimpsed.

langport63      Langport        1957    4143 at Langport East station

Photo print of 4143 with 2 coaches at Langport East station.

langport64      Langport        1910    Bow Street, Langport

Coloured version of langport35

langport65      Langport                    The Bow, Langport

View looking west on Bow Street over the Little Bow Bridge(The hump in the foreground). On the left Bakers & Confectioners, then the Market House Inn, then the Angel Inn. An old car with trailer parked on the left with Reg TK 6292. Also to the left the pillars and gates to ??? On the right parked in the road is a motorcycle and sidecar.

langport66      Langport                    View on the river at Langport

Lovely old colour view looking up towards Whatley Hill and the church from the river bank just north of Huish Bridge. Whatley Hill, to the left, is devoid of any buildings at all.

langport67      Langport        1905    Hanging Chapel, Langport, before 1887

Old view looking east on the west side of the chapel.

langport68 Langport 1962 Langport west, 5563 arriving

A b&w photo showing 5563 arriving from Yeovil, heading for Taunton,

langport69 Langport Hanging Chapel Langport

Interesting view shows Huish church through the archway.

langport70 Langport 1830 Langport Somersetshire

Engraving c1830. A view looking north east towards All Saints church on the hill, with St Mary’s church tower, Huish at the extreme right. The hill just beyond the ‘lake’ is probably Whatley hill, so the flat area to the left of the lake is probably Cockle Moor.

langport71 Langport 1907 The Church, Langport

An interesting old picture shows a man near the church holding a bicycle and a dog. Nearer the camera stand 2 men and a dog next to a delivery horse and cart.

langport72 Langport Council Schools, Langport.

Another view of the old school now opposite the new Tesco store on North st.

langport73      Langport                    Langport: 5 views

Centre view: Point where river Isle splits off from river Parrett, near Huish bridge. Shows a small stone bridge no longer there. Top left view: All Saints Church. Top right view: St Mary’s Church, Huish Episcopi. Btm right view: Cheapside showing an old Austin A30 or A35. Btm left view: The Hanging chapel.

langport74      Langport                    Grammar School , Langport

A rare view near the bottom of the hill. Grammar School house was through the gates on the left.

langport75      Langport                    The Hanging Chapel, Langport

A photographic card from the east side of the chapel with a horse and cart parked just under the arch, with a delivery boy posing facing the camera.

langport76      Langport                    The Hill, Langport

Another view looking down the hill, with several persons on bicycles.

langport77      Langport                    All Saints Church Langport

View of the church from the East side.

langport78      Langport   1964   Photo of Steam Train at Langport West

Lovely colour print of an unidentified steam train standing at Langport West station with 2 carriages, pointing in Yeovil direction. Just ahead of the train are the water pipes, and the signal, which is down ready for the train to go. Behind the train can be seen the lattice sided footbridge, and the incoming signal, set to stop, just beyond the stone roadbridge.

langport79      Langport                    Bow Street, Langport, 1894

Old postcard view looking towards the bridge, with about a foot of water along the street covering the road and pavement. In the foreground a man stands paddling a boat along, followed by a man on a horse then a cart and horse, with various people standing watching the photographer.

langport80      Langport        1962    Photo of 4507 at Langport West

Lovely b&w view of 4507 with 3 carriages, standing at Langport West station, as an engineman prepares to swing the water pipe out into position. To the right of the water pipe and signal, can be seen the rails branching off behind the station to the Bradford & Sons yard.

langport81      Langport        1932    Langport Somerset

A newspaper cutting from an edition of Punch from 1932. This rare view appears to be from the fields to the north of the distinctive Town Hall building that had a bellcot and weather vane on its roof. The quite wide old rhine, now filled over,  that ran across Littlemoor from the Parrett in the north west, passes under a twin arched brick footbridge just before it reaches the rear garden of the town hall. Today, the rhine can be seen, in the car park across the road, entering what was called the back river, just north of the Parrett.

langport82      Langport        1964    A colour slide of 31802 near Langport West

Appears to be a view of steam engine 31802 on the up line, north of Langport West station, swinging around west, past the signals, about to join the mainline to head towards Athleney. To the left, in the distance,  can be seen the buildings of Langport along North Street, and a partial view of the sewage buildings. To the right can be seen several building near Bow bridge. The train is pulling one cream carriage and 2 brown carriages.

langport83      Langport                    View From Whatley Hill, Langport

Interesting view looking west

langport84      Langport                    Muchulney Abbey, Langport

View from the south looking towards the church

langport85      Langport                    The New War Memorial Pavillion of Langport Grammar School

A lovely old thatched building with All Saints church tower in the distance behind it to one side. This building is still located on the cricket field opposite Huish School sports field, on the west side of the A372. Bishops Drive to the south, is the nearest road to it.

langport86      Langport                    A photo of Langport East station and the railway line.

A b&w print looking east along the mainline past Langport East station, with the covered footbridge in the foreground, and 2 road bridges visible in the distance. The main station building is on the south side (left) with just a canopy shelter on the north side.

langport87      Langport        1961    A photo of Langport West station, train 9718

A nice colour print of a Yeovil train, No 9718 with 3 carriages, waiting on the down platform.

langport88      Langport        1875?  A photo of Langport Church from the south

An 1870’s carte de visite by C Payne of Langport shows an early view of the church from the south. Just to the south of the church, on the slope, is a long, large greenhouse, and to the left of that is an unusual dome shaped greenhouse structure, partially obscured by trees.

langport89      Langport                    A photo of Langport West station.

Looking south from next to the footbridge. The signal box is in the distance on the right.

langport90      Langport                    Langport East Station

Looking west towards the station there are 5 men stood on the track. The man on the right looks to be dressed in Italian army uniform. The rear of the card is printed ‘Cartolina Postale’ which confirms its Italian origin. The man on the left wears a different hat, to the other three in the middle wearing typical flatcaps, he could also be foreign. The station master stands up on the platform behind them. Next to him are some cone shaped milk churns. Opened in 1906, the station closed in 1962.

langport91      Langport        c1880  Langport from the railway station

Amazing early albumen print measuring 265mm x 172mm, the view being from the bank above Frog Lane, just west of the station, looking east towards the bridge over the river. Langport station was opened in 1853 on the line from Durston to Yeovil. There is a multitude of detail in the view. The station itself has several signs saying ‘Lloyds News’, ‘Sadlers Mustard’, and  Phoenix Fire Office’. Interestingly the station sign just says ‘Langport’, and not the Langport West that appears on later pictures. Not until the main line was extended through & past Langport, and Langport East station built in 1906, was it necessary to identify it separately. At Westover Cox’s New Inn is visible, and in front of the warehouse buildings, now Great Western House next to the river, are several lines of Sully goods wagons with a number of horse and carts/waggons in attendance. Wagon No’s 302 & 143 are visible. On the north side of the bridge, on the east bank, a boat is moored and cargo being off loaded onto a horse and wagon. Possibly a crane being used? The Portlake rhine or Catchwater can be seen to the right of and behind Great Western House to the right of the picture.

langport92      Langport        1920    Langport from Herds Hill

View from the Frog lane junction looking back east across the bridge. A number of coal waggons sit on the railway siding, one is marked ‘Bradford & Sons Ltd No20 Yeovil’ and ‘Sully & Co Coal Factors’. The small building next to what will become the weighbridge, is signed ‘Bradford & Sons’.

langport93      Langport 1906 View from Recreation Field, Langport

North Street near the junction with Eastover, this elevated view from the old recreation ground looks across and past the brick house to the railway viaduct in the distance. Seven of the arches can be seen. The view to the viaduct is probably not possible any more due to the building of a house in the line of sight.

langport94      Langport                    Newtown nr Langport

Newtown Inn on a pub sign hangs outside a building beyond the houses in the foreground.

langport95      Langport                    The Bridge, Langport


langport96      Langport                    Langport from the Moor Bridge


langport97      Langport        1961    Langport West GWR 13/1/61

The 12.50 Taunton to Yeovil Town stops for parcels traffic, loco 4604 0-6-0PT. A photo by G Gammell.

langport98      Langport        1904    Bow Street, Langport


langport99      Langport        1949    River Parrett, Langport

Full detailed photographic card, looking north from Bow Bridge.

langport100    Langport                    No Legend but is a view of Langport Post Office


langport101    Langport        1906    Huish Church, Near Langport


langport102    Langport                    North Street, Langport


langport103    Langport                    Langport West Station


langport104    Langport        1908    Bow Street, Langport


langport105    Langport        1915    St Mary's Church, Huish, Langport


langport106    Langport        1905    Langport


langport107    Langport        1962    Engine 6113 at Langport West station


langport108    Langport                    No legend but is of Langport West Station


lowham01 Low Ham Low Ham

Rare view of the church from across the road. Old Manor Farm is the building on the right.

LOXLEY1     Loxley woods 1912    Loxley woods with lone cyclist

The A39 Glastonbury road at the junction to Shapwick, in 1912. One cyclist stands holding his machine in the middle of the road, while in the distance a workman is breaking stones for the road surface, working on one of several heaps of stone placed along the grass verge. The road sign says ‘Shapwick & Westhay’.

LOXLEY2      Loxley woods             Swains Jumps,Loxley wood

LOXLEY3      Loxley woods 1942    Loxley woods with lone car in distance

lyng01 LYNG                        View of Lyng

Looking east out of East Lyng towards Burrowbridge A cart stands loaded with boxes. A man walks down the rough unkempt single track road.

martock01       Martock           1910    Martock Station

View of the station building looking south east from the signal box. A porter sits on the edge of the platform. An advert mentions W & A Gilbey.

martock02      Martock         1960    Martock station from the west incl train No 5563

Colour photo with 5563 having arrived from Yeovil.

MZOY01        MIDDLEZOY           1966    The Barn House Stores &George Inn


MZOY02        MIDDLEZOY                       The School,Middlezoy

View from Church road looking north towards the school.

MZOY03        MIDDLEZOY           1908    Middlezoy School

Classic photo of the school, children in the playground and in the road, and an old motorcycle parked in the road. One of the views shown in mzoy10.

MZOY04        MIDDLEZOY           1951    Post office corner Middlezoy

Slightly blurred view of post office corner with milk churns on a stand.

MZOY05        MIDDLEZOY            1906    Middlezoy Church

MZOY06        MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy house, Middlezoy


MZOY07        MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy

View looking north up main road towards J Bown’s shop. Quite early view as electricity poles had only 2 struts.

MZOY08        MIDDLEZOY                       Thatched Houses, Middlezoy

Lovely view of thatched houses near post office corner.

MZOY09        MIDDLEZOY            1917    Sweet Solitude

MZOY10        MIDDLEZOY                       Greetings from Middlezoy

Classic  7 view card of the village. Each view is a postcard in its own right.

MZOY11        MIDDLEZOY                       Holy Cross Church Middlezoy

View inside the church looking towards the altar. Hymns 421, 221, 424, 223 listed on wall plaque.

mzoy12           MIDDLEZOY                       View looking South from Middlezoy Church Tower

Wonderful colour photo looking out over the village down along church road in a south westerly direction. The old water pump or well in the foreground

mzoy13           MIDDLEZOY                        Holy Cross Church Middlezoy

mzoy14           MIDDLEZOY           1927    The School,Middlebury

View looking up church road from the side of the school wall, with a mis spelt name of ‘Midllebury’ on the card.

mzoy15           MIDDLEZOY                       Church Road, Middlezoy

Another view looking north up church road, but from further south.

mzoy16           MIDDLEZOY           1910?  Birds Eye View of Middlezoy

Amazingly detailed  b & w view from the tower. Another view from mzoy10 similar to mzoy12. The old mission hall, next to the post office can be clearly seen, as can the many haystacks and many other features.

mzoy17           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy Village Somerset

A view looking ‘up’ from post office corner.

mzoy18           MIDDLEZOY            1949    Middlezoy, Photo of. Not a postcard

mzoy19           MIDDLEZOY            1949    Middlezoy, Photo of. Not a postcard

mzoy20           MIDDLEZOY            1949    Middlezoy, Photo of. Not a postcard

mzoy21           MIDDLEZOY            1949    Middlezoy, Photo of. Not a postcard

mzoy22           MIDDLEZOY           1905?  Middlezoy

An interesting view of where main road meets the Bridgwater to Othery road. The old thatched house shown on the corner is no longer there.

mzoy23           MIDDLEZOY           1898    Sedgemoor from Middlezoy

View looking out over towards Bridgwater and Westonzoyland from Windmill hill. Two men with scythes cutting grass.

mzoy24           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy

View looking north along church road, with the school and then the church in the distance. A haycart being pulled by one horse, and 7 children standing in the road. Similar view to Mzoy15, but earlier, as trees are much smaller and younger, also there are no electricity poles or wires in this view.

mzoy25           MIDDLEZOY           1915    Interior of Church Middlezoy

A view showing the inside of the church looking towards the altar. Includes the panel showing hymn numbers, 479, 290, 182, 541. No 6 from mzoy10 ‘Greetings from Middlezoy’.

mzoy26           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy(a view on moor road/A372 corner)

A view looking up Main Road (Pound Road) from the junction on the A372 & Moor Road. A road sign on the wall indicates that the A372 goes through the village at the ‘Townsend’ part of the village, along Main Road. According to ‘A History of the County of Somerset, Vol 8’, the route across the aerodrome to Westonzoyland was closed off from 1943 to 1969, so the postcard must be from within that period.

mzoy27           MIDDLEZOY                        Coats farm, Middlezoy

mzoy28           MIDDLEZOY                       Country Round, Middlezoy

A view of Middlezoy from the ‘old’ road about half a mile before reaching Thorngrove

mzoy29            MIDDLEZOY              Greetings from Middlezoy(5 views)

A multi view card showing 4 views of ‘the village’, and 1 of ‘Holy Cross Church’.

mzoy30           MIDDLEZOY                        The Church, Middlezoy

mzoy31           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy Village Somerset

A view coming into the village from Westonzoyland.

mzoy32           MIDDLEZOY                       No legend but is a view of the church

A view from the south shows the corner of a building where the new graveyard now lies.

mzoy33           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy

Thatched cottages on post office corner.

mzoy34           MIDDLEZOY           c1938  J Bown's Stores on Main Road.

An old photo giving a splendid view of ‘The Stores’, as it was known. Attached to the family house, it was run mainly by Mrs. Annie Bown, wife of Mr James Bown, whose name appears on the shop sign. Various old advertising signs are fixed to the walls, including, Mansion Polish, Colmans mustard & Starch, Lyons tea, Biggs ???, Brooke Bond tea, Lifebuoy soap, and others.

mzoy35           MIDDLEZOY           c1911  Coronation cottage, Main Road.

Coronation cottage was to the east of James Bown’s Shop, ‘The Stores’ along main road.

mzoy36           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy Village, Somerset

This view, looking north towards the crossroads next the George Inn, gives a good view of the peculiar house on the left. Close examination of the brickwork to the left of the front porch shows that it was clearly built in 2 stages.

mzoy37           MIDDLEZOY                       No legend but is the church from the SW

This appears to be an early photo taken by A Squibbs, Artist & Photographer, Crown Studio, Fore Street, Bridgwater. The legend on the back of the card on which the photo is mounted also says ‘Awarded 3 medals’. The picture itself is a view of the south side of the church, taken from the south west, from the field to the west side of the road. 

mzoy38           MIDDLEZOY           1904    Middlezoy

An early view of the church from the south west, from the Brereton collection

mzoy39           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy Village, Somerset

A photographic view looking west along Main Road to the south west of the village. The brick house on the left is No16 &16a, Whiteheads Farm, then on the corner at the turning left to Holloway Road, is Orchard House. In the distance on the left is Abbeymeade Farm, almost the last building as you go out of the village heading to Thorngrove. The white house on the right is Rock farm No 11, that has a plaque on the wall saying 1752. On the 1900 OS map there were very few houses along that part of Main Road, most of the fields along there contained orchards.

mzoy40           MIDDLEZOY           1949    The George Inn, Middlezoy

This negative is of The George Inn pub,  Middlezoy, Somerset in 1949 and shows a view looking from the south. An original 1949 negative from the Ashley Series archive of photographs (which was produced between 1938 and 1956 by photographer Donald Birkinshaw.The Archive lay un-discovered for many years until 1997, when it was purchased from the Birkinshaw family, and has proved to be a very Rare Archive covering the II World War period, when photographic film and equipment was expensive and hard to find.

Donald Ashley Birkinshaw was born on August 29th 1922 and attended Nottingham High School and Whitgift Grammar School, Croydon. From an early age the countryside, photography and classical music were his hobbies. His photographs were accepted for county magazines as early as 1938. He joined the civil service in 1939 working for the Home office, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Agriculture until 1946, the following year he produced his "Ashley Series" of postcards and calendars. He stopped production in about 1953 as purchase tax made his profit margin too small to continue. He died on June 25th 1988.

mzoy41           MIDDLEZOY           1920    Middlezoy

An early view looking north from near the George Inn. Must be quite early as there is no electricity pole next to the pub.

mzoy42           MIDDLEZOY           1949    The George Inn, Middlezoy

This negative is of The George Inn pub,  Middlezoy, Somerset in 1949 and shows a view looking from the north. An original 1949 negative from the Ashley Series archive of photographs (which was produced between 1938 and 1956 by photographer Donald Birkinshaw.

mzoy43           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy Village, Somerset. (Past the school towards the church)

This view is taken from the road outside the school playground looking in the direction of the church.

mzoy44           MIDDLEZOY                       Middlezoy Village, Somerset. (The old hut opposite the PO)

Looking west along Main road towards the junction with the southern end of Church road with the old hut on the right hand side just beyond the thatched cottage.

mzoy45           MIDDLEZOY                       Church Rd, Middlezoy

A slightly fuzzy photo looking up Church road towards the church.

mzoy46           MIDDLEZOY           1914    Middlezoy School 1914


minehead01    Minehead                   Minehead

minehead02     Minehead        1905    Promenade and North Hill, Minehead

minehead03     Minehead                    Minehead from North Hill

minehead04    Minehead                   Minehead, Birds eye view

A similar view to 03. but earlier in date.

minehead05    Minehead                   Beach & North Hill Minehead

Lovely early view of the beach, sand, pebbles, & rocks, looking towards North Hill.

minehead06    Minehead                   Parade & Avenue, Minehead

Looking up into the town along the tree avenue from the parade by the train station, which is on the left indicated by its white picket fencing. No cars visible, just a few horse & carts.

minehead07    Minehead       1906    Minehead, North Hill


minehead08    Minehead       1904    Minehead. The Esplanade and North Hill


minehead09    Minehead       1915    Minehead. The Pier


minehead10    Minehead       1918    Minehead: Pier & Steamer


minehead11    Minehead       1911    Coaches at Minehead Station

A very busy view outside the station buildings with 1 stagecoach with 4 horses, and 5 or 6 horse and carriages. Several trains are visible in the background. 

minehead12    Minehead                   Pleasure Steamer at Minehead Harbour


minehead13    Minehead       1957    The Harbour, Minehead


minehead14    Minehead                   Minehead sands


minehead15    Minehead                   The Quay Minehead


minehead16    Minehead                   The Donkey sands, Minehead


minehead17    Minehead                   By the quay Minehead

minehead18    Minehead       1927    Minehead Quay

minehead19    Minehead       1915    Minehead Sands


minehead20    Minehead                   Promenade and North Hill, Minehead


minehead21    Minehead                   Minehead Promenade


minehead22    Minehead                   Beach & Promenade, Minehead


minehead23    Minehead       1905    The Avenue & Esplanade, Minehead


minehead24    Minehead       1907    The Promenade, North Hill, Minehead


ml01    Moorlinch        1906    View looking up the hill

Colour view looking up the hill from just beyond the vineyard turning(Spring Lane?) with a horse and cart proceeding up the hill in the distance. Two children sit on the doorstep on the left, three play by the stream on the right, and a very small girl stands in the road.

ml02    Moorlinch                    Moorlinch church

South aspect of the church

ml03    Moorlinch      1976    Moorlynch

View looking up the hill near the bottom, with a stone barn on the left

ml04    Moorlinch      1960    Old Cottages Moorlynch


ml05    Moorlinch                  Moorlynch

Unusual view looking down towards the east window of the church from up on the hill.

ml06    Moorlinch                  Moorlynch (Looking down the hill to the Ring of Bells)

Looking down the road to the pub.

ml07    Moorlinch                  Moorlynch

Looking down across the fields to the gate that used to be on the inside of the bend opposite the Ring of Bells Pub.

ncurry01        North Curry  1909    Queens Monument, North Curry

Looking towards the shop & post office on the corner.

ncurry02        North Curry  1904    North Curry

An early view of the church from the south west. Note on the print says ’Fine late 13th century tower and transept window.’

npetherton01 North Petherton                    Fore Street, North Petherton

View looking east along Fore Street towards the Clarence Hotel and Motor Garage (now the Walnut Tree Hotel). Charlton Beers were sold there and Luncheons and Teas with sandwiches. Opposite was a garage with a BP sign hanging there. No cars on the road, just 2 horse and carts. On the right were the railings and entrance gates to the church.

npetherton02 North Petherton        1905    Post Office, North Petherton

Early card in tatty condition shows several shops with people posing outside. One of these is signed ‘Manchester Rd’ and below ‘N Petherton Scott’ which presumable is the post office and originator of this card. To the left is another shop with 2 male shopkeepers wearing the white aprons of the time, talking with a gentleman in a bowler hat. Outside the Post Office building, in the road, appears to be a postman sat on a 2 wheeled cart with one horse. He appears to be wearing a postman’s peaked cap. The proprietor is probably the man standing in the doorway.

OTHERY01    OTHERY        1905    Othery church


OTHERY02   OTHERY       1946    The village of Othery

This view looking south was taken from the garden of a house near the bakery shop. There is a van turning right out of church lane. In the distance is a man on a bicycle turning into Lavis’s garage, on the left, carrying a large vehicle wheel.

OTHERY03   OTHERY       1965    The Main Road Othery

This view looking east towards the garage of WJ Lavis, car repairs, hire & accessories. It appeared to have 4 petrol pumps

OTHERY04    OTHERY                    The Church Othery

othery05          OTHERY                    The Village, Othery

othery06          OTHERY        1913    Othery church

othery07         OTHERY       1915?  The Chapel, Othery

Built in 1836, a schoolroom was added in 1883. You can see the 1883 set into the wall of the building. (ref British history on Line for Othery)

othery08         OTHERY                   The Village of Othery, Somerset

A view of the east end of the church from church lane.

othery09          OTHERY                    The Church, Othery

othery10         OTHERY                   The Chapel, Othery

Another view of the chapel , built in 1836. Further up the road a horse drawn wagon ambles up the road heading out of the village, followed by a man walking in the middle of the road.

othery11         OTHERY                   The church, Othery

This view from Fore Street looks north towards the church. An old access path to the church used to run up along the left hand side of the wall in this view, to the churchyard.

othery12          OTHERY                    High Street, Othery

othery13         OTHERY       1907    No legend but is a view from the tower looking SE

Superb photographic card looking down from the church tower towards the Castle Inn on Main Road.

othery14         OTHERY                   Othery

A lovely old view looking towards the London Hotel, with several people and a horse and cart in the street.

othery15         OTHERY                   The Main Road Othery

Nice view looking towards the post office on the right, from just beyond the London Inn, also on the right. On the left can be seen a big sign that says ‘High Class Grocers, H C Nelson, Sweets & Tobacco’, also a sign says ‘Lions teas sold here’. Just before that on the left, is the Stores.

othery16         OTHERY                   No legend but is marked as 'Othery'

Supposed view of a street in Othery, but where is it? A policeman poses in the middle of the road with his bike, while villagers lean on the walls as the photographer takes his picture. Is that the London Inn on the right, the brick house, and whats the interesting cottage with the crossed swords on the outside wall opposite?

othery17         OTHERY                   Nightingale Farm, Beer nr Othery

One time ancestral home of the Lockyer family in the hamlet of Beer about 1 mile east of Othery, and 1mile north of Aller.

othery18         OTHERY                   Bridgwater and Glastonbury roads, Othery

Looking north to the junction where the A372 crosses the A361. The A372 branches off to the left towards Middlezoy.

othery19 OTHERY 1955 The village of Othery, Somerset

A photographic view of the London Inn, a 'Starkeys Inn', looking west along the main road.

othery20         OTHERY       1996    The Church, Othery

View from the nave looking towards the altar, with the pulpit on the left. On the right, on the wall, a memorial to John Chard, born in nearby Pathe Farm.

othery21         OTHERY                   The Main Road, Othery

Looking west with ‘The Cedars’, a bed & breakfast place on the left.

othery22         OTHERY                   The Main Road, Othery

Looking towards the village with the Chapel on the right and the church tower in the distance. The Garfield Guest House is the first building on the right.

othery23         OTHERY                   A photo of the London Hotel

This is an old photo dating probably from the 1930’s, of the Inn/Hotel taken from the road. A sign above the door says ‘James Hine, Licensed retailer of Beer, Cider, Wines, Spirits and Tobacco’.

othery24         OTHERY                   Rye Lane Othery

Rye Lane house is the building on the right. In the distance is the church tower with part of the school building below and to the right of it. The long building beyond Rye Lane House is the rear of the Post Office building.

pawlett01        Pawlett                       Village of Pawlett, Nr Bridgwater

A superb aerial view looking north west over the village, the church, and the A38.

pawlett02        Pawlett                       Bridgwater Road, Pawlett

The old Bridgwater to Highbridge road, now called ‘Old Main Road’, used to turn left at the present south junction near the church and swing in past the Pawlett Stores, which was at the junction with Gaunts road. This postcard, dating from 1900-05, reveals on the back that a Mr William R Squance ran the Ilex stores at Huntspill and the  Pawlett Stores shown in the picture. This unusual surname Squance appears on the Pawlett shop front. Also in the picture is a group of nine young schoolboys a little further down the road.

ped01    Pedwell           1906    Pedwell House


pitney01          Pitney             Pitney church


pitney02          Pitney 1915    Pitney, nr Langport

A view taken from the west of the village near the road to High Ham.

pitney03          Pitney             No Legend but a note says Pitney House


porlock01   Porlock            1905    Lynton & Minehead coach at Ship Inn


porlock02       Porlock                       Hurlston Point Porlock


porlockweir01            Porlock Weir             Porlock Weir (View from the beach)


porlockweir02            Porlock Weir 1912    Porlock Weir ( View from the harbour wall)

porlockweir03            Porlock Weir 1904    Porlock Weir Road, Porlock

porlockweir04            Porlock Weir             Porlock Weir Road, Porlock


porlockweir05            Porlock Weir             Porlock Weir


portishead01  Portishead      1908    Parade & Battery Point


portishead02  Portishead      1911    Marine Lake, Portishead


puriton01       Puriton           1905?  The Schools, Puriton

Lovely old view looking towards the church with the school building on the left and many children standing in the road.

puriton02       Puriton           1907    St Michaels Church Puriton

South aspect of the church

puriton03       Puriton           1952    Puriton Hill and Inn

Rare view looking down the old road towards the Puriton Inn, the first building in view. The next house, Crossways Cottage, stands at the Downend road junction. This photo probably taken from where the old lower tramway track/path crossed Puriton Hill road.

puriton04       Puriton           1909    Puriton Village

Looking down Hillside road with the old Smithy the building on the right. The white building is probably Court House, and the buildings just in front of and to the left of the church are probably the school.

puriton05       Puriton           1906    The Quarry Puriton


sdjr01 Engine            1928    No 55 at Highbridge


sdjr02 Engine                        3F No 43216 at Radstock


sdjr03 Engine            1929    No 18 at Highbridge


sdjr04 Engine            1930    No 3218 at Highbridge


sdjr05 Carriages       1929    Carriages at Highbridge

Russ Garner, something of an expert on all things S&D, gave me the following info after examining the photo: Image was taken in the second half of 1929, on a cold overcast day. A number of views were taken by George Coltas’ father [see attached] during a photographic open day, so I can identify the loco as No.16, that had been withdrawn back in August 1928. The three modified carriages were the Highbridge Break Down set: Nearest carriage is a Highridge-built brake third, having had its ducket removed. Unfortunately the large driving wheels obscure the waist panel so it is impossible to say if there is any writing there. The only other vehicle I have seen resembling its modified design appears at Templecombe lower yard [see attached], many years later, albeit with metal hood door ventilators.  Middle carriage was an all third and was not built by Highbridge (note the higher arc roof profile) but has had its middle compartment modified to have a pair of doors. Furthest carriage was a brake third of Highbridge-modified vintage design, with its ducket at the end. There is writing on the central waist panel and this would have denoted its break down status, but as yet no number has been attributed to this vehicle. The middle and furthest vehicles lasted well beyond their expected lives and into BR days with the latter noted still in use during 1958 (what a good year!)


sdjr06 Engine                        No 55 at Highbridge


sdjr07 Engine                        No 30 at Highbridge


sdjr08 Engine            1920's  No 72 at Bath

sdjr09 Engine                        No 16

sdjr10 Engine                        No 17

sdjr11 Engine                        No 18

sdjr12 Engine                        No 5 with carriges


sandbay01      Sandbay                     No legend but is a view of Sandbay from the hill


shapwick01     Shapwick        1906    Ancient British Boat found at Shapwick


shapwick02    Shapwick       1963    2247 at Shapwick station


shapwick03    Shapwick       1907    Shapwick


som01 Somerton        1911    The Skue Bridge, Somerton


som02 Somerton                    From Etsome Hill

Looking north towards Glastonbury Tor and the Hood Monument with Dundon Hill to the upper left. Down below, Lugshorn lane with Etsome bridge over the river Cary, with Etsome farm just beyond the bridge.

stawell01         Stawell                        Stawell


taunton01       Taunton                     East Reach Taunton

Looking east along East Reach from the Silver Street junction. On the left is what looks like a drinking fountain. First shop visible on the left is J Tolman. On the right is E Brittons Refreshment Rooms. Coming up or going down the centre of the road is an electric tram. Two horse & carts are visible but that’s it, no cars.

taunton02       Taunton                     Taunton and Somerset Hospital

The old hospital on East Reach Road.

taunton03       Taunton         1908    Taunton from river


taunton04       Taunton         1911    Taunton Multi card


taunton05       Taunton         1906    Fore Street, Taunton


taunton06       Taunton                     East Reach Hill, Taunton


taunton07       Taunton                     East Street, Taunton


taunton08       Taunton         1905    The Parade, Taunton


TRIS 1            Triscombe Stone         1905    Triscombe Stone


uphill01          Uphill              Uphill looking seawards


uphill02          Uphill              Uphill Old Church, Weston Super Mare


uphill03          Uphill  1951    The Beach, Uphill


uphill04          Uphill  1915    Uphill Village, Weston Super Mare


watchet01 Watchet           1930    Watchet Harbour


watchet02           Watchet          1960?  The Harbour, Watchet

Lovely colour shot of the harbour as it used to look.

watchet03       Watchet                      Watchet from Cleeve Hill

A lovely old view looking down on the west end of the town and the WSM railway as it snakes its way through the buildings.


watchet04       Watchet                      General View, Watchet

Early view of the harbour and town

watchet05       Watchet                      The Harbour from the cliffs, Watchet


watchet06       Watchet                      Watchet From Pleasure Grounds


wsm01 Weston Super Mare    1912    Knightstone Pavilion & baths.


wsm02 Weston Super Mare    1933    General view shows electric trams


wsm03 Weston Super Mare    1950    Views


wsm04 Weston Super Mare                The Sands


wsm05 Weston Super Mare    1860    Birnbeck Island(Lithograph print)


wsm06 Weston Super Mare    1983    The Promenade and Knightstone Causeway, Weston Super Mare


wsm07 Weston Super Mare  1920    Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare


wsm08 Weston Super Mare              Regent St, Weston Super Mare

To the right of the picture a sign on a building says Macfarlane & sons,  Importers of wines.

wsm09 Weston Super Mare              The Green Lawns Weston Super Mare

Looking south from Regents Street

wsm10 Weston Super Mare  1911    Weston Super Mare Esplanade & Lawns

Looking south from Regents Street

wsm11 Weston Super Mare  1903    Weston Super Mare


wsm12 Weston Super Mare              Weston Super Mare(5 views)

Early colour card wiyj views of Anchor Head, Madeira Cove, The Sea Lawns Fountain, The Happy sands, General view from Encampment.

wsm13 Weston Super Mare  1905    Weston Super Mare from the sea


wsm14 Weston Super Mare  1906    Weston Super Mare from Pavilion


wsm15 Weston Super Mare              Regent Street, Weston Super Mare


wsm16 Weston Super Mare  c1880  View of Weston Super Mare from


wsm17 Weston Super Mare  1905    Pier Pavilion, Weston Super Mare


wsm18 Weston Super Mare  1906    Weston Super Mare, Birnbech Pier


wsm19 Weston Super Mare  1921    The Old Pier, from Kewstoke Woods, Weston Super Mare


wsm20 Weston Super Mare              Weston Super Mare, Grand Pier & Lawns


wsm21 Weston Super Mare              Weston Super Mare, Knightstone Sands


wsm22 Weston Super Mare              Weston Super Mare. Promenade & Pavilion


wsm23 Weston Super Mare  1915    General View, Weston Super Mare

Shows the 1500ft pier extension built in 1907, intended for ships to moor at. Unfortunately the strong currents made this impossible and it was dismantled.

wsm24 Weston Super Mare  1905    Knightstone Pavilion, Weston Super Mare


wsm25 Weston Super Mare              Huntley's Beach Hotel and Restaurant, Weston Super Mare


wsm26 Weston Super Mare              Marine Promenade, Weston Super Mare


wsm27 Weston Super Mare              Anchor Head, Weston Super Mare


wsm28 Weston Super Mare              Waterchute, Old Pier, Weston Super Mare


wsm29 Weston Super Mare  1912    Roof Garden Shelter, Weston Super Mare


wsm30 Weston Super Mare  1907    Weston Super Mare, The Grove


wsm31 Weston Super Mare  1927    Anchor Head and Old Pier, Weston Super Mare


wsm32 Weston Super Mare  1910    Anchor Head, Weston Super Mare


wsm33 Weston Super Mare              Weston Super Mare, Rozel shelter


wsm34 Weston Super Mare  1936    Weston Super Mare Cove Orchestra


wsm37 Weston Super Mare  1905    Knightstone Pavilion, Weston Super Mare

Lovely early coloured view shows the tide right in with 3 or 4 sailing ships moored up

wsm38 Weston Super Mare              Marine Parade, Glenworth Cove, Weston Super Mare

Early view looking towards Anchor Head, shows people in period costume strolling along the Promenade.

wsm39 Weston Super Mare  1908    Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare

View of the pier from the rather deserted sands on the south side.

wsm40 Weston Super Mare              The Fountain, Clarence Park, Weston Super Mare

Lovely view of families in period clothing gathered around the railings of the fountain on a perfect sunny spring day with the tulips out in the nearby garden.

wsm41 Weston Super Mare              The Boating Slip, Weston Super Mare


wsm42 Weston Super Mare              Children's Sailing Pond & Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare


wsm43 Weston Super Mare              General view of Weston Super Mare


wsm44 Weston Super Mare              The sands Weston Super Mare


wsm45 Weston Super Mare  1925    Weston Super Mare. The Rozel shelter


wsm46 Weston Super Mare  1961    Prince Consort Gardens and Old Pier, Weston Super Mare


wsm47 Weston Super Mare  1937    Marine Lake and Madeira Cove, Weston Super Mare


wsm48 Weston Super Mare              Weston Super Mare, Royal Parade.


wsm49 Weston Super Mare              Huntley's Beach Hotel & Retaurant


wsm50 Weston Super Mare  1925    Weston Super Mare. The two Bays and Opera House.


wsm51 Weston Super Mare  1905    The Town Hall, Weston Super Mare


wz01   Westonzoyland                      The Sedgemoor Battlefield

Looking north along the track with the battlefield memorial just visible on the left.

wz02   Westonzoyland                      The River Parrett,Westonzoyland

Looking south along the river Parrett with the Andersea pumping station on the left and probably Whiting’s farm, Moorland on the right. The picture was probably taken from near Moorland farm on the Westonzoyland or north side of the river.

wz03   Westonzoyland          1938    St Mary's Church, Westonzoyland

The church and tower from the road.

wz04   Westonzoyland                      A Famous Tower.Church of St Mary Weston Zoyland

South aspect of the church probably from across the road in a field.

wz05   Westonzoyland          1939    The three bridges Westonzoyland

The actual location of this is on the back road at the junction for the turning that goes to Andersea. The view is looking south in the direction of Andersea, with the road to the left going to Westonzoyland & Burrowbridge, the road to the right to Bridgwater.

wz06   Westonzoyland                      The Cornhill, Westonzoyland

Looking east along Main Road past the Three Greyhounds Hotel as it was then known, next to the church.

wz07   Westonzoyland          1905    Church of St Mary Westonzoyland

Old photo of the church taken from the field opposite.

wz08   Westonzoyland          1982    Westonzoyland from tower, looking west


wz09     Westonzoyland          1912    Westonzoyland

A view looking north towards post office corner. The railings of the Methodist chapel can be seen on the right hand side.

wz10   Westonzoyland           1946    Battle of Sedgemoor Memorial Stone, Westonzoyland

wz11   Westonzoyland          1917    Standards Road Westonzoyland

A view looking east along Standards road towards the church, with a solitary cyclist in the road.

wz12   Westonzoyland           1925?  Westonzoyland Church from the Pool

Lake Wall road in the foreground leads onto School road in the distance heading towards the church, with Place Drove road coming in from the right.

wz13   Westonzoyland          1925?  High Street, Westonzoyland

An elevated  colour view from the church tower,  looking southeast to the airfield where tents and hangars can be seen. Immediately below is a tennis court and open fields, opposite the Sunday school building where today Southview road and lots of houses are located.

wz14   Westonzoyland                       The Church Interior, Westonzoyland

wz15   Westonzoyland                      Sedgemoor Battlefield & Westonzoyland Church.

An elevated  view from the Chedzoy lane area looking south east towards Westonzoyland across fields with the church tower in the distance, in the middle of the picture, and Burrow Mump off to the right hand side. The actual battlefield site would have been out of the picture further to the left hand side, but it is however only several hundred yards out of shot.

wz16   Westonzoyland          1925    Westonzoyland

A view of the Post Office to the left, and the Three Greyhounds Hotel, proprietor George A Seaman.

wz17   Westonzoyland                      The Church Tower & Three Greyhounds Hotel

Another view of the Post Office and the Three Greyhounds Hotel, proprietor George A Seaman.

wz18   Westonzoyland          1951    Standards, from the tower, Westonzoyland

A view from the tower looking west out over Standards road with the A372 to Bridgwater in the distance.

wz19   Westonzoyland          1940?  RAF camp, Westonzoyland

Possibly a view looking north eastwards towards Greylake from the road that cut across the airfield to Middlezoy. A large number of tents of various sizes, and two lorries, one with the medical cross on its side presumably used as an ambulance. Note from  ‘A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 8’  : The former Weston open field  which stretched eastwards into Middlezoy became the site of annual summer training camps for the Royal Air Force between 1926 and 1939. In 1940 it became a 'fully-fledged self-accounting station' and in the following year at least one house in the village and the village hall were commandeered when it became a camp for training pilots to bomb gun positions and two gliders. In 1943 the runways were extended and the Middlezoy road diverted; in 1944 the coming of a large unit from the United States in preparation for the D-Day landings involved new buildings in Westonzoyland and Middlezoy. The station was virtually abandoned in 1946, revived in 1952, and was closed in 1958.

wz20   Westonzoyland          1906    No legend, but is a view of the church

A rare early view, shows a group of people, mostly children, standing in the road alongside a high wall on the East side of the church.

wz21   Westonzoyland                      The village, Westonzoyland

A view approaching the sharp left hand corner from Bridgwater, in the centre of the village, shows several old cars parked up, and the Monmouth guest house on the left.

wz22   Westonzoyland          1960?  Weston Zoyland from Tower looking East

A view from the tower looking SE across the aerodrome towards Middlezoy. Only clue to its date is a minivan parked on the road below putting it in the 1960’s. A large sign on the side of a house says ‘Notaro, bungalows for sale’. Southview road, opposite the old Sunday/ weekly school room  building, appears to be just a track. In the distance you can just make out the petrol garage on the corner at the junction of Townsend and Main road.

wz23   Westonzoyland          1939    The Village, Westonzoyland

A view along the main road just past the church, no cars, but plenty of horse muck along the road. On the right is the old Sunday/ weekly school room  building.

wz24   Westonzoyland                      Westonzoyland

This is a view looking north along School road towards Fore street and the church. It must be a quite early view because the road looks like a mud track. On the right hand side is the wall and railings of the school. On the left hand side stands a white house that must have been demolished as its not there now.

wz25   Westonzoyland                      Unveiling Sedgmoor Memorial

An interesting view of a ceremony involving local dignitaries, and Army men playing a fanfare on trumpets. Lots of people facing the camera make this a picture worth looking closely at.

wz26   Westonzoyland           1935    No legend but is a view of the church

wz27   Westonzoyland                      Fore Street, Westonzoyland

A lovely old view looking east along Fore Street towards the shop and the pub on the corner, with one old car outside the shop and another parked nearer the cameraman with the registration YD 9622. On the front of the pub it says ‘Bruttons Yeovil Ales’. This pub was called ‘The Shoulder of Mutton’  then ‘ The Fisherman’s Arms’. William Spurdle, was the innkeeper at the Shoulder of Mutton in Westonzoyland according to his descendant Claire Pepperd.

wz28   Westonzoyland          1910    Westonzoyland

A view probably looking west along Fore street, with Load Lane immediately on the left and Standards Road in the distance on the right . A lone man strolls along the road. No telegraph or electricity poles visible.

wz29   Westonzoyland                      The site of the Battle of Sedgemoor,Westonzoyland

A man and his dog stand in the field looking at the memorial.

wz30   Westonzoyland                      No Legend but is of WZ Pumping Station

A fairly modern card of the pumping station in glorious colour.

wz31   Westonzoyland          1954    The Village, Westonzoyland

Looking west along Main road towards the Sedgemoor Inn. A cart stands on the roadside outside the ............Hall.

wz32   Westonzoyland          1938    Westonzoyland from the level

A view across the fields to the church from the south from the Thorngrove road.

wz33   Westonzoyland          1905    Bussex Rhine, Sedgemoor


wz34   Westonzoyland                      St Mary's road and church, Westonzoyland Somerset


wz35   Westonzoyland                      Church and Main road, Westonzoyland Somerset

A fairly modern view similar to wz31, ie looking west along Main road near the church.

wz36   Westonzoyland                      Lake Wall, Westonzoyland

Looking south past the school on the left, with 4 men with caps standing to the side of the road obviously watching the photographer. Possibly a gas lamp on the left hand side of the road. No electricity or telegraph poles. Lake wall would have been in the distance just out of view.

wz37   Westonzoyland                      Westonzoyland, Coronation day, June 22nd 1911

Interesting scene of the procession through the village with 2 horses at the front, one ridden by a serviceman, followed by a brass band, then followed by schoolchildren waving Union Jack flags.

wz38   Westonzoyland                      Fore Street, Westonzoyland

Photographic view looking east along Fore Street with Standards road off to the left.

wz39   Westonzoyland          ?          Westonzoyland

Looking east along Main Road towards Townsend. Two horse and carts and two lads with bikes in the road. A quite early view as there are no telegraph or electricity poles in the view at all, must be at least circa 1905.

wz40   Westonzoyland          1906    Westonzoyland Church

Very early view of the church and The Three Greyhounds Hotel. Also the house next to the hotel which at this time was thatched.

wz41 Westonzoyland Weston Zoyland Coronation Day June 22nd 1911

A crowd of men outside the three Greyhounds Inn. A banner says 'God save the King'. A sign shows Walter J Heard was the proprietor of the Inn.

wz42   Westonzoyland          1904    Westonzoyland

An early view of the church from the south east.

wz43   Westonzoyland                      Westonzoyland from the tower


woolav01        Woolavington            1907    Church of St Mary, Woolavington


woolav02        Woolavington            1956    Woolavington village


woolav03        Woolavington                        5 views of Woolavington


woolav04        Woolavington                        5 views of Woolavington


woolav05        Woolavington                        The Post Office, Woolavington

No10 is the white house on the left. Attached to it was the Old Post Office.

woolav06        Woolavington                        The Village, Woolavington

Cottages on the south side at the west end of Lower Road.

woolav07        Woolavington                        Loxwell, Woolavington

Lockswell farm is the white house on the right in this view.

woolav08        Woolavington                        The Village, Woolavington


woolav09        Woolavington                        The Village, Woolavington


woolav10        Woolavington                        The Church, Woolavington


woolav11        Woolavington                        No legend but is a view of the church & White Lion Inn









Southport Beach Nathaniel Hawthorne , an American saw the Flying Dutchman going up & down the beach during 1856/7. First seen in 1842.