Ancestors of Stan Eddington  (Brighton, Illinois):

Migration to  Macoupin County, Madison County.

Last revised 25th Nov 2006


George Eddington was baptised at Middlezoy, 14 June 1812. Elizabeth Jenkins was baptised at Middlezoy, 29 October 1815. They were married at Middlezoy, 31 Dec 1835. They immigrated to America with their two small children (Elizabeth & George). It is believed that they entered via the port of New York. We do know that they arrived at Alton, Madison County, Illinois, on 5 November 1840, and came to Woodburn, Macoupin County, Illinois the same day. George became a farmer and died at his farm home in Brighton Township, 13 January 1855. Elizabeth died 2 April 1896 at the farm home. They are both buried at Woodburn cemetery.  SE.


Samuel D. Eddington was born at Middlezoy, 5 April 1819. He in company with his younger brother Joseph (1821) departed Liverpool and immigrated to America, arriving at New York, 16th August 1841 aboard the sailing vessel Kensington. They both settled at Brighton Township, Macoupin County, Illinois. Samuel married Jane Elworthy a native of Westonzoyland, and they were the parents of 10 children. Joseph married Rebecca Lockyer a native of Middlezoy, and they were the parents of 2 children. Samuel died 4 April 1893 and was buried at the Woodburn cemetery. Joseph died 27 May 1848 and it is believed that he is buried in an unmarked grave at Woodburn cemetery. Samuel and Joseph were both farmers. SE.


Jane Elworthy was one of the youngest of a family of ten children born to James and Sarah (Cattle) Elworthy. She was born at Westonzoyland, Somersetshire, England, April 5, 1823. At the age of 20 years in company with two older brothers, James and Isaac, she crossed the Atlantic aboard the Brig Excel which departed from Liverpool and arrived at New York, June 22, 1843. From here she accompanied her brother James to Brighton Township, Macoupin County, Illinois.


Jane Elworthy married Samuel D. Eddington and they were the parents of 10 children. She died in Brighton Township, Macoupin County, Illinois on September 10, 1902, at the age of 79 years. She is buried in the Woodburn Cemetery.


Her brother James Elworthy, a widower, died in Brighton Township July 18, 1845, leaving small children. Her brother Isaac Elworthy came to Illinois several years later and made his home with her as he began to advance in age. He died there on August 5, 1894. James and Isaac Elworthy are both buried in unmarked graves at Woodburn Cemetery.





William, John, and Samuel B. Eddington. (Related to Stan Eddington’s ancestors.)


William Eddington was baptized 7 May 1820 at Middlezoy, Somerset, England. He married Betsy (Browning) Tucker, a widow, 3 June 1850 at Middlezoy. Betsy was baptized at Middlezoy, 14 November 1824. Her first husband was James Tucker Sr., a mason. He died shortly after they were married and before their only son James Tucker Jr. was born.


John Eddington, a brother of the above William, was baptized 30 July 1826 at Middlezoy. He married Jane Browning 3 June 1850 at Middlezoy. Jane was a sister of the above Betsy. Jane was baptized 15 February 1829 at Middlezoy.


Both couples, including Betsy’s son James Tucker Jr. came to the United States aboard the Universe, which arrived at New York, 23 July 1850. From here the two families made their way to Brighton Township, Macoupin County, Illinois, where both men engaged in farming.


William and Betsy Eddington were the parents of two children. William died 1 September 1855 and was buried at Woodburn in an unmarked grave. His widow was then married to his younger brother Samuel B. Eddington. This marriage occurred 20 November 1856 in Macoupin County. Samuel B. Eddington, also known as “Red Sam” Eddington* was baptized at Middlezoy, 15 June 1832. Samuel B. and Betsy Eddington were the parents of five children. Samuel B. died 20 December 1878, and Betsy died 26 August 1882. Samuel and Betsy are buried at Woodburn. At this writing it is not known when Samuel B. Eddington immigrated to the US. *He was known as Red Sam to distinguish him from the two other Samuel Eddington's that immigrated to Brighton Township, Macoupin County, Illinois.


John and Jane Eddington were the parents of ten children. Jane Eddington died 26 January 1891, and John Eddington died 20 May 1908. They are buried at Woodburn.




Charles Huckelbridge and Samuel King (Half brothers of Stan’s ancestor George Eddington.)


Charles Huckelbridge (1789-1848) was a half brother to my ancestor George Eddington (1812-1855). From all of the research that I have done beginning in 1978, it appears that Charles and his half brother Samuel King (1798-1868) were the first Somerset emigrants to settle in this part of Macoupin County.


Charles Huckelbridge was baptised 16 December 1789 at Middlezoy, Somerset, England. When he was a young man he moved to the parish of Lympsham also located in Somerset.  It was here, on 14 June 1824, that he wed Elizabeth (Betsy) Huckman. They were the parents of 8 children (five boys and three girls) all born at Lympsham. Two of their children (a boy and girl) died when very young and were buried at the parish churchyard. According to baptism entries, Charles’ occupation was that of a farmer and later a publican.


Charles, in company with his eldest son Charles Jr., and his half brother Samuel King, set sail from Liverpool aboard the ship Albion which arrived at New York on 11 April 1835. From here the trio made their way to Hilyard Township, Macoupin County, Illinois. On 30 May 1835 Charles purchased 160 acres from the United States government. This land was situated in sections 22, 33, and 34 of Hilyard Township.


Three years later, Betsy Huckelbridge, along with five children; Job, Ann, Joseph, Ruth, and John, set sail from Bristol aboard the ship Cosmo which arrived at New York on 12 May 1838. From here the family made their way to Macoupin County where they were reunited with their father and eldest brother. Charles and Betsy became the parents of two additional children (both daughters) born at their farm in Hilyard Township.


Charles Huckelbridge died 18 June 1848. Betsy Huckelbridge died 3 Jan 1854. They are both buried at Centerville Cemetery in Hilyard Township, Macoupin County, Illinois.