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Just a few picture albums on this Devon page.


Last updated 31st Aug  2013














Just a few pics around the river bridge.






Budleigh Salterton



5586 Entering the village on the Tiverton road, 5588 The Earl of Portsmouth Inn, 5589 the Church, 5590-600 Inside the church, 5607 the Jubilee Hall, 5608 the Primary School, 5609 The Devonishly good shop, 5610 looking along the main road towards the telephone box and the post office, 5611 the Royal Oak Inn, 5612 the churchyard from the back lane.



5613 A view of the village from Moortown, across the Little Dart River valley on the road from Chawleigh, 5614 Looking up the hill to the village on the hilltop, 5615 The Little Dart River at Savourys bridge, 5616 Approaching the bridge at Savourys, 5617 The church, 5618 Cottage opposite the church next to Rock hill, 5619 The churchyard from the west, 5620 The church from the south, 5621  The cemetery on the opposite side of the road to the church, 5622  Church house (27), 5623  The Globe Inn, 5624  Looking south along Fore Street, 5625  Looking North along Fore Street, 5626  Looking towards the church with the Town Hall wall on the left, 5627 The Red Lion Hotel, 5628 Looking  north up South Molton Street with the post office(red door) on the right, Shute Street going off to the left, 5629  Looking south down fore street with East street going off to the left, and New street to the right, 5630 Looking down Shute street, 5631 The Old Bakehouse on South Molton street, 5632 The Old Court House (formerly the Barnstable Inn) , reputedly used by Charles 1 in 1633 on an overnight stay, 5633 The Methodist Church, 5634 Looking south on South Molton street, 5637 The town hall, 1894, 5638 The town pump

5639 Looking west on Church street towards the Globe Inn and the church, 5640 The Kings Arms, headquarters of the Chulmleigh Club, a hunting society, one member being Parson Jack Russell, of Jack Russell dog fame, 5641 Entrance to the Old Rectory, 5642 Looking down Chulmleigh Hill, 5643 Looking towards the pump, 5644 Chulmleigh Old Girls School now the Rectory, 5646-60 Inside the church, 5661 Looking down Rock Hill, 5662 The end of Peel House the old Police station, 5663 Thatched cottage used to house vagrants, 5664 The Old Forge , 5665 The Fire Station, 5667 The Bakery in East Street

5669 The Old Schoolhouse, 5671 Vicars Stall, 5672/3 Congregational Church of 1810



Also some high res pics at

6331 Looking into the East end of Brook Street from Barton Road. The Manor Inn is the tall white building with two chimneys in the centre of the picture, at the end of the road where the street bends round to the right.

6333 Manor Inn looking west along Brook Street. Sampson Cottages are a little further along on the right.

6335 Looking along Brook Street,  looking East towards the  junction with Town Tree Hill.   The former Manor Inn is the white house on the right with brick end, and black roof extension.

6339/40  Sampson Cottages looking East on Brook Street at the junction with Manor Row. Manor Inn can be seen in the distance, the white house on the right with the black roof extension

6347/8 The rear of Manor Inn.

6354  Old street map of Dawlish from the Museum, shows the position of Manor Inn on the South side of  Manor Row (now Brook Street). Sampson Cottages are on the North side between the ‘R’ and the ‘O’ of the name Manor Row, which is what Brook Street used to be called.

6356 The plaque that identifies the Sampson Clock in the Dawlish Museum. It says ‘Night Day Wall Clock, from The Hut Concert Hall, presented to the hut committee by Mr C H Sampson in Oct 1933 as part of a restoration scheme.’



Mainly pics of the river and the ship canal.

Also some high res pics at




Grand Western Canal 




Ladram Bay



Also some high res pics at 





These pics are from a walk from the western end of Sidmouth towards Ladram Bay.








1277-90 & 8464-6 The Grand Western Canal, 1266-71 Tiverton castle, 1243, 1248-55 the river Exe, 1257, 1273-5 the church of St Peter,

1244/5 Bridge st, 1247 St Paul’s church, 1256 John Heathcoat’s house on St Peters street, 1258 Methodist chapel of 1814 on St Peters street, 1259 the great house of St George on St Peters street, 1260 Chilcotts school on St Peters street, 1261 the United Reform church on St Peters street on St Peters street, 1262 the Town Hall on Angel Hill/ Fore Street, 1264 the Baptist church on Newport rd, 1265 the Baptist church hall on Park Hill,


Grand Western Canal website


Weston Mouth

Pictures of the walk down to the beach, and along the cliff walk towards Sidmouth.

Also see


Westward Ho

Pictures of the town, the beach, Lundy Island way out to sea, and the coast path walk.










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