The Bawdrip Flower Show. Last updated 13th June2014



Fred Sims was the secretary and Walter Bown was the treasurer for the flower show during the 1950’s & 60’s until presumably support dwindled and the organization and the annual show died out. Unfortunately, regrettably, I never had occasion to speak to him about any of this. Other local people may have more information on how these events played out.

Luckily when things came to an end Walter Bown stored away some of the old accounts books and documents in the loft and these were re discovered after he died in 2008:


The first entry in an old accounts book of the ‘Bawdrip and Chedzoy Allotment Holders and Gardeners Association’, is a balance sheet for the Chedzoy show of August 25th 1928,


The following year it was held at Bawdrip on August 15th 1929.


The show was at Chedzoy again on August 14th 1930.


Then at Bawdrip on August 22nd 1931.


All subsequent shows appear to have then been held at Bawdrip.


There was a photo of the1949 show:


Documents from the 1955 show included various sports events as well as the flower & produce competitions 


Balance sheet


Prize winners Page 1 

Prize winners were listed as follows, some with signatures: F Sims, R Pitman, G Durston, G O Durston, E Parkes, L Durston, PAF Caluminus, D Billing, Mrs Hooper, Mr Hooper, C Hooper, H Hooper, RE Coombes, Den Howe, WJ Conduit, Doug Howe, EA Bishop, A Gilbert, H Williams, Mrs Williams, PE Adams, Mrs Adams, Mrs Cheek, P Durston, Mrs E Durston, Mr CE Groves


Prize winners Page 2

Prize winners were listed as follows, some with signatures: ES Durston, W Bown, C Hooper, LS Howe, FR March, Mrs H Sims, C Conduit, S March, D Shaw, A Crocker, S Bown, B Crocker, B Hancock, D Hunter, C Hancock, E Pollard, L Cattermoul, S Braddick, B March, J Durston, H Pollard.



Further documents containing local names etc…..

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Pict 0001 Front cover of Annual Show booklet for 13th Aug 1955

Pict 0002 First inside page listing President, committee, etc, and special prizes.

Pict 0003 Schedule of Sections A & B

Pict 0004 C D & E

Pict 0005 F & G

Pict 0006 A programme of sports

Pict 0007 Entry form

Pict 0008 Football competition, list of participants for 13th Nov 1954

Pict 0009 same but for 5th Feb 1955

Pict 0010 A sample of the football cards

Pict 0011 A list of child prize winners, probably for handwriting in one of the flower shows

Pict 0012 Bill from Capello Printing Co, Mill St, Watchet

Pict 0013 Letter from Bridgwater & District Allotment Holders Association

Pict 0014 Bill from C Haggett, Sunset View, Knowle

Pict 0015 Letter from Education Committee, SCC

Pict 0016 Letter from Somerset Farm Institute

Pict 0017 Letter from The Premier Ballroom Orchestra & Dance Band

Pict 0018 Bill from Pitman Ltd, Pastrycooks & confectioners, 15 Eastover

Pict 0019 Bill from Rossiters, Bakers & confectioners, 24 St Mary St

Pict 0020 Bill from J Lockyer, Marquee & tent contractors, East Huntspill

Pict 0021 Bill from RE Mills Ltd, Eastover

Pict 0022 Bill from JC Nation & son, Bath Road

Pict 0023 Bill from the Bridgwater Mercury

Pict 0024 Bill from LC Bawdon, The Garage, Puriton

Pict 0025 Bill from Country Gas Ltd, Northgate

Pict 0026 Bill for hire of the hall 1954/55

Pict 0027 Page from Midland Bank book for 1931

Pict 0028 List of persons who bought vegetable seeds during 1962/3