This research covers a branch of the Bown family from Middlezoy (Mzoy), near Bridgwater, Somerset, UK, originating with my 5x great grandfather, William Bown1724, 7 generations back.


  My male line of descent is as follows:   William Bown1724, William Bown1751, John Bown1775, Charles Bown1815, Walter Bown1843, James Bown1873


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1:           How to access my Family History research at Rootsweb.

2:           Summary of Main Bown Ancestors:

3:           Albert Bown1872, who emigrated to Illinois in the USA in 1890.

4:           Middlezoy Bown Houses. Study of some of the family houses.






You can  go to  Rootsweb World Connect Family Tree and see all my ancestors at the following page:


When you get there, select a letter corresponding to the surname you require, then select an individual from the list.

You can then display various information about that individual.

‘Pedigree’ for example, draws a rather nice family tree showing that individual’s ancestors.

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You can also look at a pictorial display of many of the Bown’s of Middlezoy & Othery  at Bown Tree

If this does not display properly in your browser, you can download an excel file  Download  Bown Tree into Excel





2:   Summary of Main Ancestors:


RICHARD BOWN  m Mary ???? c 1722.


WILLIAM  BOWN(1724-1779) of Mzoy m       Frances Butler (????)of Currey Rivel in 1746.


WILLIAM BOWN (1751-1829) of Mzoy m       Hannah Perratt  of Middlezoy (1750-1822)in1773 @ Middlezoy


JOHN BOWN (1775-1859) of Mzoy m          HANNAH Bartlett of Pitney(1778-1854)in 1797 @ Middlezoy


CHARLES BOWN(1815-1881) of Mzoy m         MARY Keirle of Middlezoy (1822-c1891)in 1842 @ Middlezoy


WALTER BOWN (1843-1910) of Mzoy m ELIZA Jane Lockyer of  Middlezoy (1855-1936) in 1871 @ Bridgwater


JAMES BOWN (1873-1968) of Mzoy m             ANNIE Callow of Burrowbridge(1881-1956) in 1907 @ Middlezoy





3:  Albert Bown

ALBERT BOWN(1872-1947), brother to James Bown mentioned above, emigrated to the USA in 1890 when 18yrs old. We now know he sailed on the ship ‘Majestic’ from Liverpool arriving in New York on July 3rd 1890. He initially stayed in Alton, Illinois with his uncle, Richard Field Lockyer and his wife Emma. In 1902 he married Helena Katherine Hilker. In 1904 Rachel Elizabeth was born. In 1906 Helen Grace was born.

Albert died in 1947, Helena in 1937.




The Bown families lived in various houses in and around Middlezoy.


To look at a study of some of what’s known to date, go to    https://dbown100.tripod.com/middlezoybownhouses.htm