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           The listing is by the ancestors name, in alphabetical order (Albert through to William),  under the following headings:


Descendants of William Bown1724 Middlezoy.





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Descendants  of William Bown1724 Middlezoy.



Dave Bown  UK                                              


 The following  Middlezoy Bown's:  William Bown1724>William Bown1751>John Bown1775>Charles Bown1815>Walter Bown1843>James Bown1874>Walter Bown1920. Also  Albert Bown , b1872,Middlezoy who emigrated to Illinois.


Audrey Garretson  USA              Albert Bown , b1872 Middlezoy to Illinois.


120202 Morris Bown UK  Alfred Bown b1866 Middlezoy  m Eliza Jane Emery b1867



210806  Rob Clarke  UK   Joshua Bown1818 of Othery, son of Mary Bown1787. George Bown1856, son of Joshua, married  Elizabeth Callow.


021202Ron L Bown      USA  John Bown b1837 & Charlotte Sawtell of Othery to Illinois.

170807Bill  McLean      USA  (was       John Bown b1837 & Charlotte Sawtell of Othery to Illinois

021202Julie Baliva         USA          John Bown b1837 & Charlotte Sawtell of Othery to Illinois



Gary Bown       USA   John Bown b 1828 Othery m Louise Hucker, & two children (Charles & Rosanna) emigrated to Morgan Co, USA 1867.William Bown1751>William Bown1774> Robert Bown1794 > John Bown1828

Tim Perry        William Bown1774 > Robert Bown1794 > John Bown1828 m Louisa Hucker

300907 Julia Palmer Scot’  William Bown1751>William Bown1774 > Robert Bown1794 > Rosanna Bown1824> William J Cross1854>Arthur Cross1884

Angela Evans  UK Alpha Lillian EVANS (nee BOWN) who is buried in Weston Zoyland churchyard.  She was born at the Pumping Station at Andersea. Her parents Oliver Charles BOWN and Alpha Jane WALDEN

Mike Bale UK                        William Bown1751>William Bown1774>Robert Bown1794 > William Bown1822 > Dorcas Bown1862    William Bown1821 m Mary Ann Jeffrey at  High Ham



180902 William Baverstock  No email so contact me. John Bown b1802 Middlezoy m Lititia Mullins b1828 of East Pennard.


270907 Laura Luther(neeHack)  UK (Was, and Laura Bown, daughter of Charles & Hannah(Anna) was b1885 Middlezoy

 Charles parents were Thomas Bown & Sarah Scrivens. Thomas's parents were William Bown & Rosanna Bartlett.


150404 Steve Bown       UK          Michael(b c 1801) & Rebecca Bown, Othery   (father of Alfred born 1844 )

Warren Halley  USA                     Michael Bown b1801, d1876 in Somerset, UK

Jack Winter      USA             Michael & Rebecca Bown parents of Jane Bown , b. 6 July 1850


Eric Bonell UK         Oliver Bown m Grace Kick 1894, son Jack Bown. Othery/Middlezoy/Libertyvile Ill, USA

Kathleen (Kick) Flary USA           As above.



Gail Bath    Canada                  Robert Bown b1794,Middlezoy, eldest son of  William Bown & Rosanna Bartlett,

 he lived at  Pitney with Caroline Ando. His grandson Alfred emigrated to Victoria, BC, Canada in 1912.

Judith Matthews Australia   Robert Alexander Bown bSept1858 at Pitney, son of Robert Bown (b1795)and Caroline Ando. Robert married Elizabeth Squire. at the Parish Church, Pitney 19th Sept 1878 .

Bernie Macey  UK                    Robert b1858 and Elizabeth  Bown(Squire) who lived at Wood Farm, Pitney , his gr, gr,  grandparents

220807 David Bown Canada            William Bown1751>William Bown1774>Robert Bown1794 > >Robert Alexander Bown1858>Alfred Bown1890>Herbert Bown1925



180503  Janice Hall   Australia      Samuel Bown b 1810(son of William & Rossanna) m Ann Keirle b1813 Othery. Daughter Amelia b1850

060907  Tony Pearce/ Elizabeth Marsh.  UK           William Bown1751>William Bown1774>Samuel  Bown1810 > Charlotte Bown1841 > William Hugh Bown1867> Henry Charles Bown1910




280307 Jay Glanville    USA   Samuel Bown b 1807, married Jemima Barnstable (Jays relative).

 Web pages and email address at

(Was  & )


Pete Bown        UK   Samuel & Jemmima's son Henry James Bown b1860. Middlezoy .Pete's  gr gfather


110205 Debbie Hamilton Canada      Thomas Bown (b1804)and Elizabeth Rossiter of Middlezoy


      Web page at            


Greg Bown       William Bown and Hannah Perrot (married circa 1773) were my great great great great grandparents


Phillip G Billing   UK             William Bown1751> William Bown1774> Thomas Bown1804> Thomas Bown1840>Anna Bown1869

Charmaine Cottam  UK  William Bown1751> William Bown1774> Thomas Bown1804> Thomas Bown1840>Anna Bown1869



John.G. White        UK  William Bown  m Frances Butler in 1746 @ Middlezoy, Som


Dave Bown        UK                                                        William Bown  m Frances Butler in 1746 @ Middlezoy, Som


141103Geoff Audcent  UK   William Bown  m Frances Butler in 1746 @ Middlezoy, Som



John Buck jr                       Dale Bown1911 son of William Bown1887








241202Daryl E Brock    ??              William Bown b 1855, Bridgwater(or Middlezoy?), UK . Died 1943, Macoupin Co., IL 


261002 Emma Bown   '   Peter Bown from Bridgwater, now in Cornwall(was

Shirley       Bowns and other families in Middlezoy, Westonzoyland and Othery



Pete Bown UK                         He says 'my great grandfather originated from Bristol.'

  Web page at  Origins of Bown name

Conway Bown  Australia        Elija Bown, b1830 (father Joseph)West Cranmore, Somerset.

Conway's Web pages at

Arlene Smith   Canada        Eliza Bown (Born in Priddy 1845) m Thomas Snell Spiller in Wells.

Mike Bown                    Bown relatives in West Cranmore, Somerset

260802 Daphne Pullin   John Bown b1828 West Cranmore m Elizabeth ????b1833 South Cadbury


John Jennings  Australia  Sarah Bown m Benjamin Wickham, 5 Sep 1785 Codford Wiltshire ENG. They had three(?) children including Benjamin Wickham b. 11 Nov 1792 possibly Shepton Mallet , Somerset?.

310802 Sally Hall  Australia     (was  Thomas and Sarah (nee Crees) Bown of Evercreech

Mike Bown Australia            Thomas BOWN. His son  Charles BOWN born 1833 died 1911- married Marie Irenel Atchison and emigrated  to Australia? from Evercreech Somerset UK.





090306  Kathy Sayers Australia    Bown from Ratby Leicestershire & Scotland


010204  Rob Cumming    Emma Jane Bown who married my great grandfather in Easton, Bristol on 13 May 1888.  Her fathers name was Charles Bown.


100103  Tom & Linda  Bown  Canada (        Albert Bown b Stockton on Tees,

 went to Victoria, British Columbia, His parents were Charles and  Emily Bown also of Stockton. From what I have found,

Charles's parents were Leonard and Martha.  Leonard was born in Blymhill Staffordshire in the 1820s.

Lois Bown Border USA      Joseph & Temperence Bown from Notts to Boise Idaho.

Barbara Bown UK Bowns  from Nuneaton

Maureen   Parker Australia Mary Bown born on 19th Oct, 1793 at Matlock Bath, Derbyshire

130904  Robert Glover   Australia   Peter Bown m Pascus Earle 1706, Falmouth ,Cornwall,UK (was   (was          

Beverly Cottle          bev@pcu.netRose Bown m to Steven Arnold 1790 Motcombe, Dorset

110802 Daphne          NZ            William Bown bap 1746 Motcombe was the son of Laurence Bown and Martha Teale

240604 Geoff Bown.   Australia  (was :      Thomas John Bown, b1810 Southwark, London.

Graham Bown    UK  (Was Thomas  Bown, b1810, Nuneaton.


Dave Bown        UK       related to Vernon Bown from Bristol.

Dawn ThompsonUK related to Edgar Bown, father of Vernon Bown from Bristol


  ???????????                          Walter Bown b 1882 Smethwick, Birmingham or an Emma Bown born in 1888

150404 Glen Bown         UK     Wallace Bown b 1870, Notts.    (was

Marjorie Stephens William Bown born c. 1782 ,probably Bonehill nr.Tamworth Staffordshire.

Mike Bown New Zealand       Bown pages @    http:// 

Steve Bown          UK     Bowns of  Derbyshire


USA & Canada

Butch Parrish   USA         James Bown   b  Pittsburg around 1830




Donald Bown     USA            W.E. Bown of Carlinville. Bown family in Oklahoma.

Audrey Bowne USA  Bowne research

Shirley       families from Middlezoy who settled near Chicago


Judith Chidlow  Bowns in Canada.  Web page at


130203 Carolyn Arthur  USA   My father Howard L Bown grew up in Fon delac Winsconsin. His
>father was Herbert William Bown son of William H Bown.

 BOWN WEB PAGES.                                          Steve Bown  UK    TheCup1966

110205     Debbie Hamilton Canada  :                                                                            Conway Bown. Australia                      Pete Bown                                                  Mike Bown New Zealand    Arthur Bown

221105  The Bown House                                                Judith Chidlow   Bowns in Canada


281205                  Charles Bown 1824   England to Australia