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‘Stray’s from Somerset Parish records, extracted by Helen Kick Mueller


With kind permission of Martin Southwood (, I have extracted from his transcripts of Parish records, people whose home parish is elsewhere. HKM


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Combe Florey







Aisholt Strays

The ‘Stray’, He or She, is listed to the right hand side on each line, together with their home parish.


John HARPFORD/Mary LEAV 6-1-1711, she, Charlinch

Robert KNIGHT/Melliar DIBBLE 14-6-1711, he O.Stowey

William BARTLETT/Ann BRICE 6-11-1712, he, Glastonbury; she, N.Petherton

Thomas WOOD/Elizabeth MOGRIDG 14-5-1713, both N.Petherton

Richard HOOK/Jone EARL 21-11-1713, he, O.Stowey

Christopher CARLILE/Elizabeth WOOD 4-2-1714, he, Spaxton; she, O.Stowey

Edward FISHER/Elizabeth HAWKS 28-8-1715, both, Stogumber

Robert MULLENS/Susana CRIDLAND 28-10-1715, he, Kingston

Thomas SLOCOMB/Joanna WHALE 1-6-1716, both, B.Lydeard

John THORN/Ann TAYLOR 24-11-1716, he, Spaxton

William MULLENS/Elizabeth TOMS 3-10-1718, she, Lidiard

John PRELATE/Ann MUSGRAV 16-12-1718, he, Fiddington

William CAVIL/Mary LUXON 27-3-1719, he, Spaxton

William SMITH/Sisilly HODGES 6-1-1722, she, Stogursey

Robert COX/Jane BUSCOMB 14-11-1727, he, South Brent

James HILL/Sarah LEIGH 1-1-1728, he, Huish Champflower; she, Dulverton

Jonathan DEPFORD/Susanna MAUNDSELL 26-3-1728, he, Bridgwater

Richard HAWKER/Mary ENGLAND 23-12-1729, he, W.Bagborough

Francis MORRISH/Martha CANNIFORD 26-5-1730, he, Piddeard Episcopi; she, Cothelstone

Rufus LANGLEY/Elizabeth POOL 25-11-1730, she, TnSt.Marys

William BISHOP/Betty DUNNING 19-10-1754, he, O.Stowey

Edward HAWK/Elizabeth TARR 19-10-1757, he, Spaxton; she, widow

William CHEDSY/Betty MORL 6-2-1758, he, O.Stowey

George SPARK/Sarah WIDHAMS 23-5-1758, he, Spaxton

John ADAMS/Ann STREET 10-12-1760, he, O.Stowey

Roger CROOK/Frances TIPLIN 5-6-1761, she, O.Stowey

James COLES/Ann SPRAGUE 7-12-1762, he, St. Cuthbert, Wells

William TROTT/Mary HOOPER 20-5-1764, she, B.Lydeard

Cornelius MATTHEWS/Betty KIRK 21-1-1766, he, Huish

John STREET/Mary YEA 12-5-1766, she, Charlinch

John CASWILL/Jane PINN 5-1-1767, she, B.Lydeard

John WILLIAMS/Sarah BRICE 29-9-1770, he, B.Lydeard

Richard JONES/Susannah TROT 5-4-1772, he, Pawlet

William BODY/Sarah CASWILL 2-12-1772, he, B.Lydeard

Nathaniel SPARK/Mary BISHOP 29-9-1773 he, Charlinch

Samuel TUTTON/Ann BUSSEL 25-10-1774, he, Bagborough

John PALMER/Jane WHITE 30-12-1777, he, Chedzoy

William PARRET/Mary BISHOP 15-12-1783, he, SSGregory

John REEKS/Betty BRICE 14-4-1784, he, Milverton

William HAWKINS/Emlin POOLE 29-5-1790, he, B.Lydeard

James LAURENCE/Sarah SMITH 25-5-1792, she, TnStJames

Richard TRUTCH/Ann CASWELL 15-10-1792, he, Spaxton

John BRYANT/Hannah CARLISLE 16-10-1796, he, Spaxton, sojourner

John TUCKER/Sarah CASTLE 12-10-1801, he, B.Lydeard; both widowed

Samuel SAYER/Margaret BARBER 2-1-1804, he, Spaxton

Joseph DAVERAGE/Hannah WEBB 17-5-1805, he, Bagborough

Richard CROOK/Sarah STENNER 5-8-1808, he, O.Stowey

Thomas WEST/Isabella WITHERS 16-4-1813, he, Spaxton

James WOOLCOTT/Elizabeth BISHOP 30-3-1818, he, Enmore

John HARRIS/Anne BUZZACOTT 17-3-1825, he, Charlinch; both widowed

William HAWKER/Rebecca TUCK 20-7-1826, he, Bagborough

Joseph TROTMILL/Sarah TUCK 19-2-1827, he, Spaxton

Robert VIRGIN/Miriam BARBER 17-5-1727, he, N.Stowey

George HARRIS/Miriam MILES 26-7-1827, he, Charlinch

James BIFFEN/Elizabeth BIFFEN 4-12-1828, he, Goathurst

John PAYNE/Jane PALMER 3-5-1831, he, TnStMarys

Thomas WALTHAM/Mary TROTT 13-6-1831, she, B.Lydeard

William Hungerford COLSTON/Mary Ann Heath BRICE 5-12-1831, he, W.Lyford, widower

Abraham MAJOR/Mary PORTER 5-8-1833, he, Spaxton


ELLIOTT, William 5-11-1705, Emlin Elliott/Emanuel Lucar, O.Stowey

THORN, Richard 16-11-1705, s. Richard of Spaxton

BISHOP, Ann 31-08-1766, William/Elizabeth, Spaxton

BRYANT, Thomas 1-3-1767, Thomas/Ann, B.Lydeard

DOWDELL, Betty 2-2-1782, John/Susanna, Spaxton

WEBB, Charity 11-3-1785, John/Sarah, Spaxton

HOW, Benjamin 15-5-1785, David/Jane, Bagborough

CHEDZOY, John 5-11-1785, William/Charity, Spaxton

BAILY, Simon Sealy 2-12-1785, Isaac/Sarah, Spaxton

EXON, John 3-8-1788, Jane, "Wirminford parish.." (Essex??)

GULLIFORD, Jane 26-4-1790, William/Mary, Spaxton

TROTT, Betty 21-11-1795, Robert/Sarah, of Bishpool


THORNE, William 18-9-1700, buried at Spaxton

DURBROW, Dorothy 19-7-1706, Hunson, Devon (Huntsham??)

PESLAR, Hannah 3-10-1708, B.Lydeard

WARMAN, Justin 27-2-1709, B.Lydeard

ADAMS, Mary 11-11-1711, W of John, O.Stowey

RICHARDS, Margaret 26-3-1712, Spaxton

WATERMAN, Elizabeth 12-3-1716, Spaxton

THORN, Richard 1-1-1723, Spaxton

THORN, Elizabeth 30-12-1728, Spaxton

CARLILE, Esther 8-9-1729 Spaxton

ELLIS, John 16-4-1736, W.Monkton

THORN, Richard 31-1-1738, Spaxton

DANSY, Justin 13-3-1739, W.Monkton

BLAKE, Ann 19-1-1766, W of Roger, Spaxton

BRICE, William 12-8-1774, Bridgwater

BRICE, Ann (Mrs.) 6-1-1781, Bridgwater

WILLIAMS, John 20-8-1783, Fiddington

SPARK, Mary 17-6-1790, buried at Spaxton, age 102

BAILY, Moses 18-7-1790, buried at Spaxton, age 84

SHALLIS, Rebecca 2-8-1790, O.Stowey

BISHOP, Grace 12-3-1797, O.Stowey

RICH, Sarah 11-4-1803, O.Stowey


Bicknoller Strays



Walter LONG/Elizabeth DOWN 6-12-1679, W.Q. (married in his house at Woolston)

John LAWHAM/Hanna GATCHELL 23-9-1680, He, Stogumber

Daniel THORN/Sarah GILLING 24-11-1680, He, S.Brett

James PEACE/Joan LEWES 15-3-1682, he, Minehead

Joseph GATCHELL/Grace CHUBB 3-10-1682, she, Chardstock

Thomas WEETCH/Grace DOBLE 19-10-1682, He, Jnr; she, Crowcombe

Hugh DIBBLE/Mary DURBOROUGH 31-1-1683, he, Holford

Richard MUSGRAVE/Ann CARTWRIGHT 19-5-1684, he, Stogumber; she, Bridgwater

William LEWIS/Phillis MUSGRAVE 18-6-1684, she, Stogumber

Richard WARD/Love EWENS 14-8-1684, he, Kingston

Thomas DOBLE/Joane DASHWOOD 8-9-1685, he, Stogumber

Richard WILLIAMS/Mary MUX? 18-9-1686, he, Stogumber

Robert PEPPIN/Elizabeth ? 26-5-1687, she, Stogumber

Henry CUMBIER/Joan BASTONE 14-5-1691, he, St.Decs

John KERRICKE/Dorotey HILL 25-7-1691, she, St.Decs

Henry PAINE/Jane GRABHAM 30-10-1693, he, Stogumber

Richard DRAKE/Martha PRISCOTT 12-6-1692, she, Stogumber

John CHURCHILL/Mary LEWES 12-6-1693, he, Stogumber

John DALE?/Mary WITCH 14-6-1694, he, St.Decs

George CROSS/Mary WHITE 29-6-1695, she, S.Brett

George PADDEN/Mary REED 24-10-1695, she, Stringston

William CRASE/Joan GILL 19-12-1695, he, Dunster; she, Crowcombe

Thomas DANIEL/Hannah SULLY 9-2-1697, both S.Brett

John WAY/Joan GATCHELL 24-6-1700, she, Br.Ralph

William PORTER/Elizabeth DUNSCOMBE 23-5-1701, he, W.Q

William SILK/Mary TONKINS 24-5-1701, he, Stogursey

Arthur GOWILL/Mary BLAKE 24-9-1703, he, Enmore; she, Ash Priors

George WEBBER/Priscilla DOBLE 21-10-1701, he, Elworthy

Richard EDNEY/Elizabeth MOOR 3-11-1705, she, Stogumber

John BLAKE/Sarah UPPAM 15-1-1706, she, Ash Priors

Arthur EAMES/Margery COMMINS 14-5-1709, both, Stogumber

John PAIN/Sarah PINN 15-5-1709, both, Stogumber

Henery PICKE/Charity REESE 1-6-1711, she, Stogumber

William PALMAR/Mary WILKINS 26-6-1711, she, Stogumber

John LANGHAM/Jane NORMAN 16-1-1711, both Stogumber

Henry PIN/Mary DATE 2-2-1713, he, Crowcombe

Simon LEWIS/Sarah WILLIAMS 18-7-1714,he, Stogumber

Henry STEVENS/Joane MOORE 3-6-1716, both Stogumber

Thomas CABLE/Joane GARDINER 22-9-1716, he, Minehead

Samuel PARSONS/Joan MARE 22-2-1723, she, Br.Ralph

Cornelius COALES/Mary LEWIS 6-6-1723, he, E.Q

Robert CADWALLADER/Elizabeth NATCOTT 12-9-1723, he, E.Q; she, Stogumber

George ALLERCOTT/Elizabeth PARSONS 30-11-1723, he, Fiddington

Thomas LONG/Elizabeth RICE 14-4-1724, he, Stogumber

John TOMKINS/Elizabeth NEWTON 5-8-1725, she, Crowcombe

Richard GOODWIN/Joan SHEPPARD 4-5-1727, he, W.Q; she, Stogumber

Thomas YOUNGE/Mary THORNE 30-9-1730, he, Stogursey

William HAWKINS/Elizabeth WINTER 5-2-1731, both, Stogumber

Samuel BACON/Joan SEALY 10-8-1733, he, S.Brett

Richard WHITE/Elizabeth GRIFFITH 16-11-1733, he, Stogumber

Joseph WITHERS/Elizabeth CRIDDLE 17-11-1734, he, Stogumber

William POOLEBRO?/Sarah PARSONS 4-6-1737, he, Monksilver

John BLAKE/Sarah BROOKS ?-?-1737, he, Elworthy; she, Stogumber

John SLADE/Mary ? ?-?-1737, she, Stogumber

John CHAPPEL/Betty STEPHENS 10-9-1738, both, Stogumber

Robert BLAKE/Joan GUATT? 7-11-1739, both Stogumber

George ELSON/Joan SOUTHWOOD 28-2-1741, both, Stogumber

William CRIDLE/Sarah CHAPILL 12-5-1741, he, Stogumber; she, Crowcombe

John THRASHER/Elizabeth SLADE 15-12-1742, he, Stogumber

William CRIDDLE/Mary THORN, ?-?-1745, he, Tolland; she, Stogumber

Robert HILL/Anne BOSELY 28-8-1749, he, Cannington

John ELSON/Elizabeth BOSLEY 17-2-1754, she, Stogumber

William ELSDON/Joan LEWIS 2-11-1755, he, St.Decs

John POLE/Mary MOOR 8-11-1756, he, Crowcombe

Michael FLEAY/Mary GOSS 17-4-1757, he, Crowcombe

William WHITE/Eleanor HOOPER 12-6-1759, she, Stogumber

Edmund PUGSLEY/Mary DOBLE 18-6-1759, he, E.Q

Benjamin CHILCOTT/Joan VICERY 17-1-1763, he, Crowcombe

John DAGG/Mary BROUGHTON 26-9-1763, he, O.Cleeve

Joseph SWEETING/Charity PENNY-12-7-1763, she, Stogumber

Richard WHITE/Isat HARRIS 20-10-1765, he, Wiv'scombe

Thomas NATION/Dorothy BAYLEY 6-11-1768, he, W.Q

William JENKINS/Betty ALLERCOTT 16-4-1770, he, Monksilver

James EVINS/Mary BROWN 14-2-1774, he, Monksilver

Thomas LYDDON/Elizabeth GARDNER 20-2-1776, he, Stogumber

John BEADON/Mary LETHBRIDGE 15-1-1777, he, W.Q

Richard BLAKE/Joan GARDNER 3-2-1777, he, Stogumber

Thomas LANGDON/Ann JEWRY 2-11-1778, he, Nettlecombe

Joseph JENNINGS/Mary DARCH 3-3-1779, he, Cannington

John THRESHER/Mary PEARCE 7-5-1781, he, Stogumber

Moses GARD/Elizabeth BLAKE 14-6-1781, he, Crowcombe

William RAWLINGS/Ann WOOLCOTT 12-10-1781, he, Stogursey

Thomas BICKNELL/Mary MARTIN 15-11-1781, he, St.Lawrence, London

William LANDSEY/Deborah SEYMOUR 12-8-1786, he, O.Stowey

John CONIBEER/Mary OSMOND 10-2-1792, he, Elworthy; she, S.Brett

Thomas GOVIER/Mary OAR 29-9-1792, he, St.Decs

Alexander FISHER/Sarah HARRIS 13-6-1793, he, Stogumber

John CRIDDLE/Jane JENKINS 19-5-1794, he, Stogumber

John Griffin GATCHELL/Sarah GARDNER 24-8-1794, he, Stogumber

William POOL or DAVIS/Mary SWEETING 15-4-1795, he, St.Decs

Richard NEWTON/Martha SQUIBBS 18-7-1796, he, Crowcombe

John WILLIAMS/Mary JENKINS 15-10-1797, he, Broomfield

Richard AMERY/Grace GRIFFITH 1-4-1798, she, Stogumber

William SWEETING/Sarah SULLEY 13-5-1799, he, W.Q

John HOOPER/Jane SWEETING 14-1-1800, he, Crowcombe

Cornelius CHIDGEY/Hannah JENNINGS 2-2-1800, he, S.Brett; she, W.Q

John TAPSCOTT/Isott LETHBRIDGE 15-3-1801, he, Minehead

John BIRD/Joan DOBLE 21-8-1803, he, Stogumber

William DENNET/Mary SINGERTON 9-8-1807, he, Stogumber

John FORD/Charlotte ESCOTT 7-5-1809, he, W.Q

Thomas WEBBER/Ann DUDDRIDGE 26-3-1810, he, Halse

Thomas WALFORD/Mary LETHBRIDGE 30-11-1812, he, W.Q

William MILTON/Mary WEY 6-4-1813, he, S.Brett

Thomas MORSE/Sarah CHAMBERLAIN 25-3-1814, he, Stogumber

John TYTHERLEIGH/Sarah ADAMS 17-6-1814 he, B.Hull

John BLACKMORE/Martha WEY 14-11-1814, he, Elworthy

William PALMER/Mary EDWARDS 29-3-1814, he, Fiddington

William DUDDRIDGE/Sarah BRIFFET 8-9-1815, he, Stogumber

William LARCOMBE/Diana BALE 24-12-1815, she, St.Decs

Robert SIDERFIN/Sarah PARSONS 19-1-1817, he, St.Decs

Joseph PAIN/Charlotte HOOK 22-8-1819, he, Marksbury

Moses BAKER/Hanah WILCOX 9-11-1820, she, Stogumber

John SIDERFIN/Amelia Gardner PARSONS 20-10-1829, he, Timberscombe

George SYMES/Sarah JENNINGS 12-4-1832, he, Stogumber

James WERE/Mary BICKHAM 24-1-1838, he, Wellington, widower

Thomas PUGSLEY/Jane Selina CRIDDLE 2-4-1838, he, Stringston

John WINSOR/Elizabeth CRIDDLE 27-5-1839, he, Williton

William PHILLIPS/Harriet Farthing PARSONS, 27-5-1839, he, Taunton

Richard SOUTHERWOOD/Mary Ann JENNINGS 7-6-1840, both Culverhays

Robert CARROT/Mary BURGE 25-12-1841, she, Woolston

John BINDEN/Mary TOMKINS 21-4-1842, she, Woolston

Samuel JONES/Mary DUDDRIDGE 13-3-1843, both Cottiford, both widowed

William FARRANT/Susan TAYLOR 18-4-1843, he, Curry Rivel

James BURGE/Mary CARROTT 7-5-1843, he, Woolston

Charles PARSONS/Sarah LEWES 5-5-1850, both Newton

William SLOCOMBE/Ann SOLOMON 24-7-1854, both Culverhays

William GADD/Prudence DUDDRIDGE 26-10-1854, both, Newton

James HILL/Mary GRANDFIELD 17-7-1855, he, Luccombe

Robert CHAMBERLAIN/Mary WEETCH 20-12-1855, he, Cardiff; she, Upcott

John PORTER/Louisa FORD 23-3-1856, he, W.Q, widower; she, Woolston

William ATTERY/Martha CARROTT 2-12-1856, he, L.St.Law, widower

John LEIGH/Sarah CHAMBERLAIN 7-5-1857, both Woolston

William DUDDRIDGE/Elizabeth MARQUIS 28-1-1858, both, Quantock Mr.

John DYER/Anna JENNINGS 18-11-1858, he, Bridgwater

James CHAMBERLAIN/Ann LOVELL 18-10-1860, both, Woolston

William Caddey ISAACS/Emma THORNE 10-12-1860, he, N.Cadbury


Baptisms 1709--1860

FISHER, John 31-10-1711, s. John, Lower Weacombe

VICERY, Elizabeth 1-4-1712, John/Elizabeth, Stogumber

SWEETING, Henry 20-12-1722, Henry/Deborah, Yard

SEALY, Elizabeth 27-12-1722, John/Eleanor, Upcott

BLAKE, Richard 20-6-1723, Richard/Mary, Weacombe

SEALY, Anne 17-5-1725, John/Eleanor, Upcott

THORNE, Sarah 5-11-1725, James/Joan, Sonledge? (S.Lynch? hkm)

PORTER, (? dau)1-1-1726, Jasper/Charity, Woolston

JENKINS, Sarah 7-3-1726, Richard/Elizabeth, Woolston

DUDDRIDGE, Charity 11-4-1726, Nicholas/Mary, Stogumber

PARSONS, John 20-5-1728, William/Elizabeth, Upcott

HALL, George 24-2-1729, Richard/Jane, Thorncombe

LONGE, Anne 8-3-1729, William/Joan, Weacombe

BLAKE, Betty 31-7-1729, Richard/Mary, Weacombe

BOSELY, David 7-9-1729, David/Anne, Paradise

LONGE, Betty 19-2-1731, William/Joan, Weacombe

HOARE, William 25-2-1731, Francis/Julian, Quantock, Moor

PORTER, John 3-4-1731, Thomas/Alice, W.Qntxhead

EWINS, William 19-4-1731, s. Love, Stogumber

MANFIELD, Elias 7-5-1731, Elias/Elizabeth, Woolston

MAUNDER, Joan 23-8-1731, John/Eleanor, Woolston

BOSELY, William 26-11-1731, David/Anne, Paradise

HALL, Richard 8-12-1731, Richard/Jane, Woolston

LEWIS, Mary 30-8-1732, Morgan/Grace, Weacombe

MAUNDER, Betty 21-3-1733, John/Eleanor, Woolston

GATCHELL, Joseph 18-12-1733, John/Susannah, St.Decs

PARSONS, Anne 21-1-1734, John/Anne, Minehead

GOSS, Mary 20-2-1734, Thomas/Eleanor, Dunster

WILLIAMS, Thomas 30-5-1735, Thomas/Alice, Woolston

ALLERCOTT, Robert 29-8-1735, Robert/Grace, Woolston

HALL, Mary 28-2-1736, Richard/Jane, Woolston

BURGE, John 10-6-1744, Abraham/Hannah, Weacombe

THRESHER, Abraham 31-5-1745, John/Elizabeth, Stogumber

SWEETING, Betty 22-12-1751, William/Joan, Weacombe

THRESHER, James 22-12-1753, John/Elizabeth, Weacombe

ALLERCOTT, Nancy 17-4-1754, William/Joan, Ford

LEWIS, Ann 20-7-1754, John/Elizabeth, Upcott

ALLEN, Isaac 6-1-1755, William/Mary, Weacombe

HILES, Elizabeth 11-2-1755, Sampson/Sarah, Weacombe

GRANT, Mary 18-5-1755, Richard/Ann, Vexford

WHEDDON, Patience 8-10-1780, John/Izott, Stogumber

PENROSE?, Betty 25-2-1787, d. Mary, Halsway

ASH, John 24-2-1788, Thomas/Betty, Halsway

HUNT, Betty 23-1-1790, John/Betty, Waycombe

LEIGH, Mary 18-5-1813, James/Sarah, S.Lynch

LETHBRIDGE, Thomas 22-7-1813, Robert/Mary, Newton

BURGE, John 25-11-1813, William/Anne, Woolston

DUDDRIDGE, Sarah 9-12-1813, James/Naomi, Yard

SQUIBBS, Robert 1-5-1814, Moses/Elizabeth, Chiddon combe

MORSE, John 3-7-1814, Thomas/Sarah, Yard

LETHBRIDGE, Amelia Parsons 25-12-1814, Robert/Mary, Newton

BURGE, Mary 9-4-1815, William/Anne, Woolston

TONKINS, George 23-4-1815, Henry/Elizabeth, Woolston

DAVIS, Sarah 4-6-1815, James/Elizabeth, Upcott

JENNINGS, Mary 26-11-1815, Thomas/Rebecca, Culverhays

HALL, James 7-1-1816, John/Susannah, Woolston

MOSS, George 25-2-1816, Thomas/Sarah, Yard

SQUIBB, James 19-5-1816, Moses/Elizabeth, Chencombe

TONKINS, William 26-5-1816, Henry/Elizabeth, Woolston

BURGE, William 25-8-1816, William/Anne Woolston

CRIDDLE, Elizabeth 3-9-1816, John/Harriet, Ford

DODDRIDGE, James Henbrow 31-10-1816, James/Naomi, Yard

JENINGS, Martha 16-3-1817, Thomas/Rebecca, Culverhays

DAVIS, John 16-3-1817, James/Elizabeth, Upcott

PEREY, Mary 30-3-1817, James/Amey?, Honeyrow

PALMER, James 6-4-1817, Charles/Dianah, Quantock Moor

FISHER, Anthony 14-12-1817, John/Hester, Chilcombe

MORSE, Sarah 18-1-1818, Thomas/Sarah, Yard

CARROTT, Mary 23-8-1818, Robert/Sarah, Quantock Moor

ADDAMS, Robert Lavender 8-9-1818, William/Anne, Thorncombe

CRIDDLE, Jane Selena 21-1-1819, John/Harriet, Ford

JENNINGS, Anna 14-3-1819, Thomas/Rebecca, Culverhays

DAVIS, Elizabeth 18-7-1819, James/Elizabeth, Upcott

BICKHAM, Frederick 17-12-1819, Charles/Mary, Weacombe

DUDDRIDGE, Mary 25-12-1819, James/Naomi, Newton

CARROTT, Elizabeth 26-12-1819, Robert/Sarah, Quantock Moor

TOMKIN, Mary 9-1-1820, Henry/Betty, Woolston

ADDAMS, John Rodd 23-1-1820, William/Anne, Thorncombe

LETHBRIDGE, Mary 17-2-1820, Robert/Mary, Halsway

CRIDDLE, Harriet Farthing 6-4-1820, John/Harriet, Ford

FORD, Charity 30-7-1820, John/Charlotte, Vellow, Stogumber Parish

BAKER, Eleanor 24-12-1820, Moses/Hannah, Chilcombe

SULLY, Sarah 6-2-1821, d. Mary, E.Qntxhead

BLAKE, Sarah 23-4-1821, John/Sarah, Newton

BURGE, Mary 13-5-1821, William/Anne, Woolston

JENNINGS, John 25-11-1821, Thomas/Rebecca, Culverhays

WILLIAMS, William 23-12-1821, Charles/Ann, Cottiford

ADDAMS, John Rodd 1-1-1822, William/Anne, Thorncombe, (bn 1-1-1820)

ADDAMS, Anne Louisa 1-1-1822, William/Anne, Thorncombe (bn 21-11-1821)

CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah 10-2-1822, John/Elizabeth, Upcott

PERRY, William 24-2-1822, Joseph/Sarah, Woolston

CRIDDLE, Lydia 26-2-1822, John/Harriet, Ford




Marriages 1704--1837

Thomas BARTLETT/Dorothy ASH, 20-2-1705, she Bampton, Dev

Thomas HURLEY/Bridget BLACKMORE, 23-6-1705, he Langford Budville,; she Bamton, Dev

Edward HERNESMAN/Agnes HOCOMBE, 15-11-1705, she Hawkridge

John BALMONT/Joan WINSBURROW, 26-11-1705, both Dulverton

Richard ATKINS/Catherine KEMP, 28-12-1705, he Huish Champflower; she Oakford, Dev

William HUCKSTABLE/Ann EARLEY, 13-4-1706, he Dulverton; she W.Buckland

Thomas PADDON/Mary BALL, 16-5-1706, he Exeter, St. Mary Major; she Bampton, Dev

James BADCOCK/Jane COLEMAN, 21-6-1706, she Bampton, Dev

George COLLARD/Isabella VICARY, 11-7-1706, both Br.Regis

Robert WALLER/Sarah BLUE, 24-8-1706, both Bampton, Dev

Edward PENNY/Mary SILLY, 18-5-1707, he Stogumber

William HATTING/Anne HEIFFERS, 22-11-1707, he W.Anstey

William COCKRAM/Grace COOKSLEY, 23-11-1707, he Morebath, Dev; she Bampton, Dev

Arthur? BROUGHTON/Elizabeth BAKER, 22-1-1708, he Slowley; she Bampton, Dev, Mrs.

Robert HOWEL/Jane SHORELAND, 25-5-1708, she Tiverton, Dev

John ATKINS/Elizabeth WAY, 24-4-1709, she Tiverton, Dev

John BROWN/Elizabeth POWEL?, 11-5-1709, both Dulverton

Philip VICARY/Mary GRATTON, 8-7-1709, he, Warkley, Dev; she Dulverton

John CRUDGE/Joan WENDSLEY, 2-10-1709, she Oakford, Dev

Daniel MAIDEN/ Sarah DESBERRA, 16-2-1710, she Bampton, Dev

Francis WEBBER/Elizabeth GIBBINS, 23-3-1710, he Minehead; she Dulverton, widow

Francis BAKER/Elizabeth HAYSE?, 7-5-1710, she Dulverton

? DRAKE/Elenora HAIMOND, 16-6-1710, he Bampton, Dev; she Minehead, widow

Henry BAKER/Elizabeth SYDENHAM, 9-12-1710, he Bampton, Dev; she Skilgate, widow

Thomas LUCE?/Mary GRATTON, 13-5-1712, she Dulverton

John SNOW/Joan KINGDOM, 29-6-1712, she Dulverton

James BRIANT/Elizabeth SILLY, 25-12-1712, she Dulverton

Robert BREWER/Charity DOBB, 31-1-1713, both Dulverton

Hugh ADDICOT/Joan HAWKINS, 13-6-1713, she Br.Regis

John GOODMAN/Mary MILTON, 18-6-1713, he Bampton, Dev

John SCOTT or COLES/Jane WHITE, 30-6-1713, both Dulverton

Nicholas FISHER/Mary PENETANT, 3-7-1714, she Timberscombe

John GRIFFITH/Joan BOND, 21-5-1715, he Carhampton

William CRUDGE/Hester VENNER, 3-4-1716, he W.Anstey

John RIDGEMAN/Jane RADFORD, 21-6-1717, both Oakford, Dev

Nicodemus WOOD/Margaret BRISTOW, 3-4-1718, she Exston

John WHITE/Joan ADDICOT, 10-8-1718, both Dulverton

William MITCHELL/Mary PARISH, 3-11-1718, he Carhampton; she Exston

Robert DOB/Richard TUCKER, 27-11-1718, he Tiverton, Dev

Richard HOLE/Mary JOYCE, 1-4-1719, he Exston; she Cutcombe

William MUSGROVE/Sarah BOWET?, 21-5-1719, he Dulverton

William STEVENS/Mary PLEASE, 17-4-1720, he Br.Regis

Robert WEBBER/Mary HOLMES, 19-6-1720, he E.Anstey

John COLLARD/Dorothy STONE, 10-9-1720, she Br.Regis

David GILES/Joan MOSS, 2-6-1721, he Selworthy

Philip BLUNDEL/Anne GILBERT, 13-7-1721, he Tiverton, Dev; she Dulverton, widow

Richard PILE/Letticia CLOGG, 12-2-1722, she Milverton

William SLADE/Elizabeth HOW, 19-2-1723, he Minehead; she Exston

Jacob BRYANT/Dorothy HAYNE, 7-6-1723, he Wellington

John LEWIS/Mary SELLICK, 11-9-1723, both Dulverton

Robert LUCAS/Mary TRISTRAM, 13-2-1724, he Trull; she Bampton, Dev, widow

Henry OXENHAM/Elizabeth BADCOCK, 16-3-1724, she Dulverton

Philip BRYANT/Mary BRADFORD, 26-3-1724, both Exeter

Robert WEYBURN/Catherine CRUDGE, 5-4-1725, he Oakford, Dev

William DUNSCOMB/Chatharine CARPENTER, 3-5-1726, he Dulverton

Robert LEE?/Anstice BABBAGE, 3-4-1727, he Bampton, Dev

William GILL/Joan SEAMAN, 10-6-1727, he Wiveliscombe

John BURNELL/Mary PLAISE, 31-8-1729, he Exston; she Dulverton

William HAYDON/... BRYANT, 23-3-1731, he Br.Regis

John DIDGET/Rachel STONE, 20-4-1731, he Witheridge

William HEYWARD/Jane TOUTE, 16-3-1732, she Knowstone, Dev

William EATON/Dorothy CHILCOTT, 10-4-1732, he Bampton, Dev

Christopher HAYSE/Charity SYLLY, 26-2-1734, both Dulverton

George BURGESS/Agnes BROADMEAD, 15-4-1734, he Morebath, Dev

Samuel WHITE/Mary LANGWEL?, 31-12-1734, he Dulverton; she Bampton, Dev

John WILLIAMS/Esther HYDON, 24-5-1735, both Dulverton

Gregory CORDING/Elizabeth PAIN?, 27-6-1736, both Dulverton

William BLACKWEL/Johan HYGGINS, 14-4-1737, he O.Cleeve

John MORSE/Grace BAKER, 5-1-1738, he Morebath, Dev; she Dulverton

Robert STONE/Ann BAKER, 5-1-1738, he Chipstable; she Dulverton, widow

Robert NORRIS, Sarah POOL, 29-11-1738, he Exeter; she Dulverton

Thomas HOLMSWORTHY/Anne KINGDOM, 6-12-1738, she Dulverton

Francis BRAILY/Elizabeth WOOD, 14-4-1740, she Br.Regis

William TOUT/Elizabeth KERSLAKE, 23-11-1740, he Cruwys Morchard; she Exeter

Alexander JEWEL/Rachel FISHER, 17-1-1741, he Milverton

John PRIDEAUX/Mary FISHER, 25-12-1742, he Dulverton

Thomas DAVEY/Jane BOWDON, 2-1-1743, he Skilgate; she Br.Regis

Robert VEN/Johan DASCOMBE, 12-2-1743, he Br.Regis

John PRING/Agnes TOUT?, 17-4-1743, he Dulverton

John ROGERS/Ann FISHER, 9-11-1743, he Wiveliscombe

John WHITE/Honor TIPLIN, 16-1-1744, he Dulverton

Thomas BURGESS/Grace SHAPLAND, 20-5-1744, she Dulverton

Richard BUDD/Elizabeth BUDD, 11-2-1747, he Morebath, Dev

Samuel BLACKMORE/Martha MUDFORD, 28-7-1748, she Dulverton

David STADDEN/Agnes DOBB, 17-3-1749, he E.Anstey

William BEAL/Sarah LARKCOMBE, 19-11-1749, he Oakford, Dev

John MILDON/Mary PRISCOTT, 31-1-1750, he Bampton, Dev

Richard FISHER/Hannah FISHER, 16-2-1750, she Bampton, Dev

John HOPKINS/Elizabeth COURT, 6-4-1750, she Dulverton

William BRANSCOMBE/Sarah LEIGH, 29-5-1751, she Bampton, Dev

John UPPINGTON/Anne STYLE, 6-1-1753, he Tycombe

Robert DAVEY/Mary BUDD, 26-7-1753, he E.Anstey

Francis Edgcumbe WATTON/Mary PINE, 15-6-1815, he Dulverton

Robert HENSON/Anne FISHER, 3-8-1815, he Morebath, Dev

John CAVILL/Mary BUCKNELL, 8-4-1816, he Knowstone, Dev

Lawrence HART/Jane DAVY, 30-3-1817, he Morebath, Dev

John GOODING/Elizabeth FROST, 7-4-1817, he Morebath, Dev

William BURNELL/Agnes ESCOTT, 20-4-1817, he Dulverton

John FISHER/Grace MEAD, 7-5-1817, he W.Anstey

John MOGFORD/Mary LOCK, 9-10-1819, he Bampton, Dev

John REED/Grace TALBOTT, 18-3-1822, he Dulverton

George BLACKMORE/Elizabeth STADDON, 31-3-1726, he Winsford

Thomas PARTRIDGE/Amy Timewell MEAD, 15-5-1826, he Cadeleigh, Dev

William BENNETT/Anna Maria MEAD, 20-6-1827, he Witheridge, Dev

George COPP/Maria PASSMORE, 30-8-1828, he Bampton, Dev

Robert NORMAN/Elizabeth RIDLER, 16-10-1828, he Dulverton

Henry MANNING/Tammy MEAD, 27-2-1833, he South Molton, Dev

Thomas STONE/Elizabeth FOSTER, 28-4-1835, she Creech St. Michael; signed Forster

William MOGFORD/Ann LANGDON, 28-?-1836, he Oakford, Dev

Robert ATKINS/Mary MAYNE, 23-5-1837, he Hightley St. Mary, Dev 


Brushford Baptisms

KINGDOM, Mary, 6-2-1741, d. of Johan, Dulverton

OXENHAM, Hugh, 30-1-1743, s. of Mr. Roger of Hightly

GRATTON, Mary, 15-1-1744, William/Charity, Dulverton

LAND, Mary, 7-3-1744, John/Elizabeth, Dulverton

DAVY, William, 26-10-1744, Thomas/Susan, Witheridge

OXENHAM, Dorothy, 11-11-1744, d. Roger of Hightly

BURGESS, George, 28-4-1745, Thomas/Grace, Dulverton

KINGDOM, Johan, 14-5-1745, John/Mary, Dulverton

FREY, William, 3-10-1745, Christopher/Mary, Dulverton

BURGESS, Elizabeth, 26-12-1747, Thomas/Grace, Dulverton

BURGESS, Joan, 26-12-1747, Thomas/Grace, Dulverton

VALENTINE, Edward, 8-3-1751, John/Sarah, Dulverton

POOLE, Ann, 23-3-1751, William/Elizabeth, Oakford, Dev

Catford, William, 3-1-1757, William/Mary, Dulverton

CHILCOTT, Mary 3-8-1757, John/Mary, Dulverton

NORMAN, John, 7-3-1766, James/Jane, baptized at Dulverton

MARSH, Mary, 20-7-1770, John/Ann, Dulverton

GIBBENS, John, 23-1-1775, John/Sarah, Oakford, Dev

MARSH, Thomas, 1-10-1777, John/Ann, Dulverton

HILL, Ann, 6-5-1779, Thomas/Sarah, Morebath

GOODING, Edward, 24-2-1794, s. of George, Bampton, Dev

GOODING, George, 24-2-1794, s. of George, Bampton, Dev

HOOKWAY, Sarah, 20-3-1796, George/Susanna, Exebridge

WEBBER, Robert, 8-10-1809, John/Elizabeth, Dulverton

LOCK, Richard, 8-12-1811, William/Jane, Highley St. Mary, Dev

WILLIAMS, William, 3-1-1813, William/Susan, Exebridge Morebath

SNOW, Thomas, 14-1-1818, John/Elizabeth, Hightly

BURTON, John, 3-10-1824, James/Elizabeth, Morebath, Dev

KERSLAKE, Harriet, 24-10-1824, Thomas/Jane, Witheridge, Dev


Brushford Burials

MEAD, Amy, ?-1-1798, W/Edward, Dulverton

GOODING, Robert, 1-7-1805, Morebath, Dev

SEMAN, Mary, 4-8-1805, Morebeth (Morebath, Dev)

BROWN, Mary, 22-7-1808, W/Samuel, Dulverton

GOODING, Susanna, 20-8-1810, of Poole in the parish of Morebeth (Morebath, Dev)

GOODING, Joanna, 26-2-1813, Sampford Peverell, 65

THORNE, Jane, 24-7-1814, Hartford in Br.Regis, 78

MARSH, Edward, 21-6-1816, Dulverton, 75

CAVELL, Elizabeth, 17-12-1817, Knowstone, 7 months

DAVEY, William, 6-6-1819, Hightly, 1

WINTER, Maria, 25-7-1819, Dulverton, 3

MAINES, John, 20-9-1819, B.Nympton,

GARDENER, John, 23-2-1823, Dulverton, 84

GOODING, Hannah, 9-10-1823, Exbridge in Morebath, 28

NORTON, Joan, 19-10-1823, Hightly, 69

CAVILL, Elizabeth, 17-4-1824, Knowstone, 2

MELTON, John, 15-5-1825, Wiveliscombe, 48

WEEN, James, 24-5-1829, Dulvertonh, 6 months

GOODING, George, 6-8-1831, Bampton, 69

COX, Elizabeth, 12-2-1832, Oakford, 86

GOODING, Edward, 12-10-1832, Bampton, 75

BLACKMORE, Charles, 13-7-1834, s. William/Ann, Kingsbrompton, 4

BLACKMORE, Benjamin, 1834, s. Benjamin/Elizabeth, buried in Morebath

HART, Mary Ann, 19-10-1834, E.Anstey, 5

MITCHELL, Mary, 7-3-1835, Langbridge, 17

GOODING, Francis, 29-8-1835, Morebath, 75

VICARY, Alexander, 7-5-1836, E.Anstey, 93

MITCHELL, William, 26-9-1836, Langbridge, 21

MEAD, Mary, 11-2-1837, Knowle, 50

CARTER, Maria, 6-4-1837, Higher Nightcot, infant

BRAILEY, Richard, 9-4-1837, Upcot, 19

HILL, John, 18-2-1838, Knowstone, 3

GOODING, Robert, 7-4-1838, Hele, 27

MEAD, Thomas, 23-2-1839, Beer Farm, 45

GOODING, Christian, 26-4-1839, Hele, 53

TARR, Jane, 5-5-1839, Dulverton, 1

SULLY, Oliver, 25-12-1840, Nightcot, 32

CARTER, Jane, 16-5-1841, Nightcot, 5 months

GOODING, William, 3-7-1841, Exbridge, 47

HODGE, Richard, 6-7-1841, Upcott, 84

BROOM, Henry, 15-8-1841, Tiverton, 5

GOULD, John, 16-1-1842, Oakford, 75

PRESCOTT, Ann, 13-2-1842, Nightcot, 46

HANCOCK, Robert Follett, 13-3-1842, Cole Harbour, Bampton, 5 months

PULSFORD, Mary, 10-2-1843, Oakford, 77

SURRAGE, William, 2-7-1843, Dulverton, 8

MELLUISH, William, 24-8-1843, Bampton, 76

VICARY, Mary, 25-10-1843, Lower Upcott, 57

VENN, William, 30-10-1843, Pixton Dulverton, 70

SURRAGE, Elizabeth, 31-12-1843, Dulverton, 66

HILL, Joan, 7-4-1844, Hightly, 86

GOULD, Sarah, 24-7-1844, Oakford, 71

SINKINS, Jane, 6-1-1845, E.Anstey, 85

TIDBOALD, Michael, 12-2-1845, Nightcot, 45

MITCHELL, Elizabeth, 4-4-1847, Langbridge, 6 months

GOODING, Sarah, 15-6-1847, Ashford Cottage, Burlescombe, 10

GOODING, Maria, 19-1-1848, Exebridge, 83

HEPPER, Elizabeth, 19-1-1848, Beer Farm, 49

ESCOTT, John, 30-1-1848, Exebridge, 84

MEAD, Thomazine, 20-7-1848, Badlake, W.Anstey, 88

BURGESS, MARY, 27-8-1848, Anstey Farm, Dulverton, 71

PINE, John, 23-9-1848, Higher Upcott, 63

MITCHELL, John, 29-3-1849, Langbridge, 40

VICARY, James, 29-10-1849, Upcott, 72



Cannington Strays


The ‘Stray’, He or She, is listed to the right hand side on each line,  together with their home parish


John TUCKER/Mary SAINTHILL--9-1-1715 She, Chilton (Trinity)

William NEWTON/Joan ASH--8-2-1715 He, "montagne"

Benjamin KEBBY/Mary CRIDLAND--26-5-1715 She, Staplegrove

Arthur CURRY/Anne WILLIAMS--30-9-1715 She, Stockland Bristol

Richard GILBERT/Elizabeth Ladkey?--7-12-1716 She, Stogursey

Richard CARTER/Margery WEBBER--29-12-1716 She, Creech

Robert BARTLETT/Mary LEGG--12-10-1719 He, N. Petherton

Robert PARAMOAR?/Mary SLOWLEY--26-11-1720 He, Stoke Pero; She, Porlock

Thomas NORTHERN/Mary LANE--1-11-1721 She, Bawdrip

David NORRIS/Elizabeth CROSS--4-12-1721 He, Marlinch?        (probably Morlinch: DB)

John THORN/Joan STONE--6-2-1722 She, Otterhampton

John HOOPER/Elizabeth HERN--15-5-1722 He, Mear (Mere)

John ROLLES/Anne COOK--3-6-1722 He, Fiddington

Alexander DAVIS/Joan BUTLER--2-10-1722 She, Kingsbury

Francis WEBBER/Elizabeth HARTROUGH--19-11-1722 Both, N. Petherton

Robert MERICK/Elizabeth Wilmot--11-6-1723 She, Bridgwater

David DOWDEN/Esther FINLY--25-8-1723 He, Otterhampton; she, Bridgwater

Thomas OSBOURN/Mary PINNEY--28-8-1723 He, Bridgwater; she, "Eadem"?

Thomas CROSS/Mary WILLIAMS--12-10-1723 He, Stockland Bristol

John TAR/Elizabeth SPEARING--27-10-1723 He, Otterhampton

Robert WOOLCOT/Mary WEBBER--15-12-1723 He, Wembdon

John WARREN/Sarah COLES  Jnr--16-2-1724 He, Spaxton

Walter BATH/Lettice THOMAS--7-4-1724 He, W. Quantoxhead

Nathaniel YEAW/Mary ROWE--8-24-1724 She, Otterhampton

John BRIDGES/Mary ANDREWS--10-4-1724 She, Aller

John FRY/Milliscent MORGAN--16-4-1724 He, Wells (St. Cuthbert)

John WARMAN/Anne ARTHURS--17-5-1725 She, Chilton (Trinity?)

John BURSTON/Mary WILLIAMS--25-12-1725 He, Crowcombe; she, Kilton

John ORCHARD/Anne SMITH--1-12-1726 She, Westonzoyland

John GRIFFITH/Elizabeth WINTER--8-4-1727 He, Minehead

Hugh WARREN/Anne POOLE--12-11-1727 She, W. Buckland

Robert PORTER/Mary SEAWARD--10-6-1728 He, Stockland

Samuel JONES/Anne LANTROW--15-7-1728 He, Marlinch? (probably Moorlinch HKM)

John PITCHER/Jane ROW--27-5-1729 He, "Montagne"; she, Bridgwater

Anthony EVERD/Elizabeth COLES--21-7-1729 He, Stockland Bristol

James HILL/Rebecca YENDAL--28-8-1731 She, BR Ralph

John THOMAS/Anne PROLE--7-9-1731 She, Goathurst

Peter THOMAS/Mary BRIFFET--21-1-1732 She, N. Stowey

Thomas GREENSLADE/Mary QUIRKE--20-3-1732  He, Selworthy; she, Minehead

Edward LOCKIER/Grace ROW--10-4-1732 Both, N. Petherton

Thomas CLEMENTS/Mary FRY--5-2-1733 He, Glastonbury

Edward DINGLY/Betty HART--15-4-1733 He, Bridgwater; she "Edem"

David WINTER/Mary MOOR--27-4-1733 He, Stogursey

Robert BLAKE/Jane MAN--27-10-1733 She,  "Eadem?"    

Edward MURFORD/Deborah DENT--9-2-1734 He, N. Petherton

John HARVY/Mary CURRY--29-12-1734 She, N. Petherton

Samuel SELLY/Anne LEWES--7-4-1735 He, Goathurst

John CRIDLAND/Grace SMITH--10-2-1736 He, St. Decs; she Stogumber

Thomas DATE/Mary BREWER--16-8-1736 He, Stogumber; she, W. Quantoxhead

Richard BURGE/Dorothy KIDNER--25-3-1737 He, Goathurst; she, Spaxton

John WOOD/Elizabeth BLAKE--27-12-1738 He, Trull

John HIDGELL/Betty CULVERWELL--4-4-1743 He, Curry Malet

Jasper PORTER/Christian BUDGE--9-11-1744 He, Enmore; she, Weston

William PERIAM/Elizabeth DEACON--20-8-1745 He, Milverton

Allene SYLLIVAN/Ann SILK--24-10-1745 He, Ling

Joseph POLLARD/ Mary LOVE--20-11-1749 He, Chilton (Trinity?)

Thomas CROSSE/Elizabeth Dennell--10-12-1749 He, Wembdon

James HOBBS/Margaret RENDAL--6-6-1751 She, N. Petherton

Robert ELLIOT/Joan LOCKIER--2-12-1751 He, Charlinch

John BRICE/Sarah COLES--10-9-1755 He, N. Petherton; He, Mr.; she Mrs.

John BLAKE/Sarah STOOKEY--24-11-1755 He, Stogumber; He, Mr.; she, Mrs.

Nicholas SWEETING/Mary DANGER--12-8-1756 She, Pawlet

William POOLE/Jane RUSCOMBE--5-2-1760 He, Chilton (Trinity) He, Mr.; she, Mrs.

George HOBBS/Mary DAVEY--21-9-1760 She, Wembdon

William BICKNAL/Mary TUCKER--10-11-1760 He, Wembdon

Thomas GIBBS/Mary FIELD--20-4-1761 He, Chilton (Trinity)

Robert ROWE/Elizabeth ROWE--16-2-1762 He, Spaxton (original entry has Roe but a summary has "ROWE")

Thomas STONE/Elizabeth MULLENS--12-4-1762 She, Stockland Bristol

William BUNCOMBE/Elizabeth PERRY--17-4-1762 He, Otterhampton

Nathaniel TUCKER/Betty BAKER--11-5-1762 He, Stogursey He, Mr.; she, Mrs.

John SHADDOCK/Jane WARREN--5-6-1762 He, N. Stowey

John POOLE/Elizabeth RUSCOMBE--29-12-1762 He, O. Stowey He, Mr.; she, Mrs.

John COUCH/Elizabeth KNIGHT--29-9-1764 He, St. Austell, Corn He, Mr.; she, Mrs.

John LEAVES/Elizabeth WARE--26-12-1764 He, Charlinch

John FARTHING/Mary WILLIAMS--10-2-1765 He, Bridgwater

William THOMAS/Jane SWAFFWELL--8-4-1765 He, Bridgwater

John POLLARD/Betty WOOLCOT--1-5-1765 He, Otterhampton

William FOSTER/Alice BEGART?--23-7-1765 N. Curry

John PAINE/Ann MILES--11-8-1765 He, Otterhampton (date calculated from 3rd Reading of Banns due to poor writing)

Richard JONES/Sarah HARDING--14-10-1765 He, Moorlinch

William QUICK/Grace RICH--8-9-1767 He, Wiveliscombe

Thomas GRABHAM/Dinah ROWE--28-3-1769 She, Bridgwater; He, yeoman

John TROUBRIDGE/Ann SILK--2-4-1769 He, Fiddington; yeoman

John INMAN/Elizabeth KEMPE--9-6-1769 He, Spaxton (my ancestors)

Robert BIFFEN/Jane DAVEY--23-10-1769 He, Otterhampton; widower

John BOWLES/Sarah THORNE--8-1-1770 He, Otterhampton

Joseph GROVE/Anne HODGE--21-8-1770 He, Spaxton

John TYLER/Mary LANDNEY??--2-1-1772 He, Bewdley, Worcs

Absalom MASON/Joan FARTHEN--26-3-1772 She, Westbury

William PERRIAM/Mary BRISTER--16-5-1772 He, O. Stowey

George PAINE/Rebecca BAILY--2-6-1772 He, Otterhampton

John POLLARD?/Elizabeth DAVIES--13-11-1772 He, Otterhampton; widower

John COPP/Mary PALMER--22-2-1773 He, Puriton

James SCORE/Hannah FOSTER--21-4-1773 He, (Idbrook); she, N. Curry; He, Mr.; she, Miss

Robert DAY/Grace HOLMES--26-5-1773 He, Wookey

Hill? DAWE/Mary COLES--22-11-1773 He, Bridgwater; he, Mr.; she, Miss

John STEPHENS/Mary TUCKER--29-9-1774 He, N. Petherton

Charles WOOD/Ann WEBBER--3-1-1775 He, N. Petherton

Richard GILBERT/Joan COX--2-5-1775 He, Otterhampton (Yeoman)

john MULLENS/Joan THOMAS--2-12-1776 He, Wembdon (Lab)

Thomas SILK/betty SILK--28-2-1776 He, Otterhampton

Richard STONE/Sarah SELLICK--8-4-1776 She, Fiddington

William SOLMAN/Mary MERRION--5-6-1776 He, Otterhampton

William COWARD/Mary HOLWAY--25-7-1776 He, Wembdon

John CURTIS/Mary TOMMS--8-11-1776 He, Bridgwater (widower); she, widow, Mrs.

James WILLS/Hannah WILLIAMS--16-3-1777 She, Charlinch; He, Carpenter

Thomas ROWLEY/Betty BIFFEN--9-4-1777 He, Wembdon (Thatcher)

William ROGERS/Martha FURZE--6-8-1778 She, B.Lydeard

Isaac DANGER/Mary BLACKMORE--6-8-1778 He, Charlinch

William ANDREWS/Margaret DEACON--2-9-1778 He, L. St. Lawrence

James TOSSELL/Elizabeth RAWLINS--15-10-1778 He, Wembdon

John PAYNE/Jedidah PADDON--19-3-1779 He, Wembdon

Thomas HURDLE/Elizabeth EDNEY--24-5-1779 He, Stogursey

George PADDON/Ann WARE--2-9-1779 She, Bridgwater

George ROWE/Naomi THOMAS--13-3-1780 He, Spaxton 

Thomas FURZE/Mary BEER--17-4-1780 He, B. Lydeard

Samuel HEALE/Hannah COLCRAFT--19-10-1782 He, Bridgwater

Ambrose White MILLER/Rebekah BIFFEN--28-1-1783 He, Bath, St. Michael

James AINOT/Hannah WILLIAMS--2-3-1783 He, Stogursey

Thomas CRIDDLE/Catherine PAIN--28-11-1783 He, Stockland Bristol

John BOWLES/Margaret CLARKE--25-4-1784 He, Otterhampton

John DAVIS/Joan HILLS--10-5-1784 He, Bridgwater

John WEBBER/Dinah Dodd--24-7-1784 She, Otterhampton

George NATION/Mary PUGSLEY--21-12-1785 He, Bicknoller

Thomas Atwell BLACKFORD/Mary Ann COLES--12-1-1786 He, Bridgwater

Fordinando BOARD/Jenny INMAN 27-2-1786 She, B. Lydeard He, widower; she, widow

Thomas POTTER/Mary SLOCOMBE--2-6-1788 She, N. Stowey

James STACEY/Martha ROGERS--22-10-1788 He, Stogursey; widower; she, widow

Amos TEDBALL/Amy STREET--5-6-1789 He, Carhampton; She, widow

Thomas POOLE/Sarah DOWDNEY--2-6-1790 He, Stockland Bristol

Thomas SILK/Ann CLATWORTHY--9-4-1791 He, Otterhampton

Joseph EDWARDS/Jane WASHER--19-12-1791 He, Burnham; she, a minor

James WHEELER/Mary DODLEY--2-2-1792 He, Catcott

Joseph FRANCH/Elizabeth POOLE--15-4-1792 She, Wembdon

John THORNE/Patience PAIN--2-5-1792 He, Otterhampton

George PARKER/Mary COLES--2-4-1793 He, Bridgwater; he, Mr.; she, Miss

Samuel SPARKS/Betty TUCKER--9-2-1794 He, N. Petherton

Elias HAWKINS/Jane BROWN--10-2-1794 He, Brimpton?

Richard HEADFORD/Elizabeth SCORE--27-3-1794 He, Charlinch

Edward SILK/Mary TAYLOR--14-8-1794 He, Otterhampton

William DIMENT/Elizabeth PADDON--24-2-1796 He, Bristol St. Phillip

John Batt GOODLAND/Edith JENNINGS--7-7-1796 He, Taunton St. M. M.

George STEVENS/Mary DANIEL--30-3-1797 He, Stogursey

James ALEXANDER/Sarah COLES--4-6-1798 He, London St. Bennet

Joseph BRIER/Betty MAY--5-7-1798 He, Kingston; she, widow

Samson POWELL/Elizabeth FOXWELL--18-9-1798 He, Stockland Bristol

James OLIVER/Ann THOMAS--16-6-1800 He, Westonzoyland

Thomas Nash HAYNES/Elizabeth Ridler--12-8-1801 He, Bristol

Robert BELLAMY/Agnes THORNE--8-10-1801 He, Wembdon

Faithful MERRE/Mary HODGE--8-9-1802 He, Lympsham

John WARREN/Ann BRENAN--12-6-1803  She, Ireland; widower-widow

Richard LAURENCE/Sarah TUCKER--23-6-1803 He, Lyneham, Wilts

Joseph ALLEN/Elizabeth JENNINGS--20-11-1803 He, Kilmersdon

John GREENSLADE/Frances LYDDON--8-8-1805 He, Wootton Courtney

John WEBBER/Judith SMITH--14-10-1806 He, Stogursey

Thomas MORRISH/Jane GADD--30-12-1803 He, Fiddington; widower-widow

Robert PAIN/Mary TUCKER--19-7-1808 He, Huntspill

Thomas PERRETT/Mary STACEY--26-9-1808 He, Stogursey

James RICH/Sarah JANES--28-6-1809 He, N. Stowey

John SELLICK/Anne AMES--24-3-1810 He, Fiddington

Thomas AISHMAN/Charlotte WHITE--18-5-1810 He, Bridgwater

John SMART/James THOMAS--25-3-1811 He, Otterhampton

Robert WALLIS/Mary BAKER--11-4-1811 He, Bridgwater

James WALFORD/Amey Anne BAKER--19-6-1811 He, W. Quantoxhead

Patrick Warren? COCKBURN/Mary DASSALL--1-8-1811 He, Rington

James JENNINGS/Sarah PAIN--31-10-1811 He, Bridgwater

Robert BOWLES/Ann CREEK--21-3-1812 He, Bridgwater; she, widow

James TUCKER/Anne JEANES--22-4-1813 He, Spaxton (She signed "Janes")

Francis KEBBY/Mary Anne BROOM--24-6-1813 He, Charlinch

William LANSDOWNE/Eleanor JENKINS--26-6-1813 She, Bridgwater

Jonas ROWE/Mary PAIN--11-9-1813 He, London, St. George Hanover Square

William BRICE/Betty MURRAY--30-12-1813 He, Charlinch

James WALFORD/Elizabeth STACEY--20-3-1814 He, Bridgwater

George SILKE/Kitty MURRAY--17-11-1814 He, Stockland (Bristol)

John BUNCOMB/Maria NORMAN--2-1-1816 He, Huntspill

Anthony STARKEY/Mary BEARD--13-5-1816 He, Spaxton

Thomas KNIGHT/Jane SULLY--30-10-1817 She, Spaxton

Joel FRY/Sarah POOLMAN--22-6-1818 He, Chedzoy

George BAILEY/Sarah PRIEST--12-9-1818 She, Minehead; widower-widow

Samuel WILLIAMS/Susanna MORLE--26-5-1819 He, Prestwich with Oldham, Lancs

Robert COOPER/Jane MURRAY--11-6-1822 He, Bristol St. Augustine; widower

Thomas POOLE/Ann GIBBS--20-5-1823 He, Pawlet

John Coombs COLLINS/Susanna BALE--20-9-1823 He, Bridgwater

Henry Parker HURMAN/Mary Ann BIFFEN--28-10-1823 He, Curry Rivel

Henry LONG--Mary SHORNEY--19-2-1824 He, Bawdrip

William WEBBER/Sarah HILL--26-4-1827 He, Otterhampton

John Goss FLEAY/Jane TURNER--12-8-1827 He, Deptford St. Johns, Kent

William LANDSEY/Ann SHEPHERD--27-5-1828 He, Charlinch

John KING/Ann KIDNER--11-6-1828 He, Stogursey

Samuel LEGG/Sarah HOOK--14-8-1828 He, Aisholt 

James Smith WHITBY/Mary STEPHENS--17-7-1829 (Entered as Stephens but she signed "Stevens")

John George TUCKER/Jane COLES--10-3-1830 He, Stockland (Bristol)

John ROWE/Elizabeth HILL--24-5-1830 He, Mark

Henry LOVIBOND/Sarah LEIGH--12-8-1830 He, Curry Rivel

Francis BRICE/Jane BIFFEN--31-5-1831 He, N. Petherton

William ROGERSON/Mary SOLOMON--4-9-1832 He, Monkwearmouth, Dur

Henry BELL/Henrietta Randall--27-11-1832 He, Brarnshaw?, Hants

John COLE/Eliza WARD--17-3-1835 He, Bristol St. Mary Le Port

Richard THOMAS/Maria GREEN--17-4-1835 He, Bridgwater

John HAWKINS/Emma LEIGH--15-10-1835 He, Long Sutton

Colmer LYMES/Deborah Lydia LINDON--19-3-1836 He, Bridgwater

Francis HOLE/Mary Ann RICHARDS--8-9-1836 He, Otterhampton

Samuel STEVENS/Rebecca GREEN--24-9-1836 He, Spaxton

James CROCKER/Elizabeth WILLIAMS--29-9-1836 He, Spaxton

William Inman RICH/Drusilla BURTON--27-7-1837 He, N. Stowey; he, 45, she, 37

James TURNER/Mary Ann Leigh--28-3-1839 He, Enmore

James SHEPHERD/Priscilla CAVEL--6-6-1839 He, W. Quantoxhead

Robert PEARCE/Sarah WINTER--12-11-1840 He, curry Rival

James HUNT/Ann TAYLOR--25-4-1842 He, Long Sutton

Henry EDWARDS/Sarah WILLIAMS--30-11-1842 He, Bridgwater

Charles DEEDES/Letitia Ann Playdell Bouverie--29-11-1843 He, W. Camel

Nathaniel PARKIN/Deborah Lydia SYMES--10-7-1844 He, Manchester

Robert Withers KNOTT/Jane SHORNEY--19-7-1844 He, Crowcombe

Thomas SULLY/Ann GRAY--13-8-1844 He, Old Cleeve

Henry TURLE/Jane HOBBS--17-8-1844 He, Taunton

Henry George PARISH/Jane SHIMEL--8-1-1845 He, Camberwell

William POMEREY/Jane TUCKER--He, Langport; widower

Thomas ZACHERY/Anna DAVIS--14-8-1845 He, Broring Hill, Worcs

John LEE/Elizabeth NEWICK--23-8-1845 He, Burnham

John WHITING/Elizabeth PALMER--10-9-1845 He, Combwich

John Knight FARTHING/Maria FARTHING--28-1-1846 O. Stowey

John SAYER/Anne POOLE--21-10-1847 He, N. Stowey; widower

Charles SPURWAY/Elizabeth HURLEY--5-11-1847 He, London; widower

David THOMAS/Betty THOMAS--22-12-1847 He, Bedminster; she, widow

Jeremiah LEACH/Harriet PADDON--12-4-1849 He, W. Monkton; widower

Henry Francis MUSGROVE/Christian PAIN--20-9-1849 He, Bristol

Hyde Wyndham BEADON/Caroline Playdell BOUVERIE--23-10-1849 He, Latton?, Wilt

Henry Long JACOB/Jane THOMPSON--5-7-1852 He, Bridgwater

William MEAD/Jane Anne TAYLOR--8-3-1853 He, Curry Malet; signed "John"

Charles Henry MILLS/Mary Jane NORTH--6-5-1856 He, Stepney

Charles COLES/Mary Ann PALFREY--30-10-1856 He, Enmore

James LOVELL/Sarah SALTER--25-3-1857 He, Enmore

Richard MERCHANT/Sarah WILKINS--28-4-1857 He, Bridgwater

James SEALY/Elizabeth MOCKRIDGE--5-1-1858 He, Poplar; widower

James LEGG/Amelia WILLS--24-5-1859 He, Spaxton; widower, widow

William Henry CROCKER/Sarah CROCKER--19-4-1860 He, S. Petherton



GILLING, Elizabeth 6-2-1716, Edward/Elizabeth, Westonzoyland

TUCKER, William 20-10-1719, John/Mary, Chilton (Trinity)

BATH, Mary 1-5-1724, Walter/Lettice, W. Quantoxhead

LEWIS, William 11-10-1726, Henry/Anne, (child between 6-7, previously Quaker"

RUSCOMBE, Elizabeth 1-4-1734 Joseph/Elisabeth (baptized at home by grandfather, Rev. Mr. Brice, Rector of Aisholt)

STOKES, Mary 28-2-1742 John/Sarah, Cussington

CROOK, Mary 6-1-1743, Thomas/Betty, Thorne (Falcon?)

BOWLS, Maynard 15-5-1755, James/Lucretia, Combwich

FOSTER, Mary 4-3-1767, William/Alice, N. Curry

STONE, Mary 6-1-1777, Richard/Sarah, Fiddington

MULLENS, Mary 20-4-1777, John/Joan, Wembdon

WALFORD, Ann 5-1-1788, John/, Coltings Farm, Spaxton (mother not named)

DANGER, Dorothy 3-8-1788, Isaac/Mary, Charlinch

DAWDLE, Betty 10-8-1788, Thomas/Mary, Charlinch

LOVELL, Joseph 6-4-1794, William/Jane, Idbrook

STEVENS, George 26-7-1795, John/Joan, Charlinch

LOVELL, Charlotte Warren 28-7-1795, Jane, Idbrook (base born)

TIMLET, Sara 30-3-1798, William/Mary, Wembdon

HURMAN, Thomas 9-5-1806, John/Ann, Beer Farm extra parochial

HOWE, Mary 8-11-1807, William/Elizabeth, Wembdon

SOLOMAN, Mary Ann 14-3-1814, Henry/Ann, Coombury

STONE, William 4-5-1813, John/Welthin??, Fanigh?

KICK, John 8-8-1813, Thomas/Anne, Othery

COLES, Anne 6-2-1814, John/Sarah, Stockland Bristol

LEIGH, Eliza 3-4-1814, Henry/Sarah, Combwich

QUICK?, Charles 10-4-1814, Thomas/Sarah, Combwich

KING, William 28-4-1814, James/Betty, Bradleys Green

CAVEL, Priscilla 29-4-1814, Benjamin/Rebecca, Woodcocks Down

CLARKE, Richard Shorney 2-4-1820, James/Mary, Tiverton

SUTTON, Mary 14-11-1821, Daniel/Sarah, Compton Bishop

WITCH, John 1-6-1823, William/Julia, Spaxton

WALFORD, William Coates 9-7-1823, William/Anne, Wells

CROWDEN, William 26-10-1823, William/betty, Wembdon

ROWLAND, William 9-1-1825, Stephen?/Jane, Charlinch

COGLE, Jane 21-3-1825, Thomas/Jane, Idbrook

TANBLING, John 5-11-1826, Thomas/Mary, Wembdon

FISH, Elizabeth 7-1-1827, William/Sarah, Weston-s-Mare

TUCKER, Charles, 28-1-1828, Samuel/Sarah, Bridgwater

WARREN, Mary Ann 10-2-1828, James/Elizabeth, Combwich

LONG, Jane 29-4-1828, Richard/Mary, Combwich

LONG, James 29-4-1828, Richard/Mary, Combwich

COLES, Mary Louisa 14-5-1828, John/Sarah, Stockland Bristol

BIDDULP, Catherine Elizabeth 30-7-1828, Theophilus/Catherine/Greston, Brockley

DAVIS, Charles 10-5-1829, William/Elizabeth, Bridgwater

NORTHAM, Eliza 29-5-1829, Charles/Hannah, Bridgwater

LONG, Mary 24-9-1829, Richard/Mary, Spaxton

POUNSFORD, John Clarke 18-5-1830, Robert/Elizabeth Davis, London

COOMBS, William John, 30-5-1830, John/Sarah, Bridgwater

MAY, Robert 27-3-1830, John/Sarah, Bridgwater

CLARKE, Mary Webber 1-12-1830, William Hugh/Elizabeth, Silverton, Dev

LONG, Ann 14-12-1830, Richard/Mary Spaxton

WHITING, Eliza Smith 26-6-1831, Samuel/Mary Ann, Watchet

WARREN, Mary Jane 20-1-1832, William/Susan, Idbrook

NORMAN, Charlotte 8-4-1832, Robert/Elizabeth, Idstock

NOTTOM, Hannah Bennet 29-5-1833, Charles/Hannah, Bridgwater

WARREN, Sarah Ann 6-1-1834, William/Susannah, Idbrooke

LONG, Hannah 16-5-1834, Richard/Mary, Spaxton

DAVIS, Elizabeth Murray 31-5-1834, William/Elizabeth, Bridgwater (first

KICK, Charlotte 31-5-1834, Thomas/Ann, Othery cousins)

WARREN, Henry 24-8-1834, James/Elizabeth, Combwich

FRENCH, Wilmot Walker 31-8-1834, George/Mary, Charlinch

WOOD, Evalina 10-1-1836, Robert/Agnes, Wembdon

HUNT, Emma 15-1-1836, John/Mary, Otterhampton

WARREN, William Hurman 8-3-1836, William/Susan, Idbrook

NOTTOM, Levinia 1-5-1836, Charles/Hannah, Bridgwater

LONG, Amelia 5-8-1836, Richard/Mary, B. Lydeard

WARREN, Susannah 19-10-1838, William/Susannah, Idbrook

NORMAN, James 31-3-1839, Robert/Hannah, Idstock

ACREBHAN?, Gertrude 8-4-1839, Thomas Hayes/Arela Harriet, Hilltown

ALLEN, John Goodland 25-9-1842, Joseph/Elizabeth, London (bn 26-6-1810)

SILKE, William George 13-2-1848, John/Edith Bridgwater


MULLINS, Phillis 30-12-1786, widow, Wembdon

COLES, James 16-1-1790, Wembdon

RIDLAR, Sarah 11-11-1791, widow, St. John of Wembdon

REDLAR, John 3-2-1792, Wembdon

SILKE, Joan 23-7-1792, widow, Otterhampton

PROLE, John 5-9-1792, O. Stowey

BIFFEN, William 31-10-1792, Spaxton

POTTER, Thomas 7-12-1793, s. (Mr.) Thomas, Crowcombe

TUCKER, Sarah 17-10-1794, Woolensington?

COLES, Mary 29-1-1794, wife of Henry, Petherton Park

BLACKFORD, Mary Ann 14-2-1794, Bridgwater

SILKE, William 23-7-1794, Strington?

HOLWAY, Sarah 7-11-1794, Bridgwater

COLES, Francis 10-3-1797, s. James/Jane, Wembdon

MULLINS, Sarah 29-8-1797, Wembdon

POOLE, Nathaniel 15-11-1799, O. Stowey

DAMES, Mary Knight 30-1-1801, (Miss), Bridgwater

COLES, Mary 3-2-1801, widow, Chilton Trinity farm

WEBBER, Joan 31-12-1801, wife of John, Wembdon

COLES, Jonas 11-1-1802, (Mr.), Wembdon

MULLINGS, William 7-1-1804, Wembdon

COLES, Agnes 28-1-1803, (Mrs.), died at Bridgwater

FURZE, Thomas 13-11-1803, s. William/Jane, Aisholt

WARREN, Thomas 13-1-1804, s. William/Jane, Edbrook

COLES, Robert 26-3-1804, Don Moor, Bridgwater

SPARKS, Mary Ann 15-4-1804, infant, Bridgwater

BRYANT, Mary 31-10-1813, Wembdon, 90

ROWE, Sarah, 20-7-1804, Combwich, 17

DAVIS, William 6-23-2825, Combwich, 64

MULLINS, Sarah 12-4-1816, Goathurst, 80

COLES, James 15-5-1818, Thurloxton, 63

CLARK, Richard 19-7-1818, Bridgwater, 32

POOLE, Elizabeth 16-2-1819, Enmore, 75

POOLE, Jane 24-5-1819, Pawlet, 61

SILLICK, Samuel 15-7-1819, Fiddington, 7 hours

HOOPER, Robert 14-1-1820, Bridgwater, 57

MINTON, Mary 8-1-1821, Puriton, 60

SILK, Mary 13-5-1821, Otterhampton, 9

POOLE, Harriett 15-4-1823, Pawlet, 33

BIFFEN, Joan 6-7-1823, Spaxton, 84

TUCKER, James 12-7-1823, Fiddington, 46

MULLINS, Elizabeth 14-5-1824, Bridgwater 71

JENNING, James 9-6-1824, Taunton 30

GADD, Charlotte 24-10-1824, Fiddington, 18

STARKEY, James 7-11-1824, 19

PARSONS, George 6-3-1825, Otterhampton, 60

COGLE, Jane 10-5-1825, Idbrook, 9 weeks

MOORE, John 15-5-1825, Bridgwater, 30

POTTER, Thomas 8-6-1825, Crewkerne, 76

COLES, Edward 4-4-1826, Ashford, 63

WHITING, Richard 3-11-1852, Woolavington, 52

MORLE, Roger 28-1-1827, Bridgwater, 74

WEECH? or WITCH?, Edward 28-3-1827, 9 months

COLES, Henry Jr. 17-4-1827, N. Petherton

WEMBRIDGE, John Rexworthy 20-5-1827, Bridgwater, 1 month

MORLE, Sarah 22-5-1827, Collumpton, Devon, 71

WEMBRIDGE, Ann 23-7-1827, Bridgwater, 21

COLES, Elizabeth 1-8-1827, Bemester (Beaminster?), Dorset 64

WALFORD, George, 5-1-1828, Combwich, 19

DAY, George 24-1-1828, Combwich, 20

NORMAN, Mary Ann 31-1-1828, Combwich, 6 weeks

moore, Elizabeth 22-4-1828, Taunton, 20

COLES, Henry 19-12-1828, N. Petherton, 91

MOORE, Eleanor 22-12-1828, Taunton, 65

STEVENS, John 11-1-1829, Charlinch, 84

DAVIS, Caroline 20-3-1829, Bridgwater, 5

PAIN, William 17-5-1830, Spaxton, 48

COLES, Henry Junior Comber 10-7-1830, N. Petherton, 23

NOTHAM, Hannah 3-12-1830, Bridgwater, 2 days

HUNT, Mary Theresa 15-11-1831, Taunton, 6

HUNT, Sarah 7-12-1831, Taunton, 29

ROWLAND, Jane 16-1-1832, Charlinch, 41

MOORE, Eleanor 24-1-1832, Taunton, 30

PERROT, Elizabeth 28-1-1833, Bridgwater, 20

GAD, Sarah Anne 9-4-1833, Spaxton, 8

DAVIS, Elizabeth 31-5-1834, Bridgwater, mother, 40

DAVIS, Elizabeth Murray 13-8-1834, Bridgwater, daughter,3 months

HONIBALL, Robert 8-12-1834, Bridgwater, 52

TUCKER, Maria 6-1-1835, Beer Farm, adjoining Cannington, 12

HARD, William 2-4-1835, Otterhampton, 21

HARD, Harriet 7-5-1835, Charlinch, 3

HARD, Henry 2-6-1835, Charlinch, 13

POWELL, Thomas 29-1-1836, Otterhampton, 5 months

POTTER, William 9-7-1836, Crowcombe, 67




Baptisms 1744-1861


STREET, John 30-7-1761, John/Mary, Spaxton

LEWIS, Joseph 2-2-1766, John/Betty, Cannington

PODGER, Jane 22-10-1766, John/Frances, bap Bridgwater (father curate here, rector at Tolland)

FOXHILL, Humphrey 25-12-1766, John/Mary, (bap at Spaxton

TERY??, John 17-5-1767, Robert/Elizabeth, Spaxton

GIBS, John 28-3-1779, George/Betty, Cannington

WEBBER, William 6-10-1781, Edward/Sarah, Cannington

BISHOP, Mary 22-4-1792, Samuel/Jane, Spaxton

NEWMAN, Martha 10-4-1808, Jane, (father John Biffen of Swang, overseer of poor)

GIBBS, Edward 20-9-1818, William/Sarah, Spaxton

STEVENS, Richard 7-2-1820, Samuel/Betsy, Spaxton

PRIEST, William 4-1-1824, Samuel/Eleanor, Spaxton

HARRIS, James 27-12-1827, George/Miriam, Spaxton

CASWELL, Rhoda 17-8-1828, John/Sarah, Spaxton

GUNNINGHAM, Jane 7-12-1828, Wiliam/Charlotte, Spaxton

HODDER, Jane 23-1-1829, Joseph/Anne, Doddington

GIBBS, Elizabeth 6-9-1829, George/Harriet, Spaxton

CASWELL, James 18-9-1831, James/Elizabeth, Spaxton

GIBBS, Charles 20-11-1831, George/Harriet, Spaxton

TUCKER, Isabella 22-4-1832, John/Elizabeth, Cannington

CHEDZOY, John 23-2-1834, Thomas/Mary, Aisholt

HANCOCK, Elizabeth 17-5-1835, James/Sarah, Cannington

STARKY, Kitty 7-6-1835, John/Sophia, Aisholt

PORTER, Alfred 25-10-1835, William/Lavinia, Spaxton

DYMENT, William 8-4-1836, Isaac/Eliza, Spaxton

WATERMAN, Jane 3-2-1837, Charles/Mary, Spaxton

STYLES, John 8-1-1838, William/Mary,  Spaxton

BURLAND, Mary Ann 24-12-1840, John/Mary, Spaxton

HARRIS, Anna 30-5-1841, Joseph/Sarah, Spaxton

ROGERS, Edwin/Edmund 30-5-1841, George/Mary, Spaxton

PHILIPS, Mary Ann 20-6-1841, Eliza, Cannington

DAVIS, Mary 20-6-1841, William/Mary, Cannington

DAVIS, Samuel 20-6-1841, William/Mary, Cannington

PORTER, Albert Biffin 4-7-1841, Lavinia, Spaxton

CAREY, Elizabeth 4-1-1842, Edward/Mary Anne, Cheltenham

ELSON, William 14-1-1842, William/Anne, Cannington

ELSON, Anne 6-2-1842, William/Anne, Cannington

RAPSEY, Elizabeth 10-4-1842, and/Amelia, Enmore

ELSON, Emily, 21-5-1842, William/---, Cannington

PARSONS, William 23-5-1842, John/Elizabeth, Ash-hill (Ashill?)

DAVIES, Letitia 24-1-1843, Samuel/Ised, Aisholt

ADAMS, Sarah 29-1-1843, George/Miriam, Spaxton

COOK, Maria 7-5-1843, William/Mary, Spaxton

HARRIS, John ?-3-1844, Charlotte, Spaxton (father William Waterman, Bridgwater)

PARSONS, Charles 26-5-1844, John/Elizabeth, Asholt (Aisholt)

PHILLIPS, Jane 6-7-1845, William/Elizabeth, Radlet, Charlinch

WOODBERRY, Emma Jane 31-8-1845, William/Emma, Spaxton

PARSONS, Jane 7-6-1846, John/Elizabeth, Aisholt

BURLAND, Frederick 24-1-1848, John/Mary, Spaxton

PARSONS, Mary 22-10-1848, John/Elizabeth, Aisholt

PARSONS, Ellen 4-1-1852, John/Elizabeth, Aisholt

HURFORD, William 14-11-1852, Charles/Jane, Spaxton

WEBBER, Sarah Jane 29-11-1854, James/Harriet, Spaxton

PARSONS, Lavinia 4-3-1855, John/Elizabeth, Aisholt

LUXTON, John William 20-12-1855, John/Mary, Spaxton

PARSONS, John 6-9-1857, John/Elizabeth, Aisholt

BINDING, Robert 9-7-1858, John/Mary Anne, Mill Farm

HURFORD, Henry 8-8-1858, George/Jane, Purland

FRENCH, Jane 25-11-1858, John/Mary, Gothelney Green

LANGDON, Sarah 9-1-1859, Henry/Emma, Gothelney Green

HURFORD, Frederick ?-4-1859, Charles/Jane, the steps (day not recorded, says died)

HARDING, Henry Marwood 6-12-1859, George/Emma, Padnoller (bn 2-9)

NESBITT, Kathleen 15-9-1860, William/Jessie, (bn Galway, Ireland, 11-59)

STEPHENS, Frederick 7-10-1860, Edward/Mary Anne, Dorsetshire

HURFORD, Frederick 18-10-1860, Charles/Jane, the steps


Charlinch Burials


POCOCK, Henry 26-4-1745, Spaxton

WEBBER, William 18-1-1744, younger, Aisholt

DYMENT, Benjamin 18-1-1768, (died at CombeFlorey)

COMER, William 12-5-1768, Spaxton

BAKER, Joan 8-11-1774, Enmore

DAVIS, Morgan 21-1-1776, (a sojourner)

LEWIS,     Sarah 1-2-1778, W/John, Spaxton

LEWIS, John 11-10-1778, Spaxton

COLES, Mary 6-11-1785, W/John, Spaxton

RUGGE, John 12-12-1788, (rector Nettlecombe)

COOMBS, Sarah 1-11-1817, Aisholt, 68

STREET, John 5-8-1820, Spaxton, 60

STREET, Richard 6-1-1821, Spaxton, 29

MAY, Jane 24-1-1821, Bridgwater, 50

STREET, Harriet 18-4-1821, Cannington, 28

DAVES, Sarah 1-12-1822, Spaxton, 81

RUGG, Julia 7-3-1823, N.Petherton, 75

STEVENS, Elizabeth 16-3-1823, Spaxxton, 27

WEBBER, Jane 16-3-1823, Spaxton, 23

HEADFORD, John 18-8-1823, N.Curry, 10 days

BALY, William 25-1-1824, Spaxton, 48

BALY, George 5-9-1824, Spaxton, 9

FRENCH, George 30-4-1826, Aisholt, 72

BRIDGES, Mary, 17-1-1827, Bridgwater, 72

KEBBY, George 10-4-1829, O.Stowey, 42

HARRIS, Frederick 20-3-1831, N.Stowey, 6 months

STREET, John 15-6-1833, Aisholt, 43

LONG, Charles 12-7-1833, Holford, 30

SULLY, Betty 28-7-1833, Cannington, 71

HOOK, William 22-12-1833, Spaxton, 33

HOOK, George 25-6-1834, Spaxton, 12 months

CULVERWELL, James 21-9-1834, Donnington, 68

HARRIS, Mary 13-11-1837, Spaxton, 12

YEANDEL, Mary 2-12-1840, Spaxton, 26

YEANDEL, Elizabeth 2-12-1840, Spaxton, 2 days (not certain which is mother and which is child)

BLAKE, Arthur 17-12-1840, Cannington, 52

RAPSEY, Walter 31-1-1841, Aisholt, 9

ROGERS, Edmund 2-7-1841, Spaxton, 8 months

KIBBY, John 30-1-1842, Cannington, 69

TAYLOR, Joanna 31-3-1844, Union House, 80

NUTTING, Alice Mary 6-1-1845, Hatch Beauchamp, 3 months

BIFFIN, James 23-6-1845, Aisholt, 45

HARDING, Robert 9-7-1849, Aisholt, 45

LEGG, Anne 3-9-1849, Fiddington, 81

KEBBY, Mary 9-3-1851, Cannington, 70

CASWELL, William 2-11-1851, Bridgwater, 27

CASWELL, George 27-10-1852, Stowey, 66

WEBBER, Sarah, Jane 29-7-1855, Spaxton, 8 months

WEBBER, George 17-1-1857, Cannington, 45

BIFFEN, Amelia 19-5-1857, Aisholt, 16

NEWMAN, John 4-12-1858, Long Thorn, 100

CASWELL, Jane 13-5-1859, Redlet

BRICE, Emma 28-2-1861, Gothelney, House 


Combe Florey


Marriages 1699--1837

Henry CORNISH/Anstis COLE 9-4-1702, she Kingston

Joshua JAMES/Christian HA-K 1-8-1716, he Ashbrittle; she Stogumber

William CHARD/Jane FREMAN? 31-8-1716, she Goathurst

Lamech GAD/Mary LANG 12-2-1717, she B.Lydeard

John FISH/Mary GUILARD 8-12-1732, he Stogursey

James MANTEL/Isat BRIAR 1-1-1733, she B.Lydeard

William CAPE/MarySELLY 27-1-1733, she O.Cleeve

John POLE/Mary STONE 26-3-1733, he Ash Priors

Simon IRWIN/Mary CAPE 17-10-1733, he O.Cleeve

Thomas KNIGHT/Mary Treble 7-4-1735, he L.St.Law

John DAY/Ann CRIDLAND 28-8-1735, he Higher Stowey (O.Stowey?)

Thomas COLE/Florence STANDFAST 2-2-1736, he Kingstone

John TIMLET/Hannah BIRD 10-3-1736, he Staplegrove; she TNSt.Mary

James WOOD/Elizabeth SKINNER 25-2-1737, he Wiel (Florey); she Enmore

John WHITE/Grace NATION 1-6-1737, he L.St.Law

William Charbers/ Sarah HOLMAN 2-9-1737, he Pilton, Dev; she TNSt.Mary

William THOMAS/Mary MILLS 3-4-1738, he TNSt.James; she L.St.Law

William HOLE/Sarah ELLIS 3-9-1738, he B.Lydeard

William DAW/Joan HAWKINS 15-9-1738, he     Crowcombe

John BURGE/Elizabeth MULLINS 25-9-1738, he N.Molton

Edward TREBLE/Elizabeth DOBLE 2-2-1741, she Monksilver

Thomas HAWKINS/Mary HORSFORDS 24-3-1741, he Goathurst

Thomas HYAT/Eleanor EAMS 9-7-1745, both Fitzhead

George POLE/Joan PEARCE 10-10-1746, he B.Lydeard

William GRIMSHIRE/Mary WAKER 18-11-1746, he B.Lydeard; she Crowcombe

John MANTLE/Joanna Waterman 7-6-1747, she Halse

Robert LOCK/Elizabeth WRANKMORE 1-11-1747, he Ash Priors; she B.Lydeard

Robert HOW/Dorothy VEN 13-11-1747, he B.Lydeard

John TREBLE/Mary KNIGHT 21-8-1748, he Chilton; she L.St.Law

George WEBBER/Mary ABRAHAM 7-2-1749, she L.St.Law

James HAYS/Grace NAPIER 19-11-1750, BOTH b.Lydeard

William VICKEROY/Elizabeth CROSS 25-11-1750, both B.Lydeard

Thomas CLEMENT/Joan SILK 5-5-1751, he Ash Priors; she L.St.Law

Richard BURGE/Sarah RUTTER 15-12-1751, he Wiveliscombe

John WINTER/Jane MULLINS 21-5-1752, she B.Lydeard

John MASON/Amy WOOD 26-1-1757, he W.Bagborough

William WILLIAMS/Mary FOURACRE 15-7-1759, he Kingston

William PAINE/Joan BICKNEL 15-7-1759, he L.St.Law

John RAWLINS/Elizabeth KNIGHT 20-10-1761, he Stogursey

James BRYANT/Joan ESCOTT 4-6-1762, she B.Lydeard

Richard CRESS/Elizabeth HOBBS 4-9-1762, she B.Lydeard

Thomas ALLEN/Elizabeth GOODING 18-5-1764 she Stogursey

John FRAUNCEIS/Sarah ESCOTT 29-5-1764, she Stogumber

William ELS/Grace BULT 7-9-1764, she B.Lydeard, widow

Richard GOODRIDGE/Ann EDWARDS 29-8-1765, he TNSt.Mary

John LARKOMER/Thomasin thorn 26-12-1766, he Monksilver

Thomas LOVELACE/Mary WARMAN 2-2-1767, he B.Lydeard

John LOCK/Joan OWEN 27-7-1769, he B.Lydeard

George GOVIER/Ann GILL 2-12-1770, he O.Cleeve

Thomas CHARTER/Elizabeth MALET 30-12-1773, HE b. Lydeard

Robert WAY/Betty SMITH 8-1-1775, he Tolland

William POLLARD/Ann BRYANT 11-5-1778, he Bristol

William OATRE?/Mary GADD 27-8-1778, he B.Lydeard

Benjamin GREEDY/Betty HANCOCK 16-12-1778, he Wiveliscombe

John BARBER/Betty SELLICK 29-5-1780, he Bagborough

William HOOPER/Mary WEBBER 28-9-1780, he L.St.Law

John GILES/Mary BARKER 6-8-1781, he Pitminster

John TOTTERDELL/Jane WELCH 1-10-1783, she Milverton

Edward DOLLINS/Sarah STEVENS 24-5-1786, he Kingston

Nicholas STERK/Joan WEBBER 4-6-1786, he Bridgwater

Samuel WIDE/Jenny LARVEY 18-5-1787, he Clayhydon, Dev

William HURLEY/Mary CASTLE 7-6-1791, he L.St.Law

George PARISH/Rebecca LANDSEY 13-16-1793, he B.Lydeard; she Broomfield

Thomas DAVIS/Charlotte GARDLER 19-12-1799, he L.St.Law

William LERWAY.Mary HARRIS 24-4-1802, she Aveton Gifford, Dev

William MILES/Charity MILES 7-5-1810, he B.Lydeard

William MILES/Ann MILES 23-5-1810, she B.Lydeard

Henry HELYAAR/Maria PERRING 8-7-1811, he Pendomer

John Alston VERE/Elizabeth Mary BERNARD, 14-8-1813, he Odell, Bedfordshire

Isacc FORD/Elizabeth YOUNG 26-12-1814, both B.Lydeard

John MILLER/Sarah TOTTERDELL 5-1-1815, he B.Lydeard

Samuel BAKER/Jane CONIBEERE 2-5-1815, he Thorne sT. Margaret

William BERNARD/Charlotte Matilda PERRING 9-5-1816, he Clatworthy

James SMITH/Anne BURSTON 3-6-1817, he Spaxton

Robert ROWE/Hannah THRASHER 19-10-1817, she Nettlecombe

John BISHOP/Hannah POLE 10-4-1820, he W.Bagborough

Henry BOWRING/Elizabeth MAUNDER 14-5-1820, he B.Lydeard

John COGLE/Jane NATION 9-11-1821, he Bridgwater

John CHAPLIN/Sarah HILL 5-12-1825, she Stogumber

Hugh Welman HELYAR/Honoria PERRING 30-6-1826, he Sutton Bingham

John HURLEY/Jane NATION 12-3-1828, he L.St.Law


Crowcombe Strays


Marriages 1710--1837

Edward LOCKIER/ANN BARTLETT 12-3-1710,both N. Petherton

James LEA/Mary SULLEY 19-6-1710,he Chipstable

William GILL/Mary ROWSELL 14-9-1710, she O.Cleeve

Christopher NEALE/Rachel SULLY 25-2-1711, he Minehead; she Elworthy

Richard TAYLOR/Susanna WHITE 22-5-1711, he Kingston; she Combe Florey, widow

John Cordwent/Mary GRIFFITH 2-1-1712, he St.Decs; she Minehead, widow

Nicholas HOW/Thomazin TUCKER 12-5-1712, both Minehead

John PUNCER/Martha EDWARDS 16-9-1712, BOTH Chedon F.

Thomas HOLMES/Elizabeth THORNE 7-4-1713, he Cannington

Nathaniel PALMER/Ursula CARLISE 11-7-1713, he Strawleigh; she Wiveliscombe

John STALISON/Ann BLAKE 16-10-1722, she Wembdon

William PORTER/Joan LING 28-11-1724, he Lyng; she N.Petherton

Thomas SMITH/Lucy CAREW 6-3-1731, he Bristol; both widowed

William HURLEY/Anne STEPHENS 29-4-1732, he Bagborough

Abraham COLES/Grace WEECH 26-9-1732, he N.Petherton

William JEWELL/Hannah HILL 29-5-1734, he Talliton, Dev

William BLAKE/Joan WASHER 23-12-1739, he Dunster

Alexander PALMER/Betty SLOCOMBE 8-4-1740, he Stogumber

Robert ALDERMAN/Sarah HILL 5-8-1740, he Bridgwater

Robert CHILCOTT/Dorothy ----- 25-3-1743, he Stogumber

Thomas COLES/Jane MASON 23-2-1745, he Stogumber

Joseph HILL/Anne PEARCE 3-2-1747, she Bagborough

George STEVENS/Mary MARCH 30-9-1749, he L.St.Law; she widow


Culbone Strays


Marriages 1700--1836

Giles RENDAL/Elizabeth DUNN, 2-2-1700, He Porlock

Thomas? KENT?/Elizabeth SNOW, 1-2-1703, He Porlock

William RAWLES/Joan TAYLOR, 24-1-1706, Both Porlock

Richard ???YCOMBE/Elizabeth     COUCH, 11-2-1706, He Porlock

Charles THORNE/Elizabeth SP TYEN?, 28-5-1707, He Selworthy; She Oare

John PRISCOTT/Mary DUNN, 8-3-1709, He W.Courtney

Walter SNOW/Grace TOWWELL, 27-4-1710, He Luccombe

Gregory JONES/Jane ELLIS, 2-5-1713, He Porlock

John CHAPMAN/Mary GRINSLADE, 11-7-1713, He Cutcombe

George HENSLEY/Joan GRINSLADE, 9-2-1714, He Porlock

George RAWLE/Mary ?, 24-2-1722, He Dunster

William FARTHING/Betty KINDON, 26-9-1784, He Porlock

Richard LODY/Grace TERRILL, 2-10-1784, She Porlock

William SIDERFIN/Diana GROVES, 13-3-1823, He Selworthy

James PEARSE Jnr/Joanna WIDGERY, 13-11-1827, He Barnstable, Dev

Robert VENN/Elizabeth HOBBS, 31-12-1828, He Exford

Robert TAYLOR/Ann JONES, 15-9-1832, She Porlock

Edward RIDGE/Elizabeth RIDGE, 12-10-1833, He Sherrill(?); she widow

Abraham SPARK/Grace RED, 15-11-1834, He Luccombe


Baptisms 1686--1836

RAWLE, William 27-7-1707, William/JOAN, He Porlock


Burials 1695--1751

WHITE, Peter 2-3-1709, Porlock 


Doddington Strays.


Marriages 1743--1835

William whiting/Anis CONIBEERE, 11-6-1743, He Mark' she widow

John CUPIT/Sarah FLY, 27-4-1745, He Stogursey; she Holford

John PADDEN/Joan MASON, 4-5-1747, He Stringston

James CULVERWELL/Jane SHORNEY, 15-5-1749, He Stringston

John ROY/Elizabeth Cundil?, 26-4-1750, He St.Decs; she Kilve, widow

George GRANVILE/Sarah CONIBEER, 8-11-1750, He Kilton; she N.Stowey

John MASON/Elizabeth SILK, 26-12-1751, She Kilton

John MOGRIDGE/Jane ROSTER, 2-10-1752, He Stringston

John CLUTSOM/Joan CHILCOT, 14-7-1753, She Holford

William REW/Sarah FRY, 16-2-1757, She N.Stowey

Thomas BISS/Jane ROWE, 26-2-1772, He Stringston

John DAVIS/Sarah VENN, 8-2-1777, He Spaxton

Philip DEBBLE/Betty BRISTER, 7-3-1777, He Holford

William MOODY/Susannah TUTTELL, 21-12-1795, He Dunster

William STEVENS/Charlotte SQUIBBS, 20-11-1805, He L.St.Law

John HUTCHINGS/Ann STONE, 10-8-1814, He S.St.Gregory; she Creech St.Michael

William GOVETT/Jane GOVETT, 15-5-1815, She Stogursey

William BEER/Susan SELLICK, 16-7-1827, He Stringston

Robert FARTHING/Mary FARTHING, 30-8-1828, He O.Stowey

Henry LEIGH/Jane FARTHING, 2-1-1834, He Cannington


Baptisms 1741--1863

JAMES, Joan 16-3-1746, William/Elizabeth, Stringston

WEST, Richard 26-12-1750, Martha, Spaxton

KNIGHT, Charles 29-3-1801, Elizabeth, bn Holford

PIPPET, William Edward Meylar 17-9-1834, William/Elizabeth, Kilton

WAITES, Eliza Jane 12-8-1835, William/edith, Holford

SMITH, Thomas Lewis 25-9-1842, Thomas/Tacey, Holford

BROWNING, Walter 25-9-1842, Izod, Holford

ROE, Sarah Ann 23-10-1842, James/Jane, Holford

MOORE, George 18-12-1842, James/Lydia, Holford

JENKINS, Mary Jane 6-1-1844, Thomas/Anne, Woodland Farm

CHILCOT, John 16-4-1848, William/Mary Ann, Kilton

DIBBLE, Charles 3-9-1848, William/Eliza, Holford

BLACKMORE, George 27-5-1849, George/Fanny, Kilton

SHORT, Henry 30-9-1849, John/Eliza, Stringston

BAKER, Mary Jane 25-12-1849, James/Mary, Kilton

COLES, Elizabeth 18-8-1850, George/Elizabeth, Kilton

COLES, George 18-8-1850, George/Elizabeth, Kilton

WELSH, William 15-7-1851, Richard/Sarah, Holford

SHORT, John 28-3-1852, John/Eliza, Stringston

FORD, Ann 21-9-1853, Harriet, Stogumber

LUTTRELL, Edward 24-10-1858, George F./Annie E. Periam,Kilton

PALMER, Caroline 26-2-1860, Alfred/Ann, Holford

PALMER, Fanny Maria 26-2-1860, Alfred/Ann, Holford

LUTTRELL, Beatrice 1-9-1861, George F./Annie E. Periam, Kilton

PORTER, Elizabeth Jane 2-8-1863, George/Maria, Curtill, Holford



BRYANT, Edward 30-7-1753, Williton Work House, 12

WILCOX, George 17-7-1762, Stogursey, 25

HAWKINS, Benjamin 23-8-1752, Stogursey, 21

ROWE, Mary 2-5-1761, James/Elizabeth, Stockland Bristol

MOGRIDGE, John 6-4-1742, Stringston

REW, Thomasin 1-5-1763, w/Nicholas, Stogursey

MOGRIDGE, Thomas 27-8-1766, Kilton

MOGRIDGE, Jan 4-1-1767, Stringston

PROTHEROW, James 25-2-1770, Kilve, age 67

PALMER, Elizabeth 2-6-1770, Kilve, 2 years

MOGG, Susanna 26-9-1813, Stowey, 10

DAVY, sarah 6-8-1815, N.Stowey, 77

CHESTER, James 22-12-1817, N.Stowey, 36

CHESTER, Samuel 18-2-1824, Stowey, 56

CHESTER, Elizabeth 3-1-1831, Stogursey, 84

HODDER, edith 18-7-1831, Holford, 84

FARTHING, Henry 14-9-1833, Spaxton, formerly Doddington

CHILCOT, Sarah Ann 24-7-1835, Kilton, 3 weeks

KNIGHT, Elizabeth 24-2-1843, Stringston, 72  

BOWDEN, John 6-4-1845, Holford, 48

SELLICK, Edward Thomas 6-10-1849, Kilve, 8 mnths

FARTHING, John 20-8-1850, N.Stowey,  50

SELLICK, Thomas 6-5-1851, Battle, Sussex 


Stringston Strays

The ‘Stray’, He or She, is listed to the right hand side on each line, together with their home parish.


George PADDEN/Ann CARVER 24-4-1703, (married at Dodington)

William CORDING/Ann CLUTSOM 24-4-1706, He, Wiveslicombe; she, Stogursey

John JAMS/Elizabeth SEAGER 25-5-1703, He, Stogursey

George HOLFORD/Mary HOLE 30-11-1711, She, N. Stowey

John STEVENS/Thomasin SHURT 17-9-1714, both Kilve

Robert WERE/Tace HURFORD 9-3-1716, He, S.Arundal; She, Hol. Rogus, Dev

George SHEPHARD/Mary STEVENS 15-12-1716, He, Stogursey; she, Bagborough

John SHEPHARD/Grace HAW 31-8-1734, both Holford

William CABBEL/Elizabeth REDDING 14-6-1754, He, E. Qtxhd

George SEAGER/Ann PITT 26-6-1754, He, Kilton

Thomas COLE/Joan REDDING 13-9-1757, He, Doddington; she, Stogursey

Charles BARREL/Elizabeth GOVETT 23-7-1761, He, Spaxton

Thomas WITCH/Ann DIBBLE 11-7-1763, He, Kilve

Benjamin CHILCOTT/Ruth COLE 25-6-1765, He, Nettlecombe

Joseph FORD/Elizabeth SMART 9-2-1766, He, Stogursey

Tristram WHITTER/Elizabeth LEIGH 4-11-1766, He, Tiverton

William COLES/Ann SEAGER 6-7-1767, He, Stogursey

Nathaniel JASOPS/Joan EDWARDS 25-2-1770, He, Stogursey

William LUCKWILL/Ann SHURVEY 12-5-1773, He, Stogursey

John PORTER/Betty GRANFIELD 16-2-1775, He, W.Qtxhd

John WHITE/Joan RIDLER 26-7-1777, He, B. Ralph

John SMART/Melior COLES 3-11-1778, He, Dunster

Richard EXON/Ann WHEDDON 6-11-1811, He, Lt Stoke

William EVERED/Ann BISS 6-11-1811, He, Kilton

James MOORE/Jane DIBBLE 5-5-1817, He, N. Stowey

William DAVEY/Charity JESSOP 9-9-1821, He, Kilton

William CAREY/Anne Govett 29-11-1824, He, Cannington

William COGAN/Mary GOVETT 24-3-1827, He, Kingston

Solomon BURNETT/Susanna ALLEN 25-9-1828, He, Stogursey

John FELTHAM, Snr/Mary WESTERN 25-3-1830, He, E. Qtxhd

Robert THORNE/Mary SELLICK 22-5-1831, He, Watford

Edward DAVY/Elizabeth Drew Lewis 2-4-1838, both Kilton

William HODDER/Jane WAITS 4-6-1838, She, Holford

Birt Wyndham B. JENNER/Ann ST. ALBYN 14-10-1847, He, Tenby

William Savage WAIT/Caroline ST. ALBYN 14-9-1848, He, Camerton

Isaac CHILCOTT/Elizabeth BANOW? 2-4-1867, She, Dodington



NURTON, Betty 12-10-1766, Richard/Ann, Stogursey

WAR?, William 30-11-1766, William/Mary, Stogursey

LUCKWELL, Hannah 21-3-1813, James/Mary, Ditch (bn 25-2-1813)

ST. ALBYN, Ann 9-9-1814, Langley/Frances, Alfoxton

ST. ALBYN, Caroline 5-5-1817, Langley/Frances, Alfoxton

ST. ALBYN, Henry 22-16-1819, Langley/Frances, Alfoxton

FISHER, James Whiting 14-4-1850, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

FISHER, Emily Anne 26-10-1851, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

FISHER, Polly 17-4-1853, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

FISHER, Emily Anne 18-3-1855, Henry/Lavinia, Williton (probably Thomas: hkm)

FISHER, Mary Anne 26-4-1857, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

FISHER, Isabel 20-2-1859, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

FISHER, Thomas 3-2-1861, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

DUDLEY, Benjamin 19-5-1861, Job/Maria, Calcot

FISHER, John Rowe 28-12-1862, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

MEATH, Emily 20-3-1866, George/Anne, Burnham

FISHER, Thomas George 18-11-1866, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

FISHER, Walter Charles 9-5-1869, Thomas/Lavinia, Williton

EDNEY, Amy Anne 27-8-1871, Robert/Jane, Cannington



BAYLY, Mary 4-7-1708, wife of George, Kilton

BLOW, John ?-7-1723, St.Decs

EXON, Ann 2-8-1747, Kilton

PERRY, Mary 11-6-1816, N.Stowey, age 48

LISMORE, Jane 1-7-1816, Bristol, age 38

CARPENTER, Elizabeth 13-6-1817, Stogursey, age 15

EDWARDS, Maria Jane 29-3-1818, W.Q, age 18

DIBBLE, Thomas 5-9-1818, Kingston, age 66

PHILLIPS, Mary 17-12-1822, Bristol, age 25

CARPENTER, Susannan 10-8-1823, Stogursey, age 13

JESSOP? or WILLIAMS?, Sarah 14-4-1824, Lilstock, age 50

GOVETT, Amelia 25-6-1824, O.Stowey, age 7 mths

SULLY, John 3-5-1825, Lilstock, age 55

SULLY, Abraham 19-6-1825, Lilstock, age 19

JAMES, Mary 4-21-1827, Ditch, Stringston, age 87

CULVERWELL, Charles 14-9-1828, Kilve, age 68

GRIDLEY, Mary 20-12-1829, Doddington, age 84

BARTHOLOMEW, Elizabeth 28-8-1831, Holford, age 82

CAREY, Ann 15-5-1832, Stogursey, age 34

LUCKWELL, Amy 4-8-1833, Kilve, age 82

HURLEY, Jane 8-6-1834, Holford, age 57

SIMMONS, John 6-11-1837, Taunton, age 60

DIBBLE, William 20-9-1838, Shurton, age 2

CHILCOTT, John 3-11-1839, Holford, age 58

CHILCOTT, George 9-6-1844, Stogursey, age 7

CHILCOTT, Richard 22-6-1845, Stogursey, age 6

GOVETT, Robert 19-8-1848, Stogursey, age 59

COLES, James 19-11-1848, Williton, age 49

DIBBLE, Philip 12-5-1850, Stogursey, age 79

FISHER, Emily Anne 6-8-1852, Williton, age 18 mths

CHILCOTT, Amelia 4-9-1852, Stogursey, age 11

GRIDLEY, Thomas 12-12-1856, Doddington, age 77

COLES, Elizabeth 4-4-1858, Kilton, age 63

CHILCOTT, Robert 26-5-1861, Holford, age 62

FISHER, Thomas 3-6-1864, Williton, age 4

TAME?, Mary 13-8-1864, Washford, age 36

THORNE, John 25-3-1865, Stogursey, age 72

THORNE, Elizabeth 23-7-1866, Stogursey, age 30

CHILCOTT, Sarah 12-9-1869, Holford, age 77

SULLY, Sarah 1-1-1870, Stogursey, age 49

COLES, John 3-11-1872, Kilve, age 79




Baptisms, 1714--1855


ARMWORTH, John Mason, 25-11-1722, Elizabeth (base born), Bridgwater

KNIGHT, John, 27-7-1725, Thomas/Susannah, Durleigh

BAKER, William, 29-12-1725, William/Elizabeth, Durleigh

CULLIFORD, Jonathan, 21-6-1726, Richard/Mary, Durleigh

CULLIFORD, William, 21-6-1726, Richard/Mary, Durleigh

CLUTSOM, Mary, 25-9-1727, William/Joan, Durleigh

BAKER, James, 28-5-1728, William/Elizabeth, Durleigh

KNIGHT, Mary, 12-10-1729, Thomas/Susannah, Durleigh

BAKER, Betty, 28-6-1730, William/Elizabeth, Durleigh

BAKER, Elizabeth, 3-11-1731, Thomas/Betty, Sydenham

NURTON, John, 28-4-1732, John/Dorothy, Durleigh

SIMMES, Daniel, 14-1-1733, Thomas/Elizabeth, Durleigh

BAKER, Edward, 2-3-1733, Thomas/Betty,Sydenham

URCH, Mary, 10-4-1732, Richard/Jane, Little Sydenham

TOZEE, Thomas, 28-4-1740, Thomas/Mary, Ratclif (Redcliffe?)

GRABHAM, William, 26-6-1746, Hector/Elizabeth, Durleigh

JEANS, Thomas, 30-3-1740, William/Mary, Sydenham

WEBBER, Jane, 1-4-1748, John/Mary, Chilton

TAYLOR, Betty, 17-6-1748, John/Mary, Durleigh (named Mary by mistake)

KNIGHT, Thomas, 7-10-1748, Thomas/Ann, Durleigh

JEANS, Jane, 22-5-1749, William/Mary, Sydenham

TAYLOR, Thomas, 14-1-1750, John/Mary, Durleigh

BISHOP, Thomas, 12-1-1752, John/Joan, Durleigh

GRABHAM, Richard, 30-3-1752, Hector/Elizabeth, Durleigh

KNIGHT, James, 29-10-1754, Thomas/Ann, Durleigh

JEASES?, Ann, 26-11-1755, William/Mary, Sydenham

HOAGH, Sarah, 28-11-1756, Robert/Mary, Durleigh

MAUL, John, 7-10-1787, John/Ann, Chilton

MAUL, Simon, 13-9-1789, John/Ann, Chilton

SEAGER, Matilda, 1-10-1792, William/Elizabeth, Bristol St. James

LONG, Jane, 6-2-1796, William/Betty, Chilton

GIBBS, William, 17-3-1811, John/Elizabeth, Bridgwater

BISHOP, James, 29-7-1820, Mary, Huntspill

WESLEY, Richard, 10-9-1820, Sarah, Bridgwater

BRIFFET, Jane, 25-5-1823, John/Esther, Bridgwater

SOUTHARN, John William, 7-11-1824, Hannah, Bridgwater

NEWMAN, Mary, ?-?-1824, Thomas/Anne, Chilton

COLLINS, Susannah, 16-7-1825, Richard/Elizabeth (Ball), Bridgwater, aged 29, wife of John Coombes, curate of Wembdon

COLLINS, Susan Ball, 16-7-1825, John Coombes/Susannah, Bridgwater, bn 16-7-1824

PAIN, Mary Anne, 31-7-1825, Robert/ Mary, Durleigh

SHORNEY, Elizabeth, 9-4-1826, John/Sarah, Chilton

NEWMAN, Fanny, 1-4-1827, Thomas/Ann, Bridgwater

MANSFIELD, Walter, 27-4-1828, John/Eliza, Bridgwater

SQUIBBS, Elizabeth Jane, 17-11-1829, Isaac/Jane, Bridgwater

SHORNEY, Emma, 20-12-1829, John/Sarah, Bridgwater

HALLARD, William George, 5-2-1836, William/Jane, Bridgwater

COMELED, Ellen Young, 18-9-1838, Robert/Sarah Anne, London (gent)

BALL, Joseph, 23-5-1839, Richard/Elizabeth, Bridgwater