Walter Bown(1843 – 1910) : Bills Record

A written record of bills paid or of goods purchased. March 4th 1859

(He would have been 16 years of age at that time.)


Transcript and some Analysis of the written notes:


Grocers Bill.

Mr Walter Bown to Frank Barnstable

Was Walter Bown or his parents carrying on a grocery business in 1859?


Hosiers Bill. (Stockings, gloves, flannel)

Mr Walter Bown bought of Will Hucker.


Mercers Bill. (Silk, satin, flowered silk)

Mr Charles Bown bought of J Solway.


J Solway: John Solway was first listed as a Tailor in Kelly’s in 1866.

There is no record of any Solway in the 1851 Middlezoy census.

In the 1861 Middlezoy census John Solway is listed as draper & tailor, born Othery, aged 42, married to Jane, dressmaker, born Lydford, aged 41.

(This info from Sandra at via the Ancestry Somerset message board on 270406)

In 1880 Charles Bown (65) borrowed £15 from John Solway, putting up the deeds of his house as security.


Hosiers Bill.

Mr F Marshall bought of W Locock.


A William Locock was listed in 1866 Kelly’s Dir as Master at the National School.

No record of any Marshall or Locock  in 1851 census.


Drapers Bill. (Fine serge, cloth)

Mr F Bown bought of Walter Bown.




In 1859 Walter Bown was aged 16.

In 1875 Walter Bown(32) was listed in Kelly’s directory as a tailor, Charles Bown(60) his father was listed as a farmer.


Ques: Why was Walter Bown, at age 16, writing out records of bills?

Ques: Was he training to be a tailor?