The Wesleyan Methodist Church in Middlezoy.        4th March  2006



The ‘New’ Wesleyan Methodist Church was built in 1898 of orange-red and yellow brick, to replace the smaller chapel built in 1847, the new building had seating for 154 persons.


Around the outside of the building, set into a number of light coloured stones, are the names of various benefactors who, it is presumed, contributed to the cost of building the church.


One corner stone, on the front left corner, refers to having been laid on 19th May 1898 by Miss E Wyburn, and also says ‘Hadley Manor Barnet’ What does this mean? (For some clues to this see bottom of page)

The other corner stone was laid by Mrs L King .


Inside this church there are a number of plaques referring to various named persons.

One such plaque inside the church refers to one Elijah Barnstable ‘Who generously gave the site for this place of worship’. He fell asleep Oct 23rd 1898 aged 80years. 

Also inside the church is another plaque referring to Walter Bown, ‘one of the honoured founders of the Middlezoy Total Abstinence Society in connection with which he toiled for 30 years’. He fell asleep Oct 8th 1910.


Photographs of most of these objects, and views from inside and outside  were taken in Feb 2006.

Detailed pictures below, and an album of  thumbnails below that.


wmc01.jpg  Walter & Eliza Bown

wmc02.jpg   Elijah & Ann Barnstable

wmc03.jpg   Mr & Mrs F Callow

wmc04.jpg    Andrew & Violet Hutchings

wmc05.jpg    Myrtle Annie Gillard

wmc06.jpg    Lillian Ella Chinn

wmc07.jpg   Florence Minnie Darby

wmc08.jpg  Mrs A Tucker,  L E Chinn, Mrs W C Harris

wmc09.jpg    Mr W Slocombe, Mrs W Crawford, Mrs M Ling    wmc12.jpg   Mrs M Ling

wmc10.jpg    Miss E Wyburn, Hugh Bevan Esq, Mrs W Bouchier   wmc13.jpg   Miss E Wyburn

wmc11.jpg    Mrs J Harris, H O Stone, Mrs John Coombs.


Album of thumbnails of all the pictures taken……wmcalbum01.jpg











Notes about Methodism: (From ‘ A vision of Britain through time’,

The Wesleyan Methodists were the second largest group after the Church of England, with 15% of all attendances. Originally led by John and Charles Wesley, by 1851 they had divided into two main sections, the Wesleyan Methodist Association and the much larger Wesleyan Methodist Original Connexion. Their geographical distributions were quite similar, and very different from the Calvinistic Methodists. The Calvinistic Methodists were the followers of George Whitfield (1714-69), who broke away from the Wesley brothers who originally founded Methodism.



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