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The West Somerset Mineral Railway; The Mineral Line Last updated 03/01/2012

The line commenced from the west Quay at Watchet, through Roadwater and its station, past Pitt Mill & cottage, and after negotiating the incline up over the Brendon hills at Comberow, to the terminus at Gupworthy station.

This standard gauge railway ran from Watchet to Gupworthy on the Brendon Hills on Exmoor, primarily to serve the needs of the iron ore mines on the Brendon hills. Construction began in 1856, and the whole line was eventually in full operation by March 1861. The line closed in 1898, but was reopened in 1907 but finally closed for good in 1910. Parts of it can still be walked and many old buildings, including those related to the Brendon Mines, are still visible.


Watchet to lower Comberow incline


P6048811 The start of the Line opposite the entrance to the west quay of the harbour at Watchet. The Old Station House was the station building alongside which the platform would have stood.

P2046246 WSR line bridge passing over the old Mineral Line, The old track bed of the WSMR stretches away in the distance towards Washford, passing the paper mills on the left hand side. The West Somerset Railway passes over it, and then runs parallel to it on the right, until it too reaches Washford.

248 Running parallel to the WSR on the other side of the trees on the right, the WSMR passes the paper mills on the left on its way to Washford about 2miles in the distance.

252 looking back towards Watchet,


6419 The crossing at Torre looking towards Roadwater

6420 Torre. Looking in the direction of Washford

6421 Torre. Left goes to Roadwater, right to Washford. The hut was used by the level crossing man.

413 Approaching Roadwater station the route of the railway can still be seen on the far side of the playing field near the river. Park at the village Hall. This view is looking back towards Lower Roadwater in the Washford direction.

397/8/416/7 the station at Roadwater,

399 The route of the line, now a road, heads out of Roadwater village towards Pit Mill and then Comberow.

362/3 Pit Mill between Roadwater and Comberow,

364 heading towards Comberow,

365/7 Pit Cottage,

372 approaching Comberow with the first site of the Brendon Hills through the trees,

376 first building visible at the foot of the incline at Comberow,

384 part of the walled first 100m of the incline,

393 the very base of the incline,

394/5 the location of the original station building and platform to the rhs picture,


Upper part of incline to Gupworthy

422 Raleghs Cross Inn,

424 the Winding House at the top of the incline,

425 where the railway crossed the road,

428/436 Seaview House, now a farm called Hill View House,

429 Brendan Stores that sat at the top of the incline near the station building,

432 steps leading up to the incline,

433/4/5/7 looking down the incline towards Comberow,

440-45 inside the engine house,

446 the road going over what was Naked Boys Bridge,

447/8 the edge of the cutting looking in the direction of Burrow Farm,

449 looking along the track way towards Brendon from on Naked Boy Bridge,

450/2 what’s left of Naked Boy Bridge from the track bed,

451/3 looking along the cutting towards Burrow Farm, about ½ mile away,

454/5 first sighting of Burrow Farm Engine House,

457-63 Burrow Farm Engine House,

464 looking on towards Eastcotte,

466 where Eastcotte Bridge crossed the road,

469 looking back towards Burrow Farm from Eastcotte bridge,

470/1 looking west towards Withiel Bridge where Eastcotte bridge crossed the road,

472/3 the site of Withiel Bridge on the Eastcotte side, showing the embankment dug away,

474/5/7 remains of Luxborough Road station,

476 looking on towards Gupworthy,

479 remains of Gupworthy bridge looking towards Gupworthy Station,

480 Gupworthy Station ticket office from the Goosemoor road,

483 the station house from the platform,

484 the goods shed, now a holiday home,

485 the goods shed, platform, and ticket office from the station house,

486 looking alongside the station house towards Gupworthy Bridge,